December 17, 2018

Cheat on Your Diet and Not Ruin It

how to cheat on your diet without ruining it

Everybody knows that if you want to lose weight, you need to watch what you eat. However, it can be tough to stay disciplined and make healthy food choices. Some diet plans are extremely rigid and don’t allow for much that is appetizing, making it even tougher to stick with it.

But, it is OK to cheat every once in a while. Just don’t make it a habit! If you’ve been looking for a little bit of an escape from your diet plan, here are a few ways that you can cheat on your diet without ruining it.

Why Cheat Meals Are OK

I came across this article on and it came up with some good pointers on how you can “cheat” on your diet, but still not ruin your diet goals. The first thing that really popped out at me is to stop referring to it as “cheating.” Cheating implies that it is a bad food, as opposed to all the other, accepted items in your diet as good foods. I think it is pretty poignant to think of it this way. “Treating” just sounds so much better, and it can act as an indulgent reward for staying disciplined otherwise.

There are a lot of positives to having these indulgences in your diet. For one, it gives you something to look forward to. As long as you aren’t indulging in these less-than-healthy foods all the time, they can be a great treat to work towards.

Make a schedule on when you can eat these foods, like having a scheduled “cheat meal” each week. They are a great way to have a break from your meal plan that can become pretty monotonous otherwise.

have a cheat meal once a week without ruining your diet

It is a bonus to having these foods on a regular basis. Otherwise, if you forego these foods altogether, the next time you cheat you are much more likely to overindulge and binge on these treats. When it is restricted to one scheduled time per week, you are less likely to overdo it, and it is much easier to get back into your diet and stay in good health.

You can also work small treats into your everyday schedule, instead of having one total cheat meal once per week. You could treat yourself to one piece of chocolate after dinner, a small scoop of ice cream before bedtime, a small cookie with lunch, etc. For some, having one small snack on a more regular basis can be more pleasing that abstaining from unhealthy food altogether for a week.

Key Takeaway

It is very tough to stay on schedule with a calorie-restricted diet. It takes a lot of commitment and self-discipline to stick with the plan. Likewise, it takes discipline to also not let cheat meals or snacks turn into something more. Have a plan on how much you can indulge and stick with it! Remember what you are working towards, why it is important to you, and what it would feel like to go back on your plan. Consider keeping a food diary, or taking “before” pictures as a constant reminder and motivation. You can do it!

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