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CBD wax from HempLucid

This is a method of CBD delivery that many are not very familiar with, but it can be used as one of the most effective ways to get the cannabidiol into your bloodstream quickly and potently. Using a wax CBD product is very similar to using a vape liquid (like the HempLucid vape I review here), though the only difference is that the substance is in wax form as opposed to oil.

To be able to vape this kind of CBD, you will need a vape pen that is capable of vaporizing wax. But if you have the hardware necessary to use this, you will be amazed by the results. Taking your CBD through vaping is the fastest way for it to absorb and release its effects through your body and mind. While ingesting it in the form of a tincture, capsule, or edible requires that it first enter the digestive system, vaping it skips this altogether and delivers it straight to the bloodstream, where you will feel the effects almost immediately.

Why Use HempLucid CBD Wax?

There are a few selling points that make this a great buy, even if it means buying the necessary hardware to vape it first. As I see it, here is why this is a great option when you are seeking the healing benefits that cannabidiol provides:

  • Contains 200 mg of ultra-refined CBD concentrate
  • Extracted through C02 method – leaving pure CBD with no chemical residue
  • Rich in terpenes
  • Fast-acting through vaping
  • More potent than CBD isolate extracts

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How to Use

As said above, you can’t just buy this and use it out of the box. Just like a vape liquid requires a vape pen (or mod, or whatever vaping device you prefer), this will require a vaporizer that is capable of vaporizing wax. You will be able to find a product like this at anyCBD wax from HempLucid vape shop (brick and mortar or online). You can use a wax rig or a modified vaporizer to take this product. It is not edible.

If you have any questions on how to go about using this product, the fine folks at HempLucid are more than happy to point you in the right direction. As they say on their site, they “take pride in being lucid in everything we do – it is in our name and in the way we approach business.” Just because this product may be foreign to how you are accustomed to taking CBD, don’t let that scare you away – it is one of the quickest and most effective ways to get your dose.

Customer Reviews

Like I said above, don’t be scared by trying something new – take a look at what real customers have to say about this wax on the HempLucid CBD site:

  • This wax is amazing, it’s very relaxing and a little goes a long way in my opinion.
  • Much higher quality CBD than any other CBD I’ve used.
  • This product is amazing, best CBD products on the market! The whole plant CBD wax has a taste that will have you coming back for more. Fast acting and all around great!
  • Amazing stuff great customer service would buy again.

Where to Buy

You can find all HempLucid CBD products (see my full brand review here) on their official website – click below to start browsing the catalog!

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