June 5, 2018

Best Diet Pills

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Supplementing your workout regimen with diet pills can be a wise idea if you are looking for an extra fat burning edge or if you are looking to fend off hunger. Many people seek out weight loss pills as we way to tackle obesity, while others just try to shred their bodies to the bone. Being overweight can lead to many health issues, such as diabetes or hypertension. It’s important that if you are overweight, you first take a look at your food intake, exercise (or lack of) routine, and consult with a Doctor before taking any over the counter diet pills.

However, if you have done those steps, or just know that supplementing yourself is a choice you’ve made, I’m here today to share my feedback and reviews of the top products in the category.

How to Find the Top Rated Diet Pills

Before you can pick the best diet pill for you, you should be very much aware of the various types that exist. There are FDA approved diet pills, over the counter (OTC) pills and furthermore home grown supplements that are produced using natural sources. You ought to speak to a specialist or great dietician before you buy something that may have adverse effects. Know that any supplement you purchase can either succeed – or fail – and if you don’t do your homework, you’ll likely fall into the latter category.

Any worthwhile weight loss pill will only work if you take control of your nutritional intake and at least start some light to moderate exercise. Nobody is saying you have to hire a personal trainer, join your local CrossFit, or go through any grueling workout, but you need to start at least walking and doing the basics. Simply consuming pills will not do the trick.

The Various Types of Weight Loss Pills

There are many types of products in this category, and some are geared towards one sex, while others are unisex. You’ll see all sorts of stuff marketed in funky ways that promise incredible results. However, if you want something that works, scroll down now to learn about the top rated diet pills I’ve found and tested.

Along your search, you will run into a lot of names of products that you probably saw on tabloids, perhaps on the television, or maybe you heard a radio advertisement. There are many variations out there that have different ingredient make-ups in them, and I’ll touch on the most common types below.

Of course, you’ll hear about all the big names out there that are popular on social media. Alli, Shredz, Hydroxycut, Meratrim, Orlistat, and many others. The fact is, some of them aren’t worth a damn. Others are worth their weight in gold and really add the extra kick to help people like you lose fat.

#1: PhenQ

This product has been dominating since it’s launch in 2015, and there are many reasons why. I go into full detail in my PhenQ review.

Like they say, a picture is worth 1,000 words. So I present to you some PhenQ before and after pics. I always strive to use one male, and one female, for transparency that it works for both sexes.


This next one is Hall of Fame Caliber.

PhenQ doesn’t do just one thing when it comes to helping you slim down, it does multiple! For this reason it’s the best rated diet pill I can recommend at this point, and here are just some of the reasons why.

  • Burns stored fat
  • Suppresses your appetite, so you eat less
  • Blocks production of fat (helps stop weight gain)
  • Improves mood and energy
  • Made in GMP and FDA approved facilities

You’ll see that when you buy this product in a higher quantity, you also save loads of cash. Many PhenQ testimonials talk about this and it’s a huge savings, so buying in bulk is ideal. There is also a no hassle money back guarantee, so you really have nothing to lose if you don’t see the results you desire – but you will – the fat burning benefits are incredible.

While there are literally ten’s of thousands of weight loss pills for sale out there, I try to steer people to the ones that actually work. If Phen Q is the mack daddy, Phen 24 is the Daddy Mack.

#2: Phen 24

This product is another solid one using the “phen” moniker, a play on the age old prescription diet pill called phentermine.

As the name suggests, these diet pills work around the clock – 24 hours per day! Read my full Phen24 review here for more details.

This means that you’ll burn fat and calories as you rest!

Phen 24

This product comes with two products – one for the day, and one for night time use. You’ll want to follow a healthy diet program, workout regimen, and sleep routine to get the best results when taking this supplement.

Here are before and after pics from satisfied customers. Phen 24 works well for both men, and women.

Phen 24 before and after

Weight Loss Pills are NOT All Created Equal

There are do many weight loss pills that do not work, it’s not even funny. (And I’m an amateur comedian so I like when things are funny.)

The weight loss niche was said to be worth $70.3 BILLION in early 2018. (Source here.)

Obesity is the number one blame for this continued growth, as well as the propensity for companies to produce processed, unhealthy foods by the masses. Of course, it doesn’t help that in this world of multi-tasking and trying to do the most, people are eating out at restaurants more so every year. We all know that very few restaurants are cooking food in a way that would be as healthy as a home cooked meal.

Another reason for concern is the growth of Amazon.com. While I’m a huge fan of Amazon and use it weekly to stock my pantry as well as buy essentials for around my house, there are many “me too” brands popping up and selling products in hot niches like health and beauty. While Amazon does a great job at rejecting simply illegal and unhealthy supplements from ever hitting their shelves, there are many worthless products out there by sellers simply trying to make a buck. I’m all in favor of the little guy and new brands trying to get into a huge industry, but products that had zero research go into them that are simply positioned to game the system by being on the world’s main stage of shopping just have no place in my heart.

Pro Tip: Research the actual brand and company OFF of Amazon. Really dig in, see how long they have been around. Do they have a website with contact information? If not, move on.

While I’m working on some niche supplements, those are the two best diet pills I can recommend to you right now. Of course, as a healthy living advocate, it’s important you also know which diet pills NOT to buy.

Which Diet Supplements Should You Avoid?

I do a lot of research before I buy any supplement. There are just too many sharp marketers out there who are amazing at hyping up products that aren’t much more than a vitamin with a sliver of a chance to actually help you burn any actual fat. Here is some advice you can follow on which diet products to avoid, as well as some reasons why.

#1: The Japanese Weight Loss Pill

Known in Japan as Xiushentang and marketed as simply the Japan Rapid Weight Loss Diet pills, these are sold in various colors.

You can find them in blue, yellow, and even green. There was an FDA warning issued about these pills because they were found to have a chemical called phenolphthalein as well as a trace of a weight loss drug called sibutramine.

Japanese diet pills

The dangers here are that Phenolphthalein is considered a carcinogen, per the FDA. Sibutramine, on the other hand, was known as Meridia, a prescription drug that was linked to heart attacks and strokes and essentially banned in 2010.

#2: Clen Fat Burner

If you are into bodybuilding at all, you probably know about Clenbuterol. This is a steroid that provides assistance to horses with respiratory illnesses. While this isn’t something approved for human consumption, there have been cases of athletes and models taking this to help build muscles as well as assist in losing weight.


You’ll hear people referring to it as “Clen,” and it’s made headlines numerous times thanks to people who abuse it.

There was also a famous Mexican boxer, Canelo Alvarez, who recently tested positive for this. He claimed it was from tainted meat consumed in Mexico. (It ended up looking like he told the truth there.)

#3. The Brazilian Diet Pill

You’ll see all sots of hype surrounding stuff sold from Brazil, and if you aren’t careful, you could get yourself in some trouble while putting your health at risk.

The brand names Emagrace and Herbaslim ring a bell?


If not, you may have heard them promoted by the names of their ingredients, which includes Lirbrium, the antidpressant Prozac, and Fenproporex, a stimulant. Like the Japanese pills, the FDA issued a warning.

These are awful to take because consuming uppers and downers will cause mood swings. According to a report by Allure Magazine, models had serious mood swings when taking these pills, as well as many other quirky symptoms.

4. Qnexa and Successors

You may have heard about this one, it’s definitely been in the media spotlight. You’ll see a myriad of cures, including helping you quit smoking, stop drinking, and much more.

This isn’t safe, because your metabolism is manipulated and there are many side effects documented.


For a more comprehensive list of diet supplements and advice, check out this post – Best Diet Pills & Supplements – Where To Buy The Top Rated Brands.


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