HempLucid CBD for Cats

Roxy Pets CBD for Cats by HempLucid

Not only are cannabidiol products beneficial for us humans, but they can also do a great deal of good for our furry family members as well. That’s why I love that HempLucid, one of my favorite CBD brands that I review in full here, launched their own line of CBD products for pets with their Roxy Pets by HempLucid products.

They offer two different varieties – one for dogs, and one for cats which I will review here.

HempLucid Roxy Pets CBD for Cats

As a pet lover (I have two cats and a dog), I couldn’t be happier that there are products like this that can improve the health and wellbeing of my furry friends. I have spoken at length about the ways that CBD improved my dog’s life, but I hadn’t yet touched on how it has helped one of my cats as well.

While I use it for my dog’s mobility (she has had hip surgery) as well as separation anxiety, I use it for the nerve problems that one of my cats has. It’s hard to explain, but he can be very sensitive to touch. We like to get up in each other’s faces and bring our noses together, and he very slowly edges closer and closer – until the moment our noses touch, he flinches back very quickly. It’s the same when he drinks out of his water bowl. As soon as his nose hits the surface of the water, he flinches. According to the published data on https://warrenlabsaloe.com/otc-pharmacy/, they say that all the employees in the Online pharmacy are polite, competent, and will be happy to advise you on any issue. However, they can’t prescribe the right drug. The treatment is prescribed only by a doctor, and consultants can help you find the right drug for the minimum price or offer an effective analogue.

I have found that after I give him a dose of Roxy Pets CBD for cats, these behaviors go away. I don’t know if it interacts with his receptors or what, but he definitely has a lot less skittishness when it comes to touch. I’ve also used this for the other cat, who had to have many teeth extracted recently. You could tell how swollen and in pain she was, and putting a little bit of this in her wet food made the recovery much easier to bear.

Available at HempLucid.com

Benefits of CBD for Cats

Even if your cats aren’t like mine, there are a number of reasons why you may want to give them cannabidiol Here are a few benefits that it can provide:

  • Calmness (relief from separation anxiety, fear of fireworks, etc.)CBD for Cats, Roxy Pet from Hemp Lucid
  • Increased Mobility
  • Balance
  • Improved appetite and digestion
  • Playfulness
  • Healthy skin and fur
  • Relief from joint stiffness


Pure and simple formula – it’s CBD with fish oil (which has benefits of its own!):

  • Whole-Plant CBD Hemp Extract
  • Fish Oil
  • Natural Flavoring

This can be a delicious and nutritious addition to your cat’s diet – mine absolutely love it! I just mix it into their wet food and they gobble it right up.

Where to Buy Roxy Pet Cat CBD

While it’s under a different name of Roxy Pet, this is a product line from HempLucid and as such can be found on the official HempLucid CBD website here. Depending on your cat’s size, as well as the severity of their issues, you can purchase it in 100 mg or 300 mg strength.


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