September 19, 2018

How Hook Up Apps Differ From Online Dating Websites


Sex is healthy, according to a study published by WebMD.  Accordingly, I have no issues talking about sex and how it pertains to living a healthy lifestyle.  That’s what I’m all about, and that’s why I come here daily to write rants, raves, muses, and critiques.  Today we’ll talk about the rampant growth of hook up apps, and how they differ from traditional online dating websites.

Comparing Sex Apps to Dating Sites

Have you ever heard from your friends how they are having sex almost daily with a different woman? If you haven’t already figured out, its time you learn their secret art. The truth is there are no secret techniques or skills today which make it easier to have sex.

What your friends and most young men and women are doing these days is that they have moved forward from traditional dating and one night stands to the world of online dating. But did you know there are actually two kinds of dating sites?

The ones that your friends are using are called hook up apps.

These laser-focused apps prey on people looking for nothing but casual sex.  The latter, sites like EHarmony and, are more for people looking for relationships.  However, the masses are quickly moving to hook up apps, and as society eases up it’s takes on sexual interaction, I think it’ll only stay that way.

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Adult hook up apps are straight to the point.

Dating websites and adult dating websites are similar in function. Both allow you to meet new people in your area, both allow you to interact with new people on the site. But what really makes them apart from each other is that adult dating websites are strictly for people who want to find sexual partners.

Yes you heard that right. On an adult dating website, 100% of the people signed up on the site are looking for a quick way to have sex. And when you sign up on one of these sites, you too can have sex within 24 hours if you know what you are doing.

So if you have decided to try out the world of online dating but don’t want to go through the hassle of getting to know the other person, winning their trust, and spending days and months before a relationship starts, then head over to an adult dating website or app.

A traditional dating website is for adults who are looking for long term relationships and the members usually have marriage and family in mind. So if you end up finding someone on a dating site, you’ll have to develop a relationship, win their trust and do a lot of things before you can actually reach a point where you are having sex with each other.  I’ve more or less given up on those as a hopeless romantic, but yet I still pay a lot in fees every month to hope that special someone notices my witty profile and strikes up a conversation.  They say that the males should always engage first, but hey, I’m taking a contrarian stance! (Maybe that’s why it’s not working?)

Adult dating websites on the other hand reduces this time to almost immediately by making sure you get connected to a man or woman who is interested in quick casual sex just like yourself. And the best part is, when the sex is over, no one asks a question and everyone moves on with their lives and tries to find someone new to have sex with.

I’m curious, extremely curious.  I’d love to find some booty that I don’t have to fake like I want to marry.  Society has let it’s guard down and I’m not mad about it.  I’ll be sampling some of these apps and circling back with my reviews.  Why not?  I’m a healthy guy just looking for some good, clean, healthy fun.

I just hope I don’t get caught up in some tryst where I am ball-gagged and abused.  Guess I should keep up with my workout routine.  It would be very embarrassing to come back here and have to address any rumors of abuse or have to start explaining some bad photos from an encounter gone wrong!

Stay tuned, my updates will flow like beer out of a keg at a freshman dorm room.


T.J. LaPanta is a Florida based aspiring comedian and health nut.
When he's not trying to hack his way through a post-graduate degree, he's slaving away in the kitchen, working out, or trying to score a date.

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