April 13, 2020

How To Fix Erectile Dysfunction In 6 Steps

erectile dysfunction

Having erectile dysfunction can be inconvenient and potentially embarrassing. The good news is, scientists have worked out several ways to get a little pep back in your step without a harmful invasive procedure, or adverse side effects. This is a widespread problem that affects millions of men across the United States. In addition to increased potency, you might want to explore some fun toys to use alone or with a partner.

Get Moving

Adding physical exercise into your daily routine is a great way to stay healthy and a great way to increase your libido. You do not even have to look like you compete for the Mr. World title. According to one recent study, conducted by Harvard University, even just 30 minutes of walking added into your day can make the symptoms associated with erectile dysfunction diminish by up to 41%! Yes, a half-hour at a comfortable pace can give you almost as half as much more satisfaction.

As men get older, the recommendation for a moderate amount of exercise becomes even more urgent. For men of middle age or older who have erectile dysfunction, a sedentary lifestyle can have drastic consequences on heir libido.

Eat Right

This s not to say that you must entirely overhaul your diet to regain function in your area. Still, it is helpful to note that if you eat a lot of natural foods, think whole grains, organic produce, fish, your chances of suffering from erectile dysfunction can get dramatically lower. Zinc and lycopene are known to fight the effects of erectile dysfunction naturally, so a diet rich in shellfish and tomatoes may be just what the doctor ordered.

It is not just that what you eat directly contribute to your performance, but also that a slim man is always far less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction than a portly one. Changing your eating habits to include a higher proportion of foods that are known to be good for your health can perform double duty, what is there not to love?

Take Care of Your Vascular Health

Even if you eat all the right foods, and try to live healthfully, you might be one of the unlucky ones to suffer from vascular health issues like high blood pressure or sugar or even high cholesterol. This is a terrifying one because the effects of this are much higher than erectile dysfunction. You can cause damage to the heart, the brain, and even leading down to the penis. Having high cholesterol or the like can cause you to have a heart attack or a stroke, next to both of which, erectile dysfunction does not seem quite as bad.

Vascular diseases are set up to target blood vessels. They can cut the capacity of blood vessels traveling to the kidneys as one example, and if they cut off that blood flow to the penis, you will most likely end up with erectile dysfunction. It is estimated that around 50%-70% of men with erectile dysfunction suffered it as a symptom of vascular disease. It is also, for this reason, it is recommended you do not smoke tobacco products.

Prescription Medication

We have all seen the advertisements for Cialis, Levitra, and everyone’s favorite, the famous Viagra. These medications have been quite expensive for a while, however, this changed lately. The patents for these medications ended and now you can get erectile dysfunction medications like BlueChew with very reasonable price.

Taking medications to help you get your erections back is becoming a very usual and commonplace treatment these days. Of course, it is something that you should talk about with your doctor, as these pills can have some pretty nasty side effects. 

These pills, which have been approved by the American Food and Drug Administration, work by helping to open up blood vessels, increasing the flow of blood into an erection. You should know that if you are already taking nitroglycerin tablets for heart disease you already have, these pills will not be an option for you. They can work to cause a dangerous dip in your blood pressure.

Talk About It

Very often, the desire to get an erection is hampered by feelings of inadequacy or anxiety or fear about the act itself. There are licensed sex therapists who are trained to listen to your problems and help you come up with solutions, or at the very least compromise.

The whole point of medication to help with erectile dysfunction is to open up the blood flow back into your penis, but they will not be able to work if a crippling fear or distress stymies their way. A sexual health professional can help you with either individual therapy or couples counseling and can help with everything from depression to relationship woes. In this case, it is accepted and encouraged to open up a bit.

Pump it Up

If you can’t take the erectile dysfunction medications because of health issues, or you don’t like the sound of the various side effects, the pump might be the tool for you. They usually work by sealing a vacuum around your penis. You pump the air out until the penis is fully erect. The results are temporary and short-lived, but the side effects are only numbness and some bruising, a much better alternative to those of the pills to many men.

The penis pump is the second most popular method of combating erectile dysfunction, and they generally work the same. A plastic cylinder encases your penis, and you start pumping the air out to engorge what is inserted. You slip a plastic ring around the base of the erection to keep the blood neatly in there. The ring cannot be left on over 30 minutes, so it is a step that requires punctuality.

In this country, erectile dysfunction affects more than 30 million men. That number has skyrocketed since the introduction of Viagra, but there are ways to get your blood pumping that do not require any chemicals. For additional ways to spice up the bedroom, look into pleasing toys that will appeal both to you and your partner.


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