September 12, 2018

How Many Garlic Pills Should I Take a Day?

Garlic Cloves

I’ve had struggles with high blood pressure the last several years. I take Lisinopril, which is like a blood pressure basic medicine and nothing special. It’s like the Tylenol of blood pressure medicine. A band-aid, if you will. As a health buff, I took my search online and found out that garlic is an answer to lowering blood pressure. Garlic pills, here I come. So, how many garlic pills should I take a day?

Garlic Benefits for Men

Let’s be real, I’m only taking these because there is no shot I am going to suck down multiple cloves of garlic each day. I understand it can save my life, but imagine me hollering at women in a bar with garlic breath! Oh, the horror! However, I do care about living good and not worrying about having a stroke, so naturally I’m going to supplement my face off to make sure I don’t have any issues.

Now, getting down to brass tacks here, when you look at a garlic supplement dosage there are many ways you can chop this up. (Chopped garlic, see what I did there?)


Ultimately, the effective dosage of garlic you should consume isn’t entirely determined. I’ve visited many of the big authority sites out there like Web MD and others, and most are ranging from one to two cloves of garlic for adults if they are eating the raw garlic OR 300mg of a supplemental tablet two to three times daily. If you are using the Metric system, 7.2 g of aged garlic extract works.

So what does this all mean?

At the end of the day, I looked at this data and decided that I’d consume one 1,000 mg dosage of garlic extract. I chose this one (below) after reading many supplement reviews. Since the well-informed writers at the American Family Physician are telling me to take these 300 mg dosages a few times per day and I read nothing about “over-consumption of garlic pills” I figured I’d do it all in one shot. Whenever I take supplements of any sort, whether for my brain, weight control, or just a multivitamin, I always prefer to do it in as few instances as humanly possible.

So, if you are looking to emulate the success I’ve had with using garlic pills to lower blood pressure, this picture below is the exact company I used. I bought it on Amazon via their Prime program and have been very happy with the results. It was given a vote of confidence as the best garlic pill supplement by Woman’s World. (Don’t worry, I made sure it was good for us men as well.)

I found these on Amazon and they have been tremendous.

Benefits of Garlic Pills

Taking garlic in a pill form is much easier to add to your daily good health routine when compared to slicing it up and adding it to your food. What other benefit would you get from a pill in comparison to natural consumption? I’m not all that positive, to be frank with you.

However, I have spent considerable time on my own dime looking into this as I attempted to find out if this was going to be a potential game changer when it came to my high blood pressure. Ironically, I found out there were many other benefits to consuming garlic pill supplements.

Closely related to bulbs such as chive, leek, and onion, garlic is a bulb of the species Allium. Garlic is made up of a “head” and “cloves.” Cloves are the sections inside the actual head, so one you get one piece of garlic it’s a clove, and when you get one whole garlic it’s a head. Usually you’ll see about 10 and 20 cloves and most dishes will require a serving size of 1-3 cloves.

With over 100 compounds that equate to better health, you’ll find Vitamins B1, B5, B6, and C. Additionally, you’ll find zinc, iron, calcium, phosphorous, and manganese. That’s a lot of antioxidants right off the bat, but let’s look at what else this will do to benefit your daily life.

Allicin is the big hitter here. It’s actually the part that you can thank for the unique smell when you chop fresh garlic. Push that smell aside, because it’s an amazing remedy that helps you more than you probably knew.

As mentioned, consuming this can help your blood. What’s also great is that it can be used to fight a fever, the common cold, other sicknesses, and even cancer. Yes, cancer. A lot of this goes back to old, Western medicine, but the science is there. (I looked it up, I have no reason to waste my time blogging and making up bogus information, lol.)

Garlic Medical Uses

  • Treats hardening of the arteries
  • Reduce high blood pressure
  • Prevents and treats yeast, colon, and prostate cancer
  • Lowers blood sugar (diabetes treatment)

Again, the pill supplements are all the rage because they are being made without the pungent odor that you usually get to enjoy.

Additional Uses

  • Antimicrobial agent to fight bacteria
  • Helps prevent muscle soreness and inflammation
  • Reduces frequency of upper respiratory tract infections
  • Assists with breast and menstrual pain
  • Huge antioxidant benefits

If you shop at your local nutrition store, you should be able to find garlic pills. It’s worked for me to lower blood pressure in a cost effective way. Being a man without a ton of time for browsing, I choose to do it all online and buy on

Recommended Garlic Pills

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