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I started this site to spread awareness on all health topics that I’m passionate about, and that includes the health of my pets. I’m a proud owner of three rescue pets. They are my children and bring me so much joy. I’d do anything to make sure they are happy and well.

One of my dogs, God bless her, was in terrible shape when I adopted her. Thyroid issues, heartworm, kidney failure and, to top it all off, she had what the rescue deemed as “the worst hips we’d ever seen.” She holds the record for the longest time fostered (13 months) before she was healthy enough to go to her forever home, as well as the record for the highest medical bills they’ve incurred for one pet’s care (over $6,000).

While she has come a long way and regained much of her strength since I first took her home (shortly after her second hip surgery) she still does have some pain in her right hip. That’s when I started looking for ways to helping ease her pain so she could live a happier life and just be a dog again. Having used CBD products myself with great results, I was thrilled when I found a company like Hemp My Pet that offers organic, hemp-infused products designed specifically for our furry friends.

Best CBD Products for Pets

I was sold the first time I visited their website and read more about the company. They are true animal lovers just like me. They stand behind the quality of their products with a vertically-integrated structure. From seed to sale, everything is done in-house with care. They pride themselves in the highest quality, human-grade ingredients for their products. They proudly stand behind that, stating that they never formulate anything that they themselves wouldn’t consume.

In addition to that, they actively donate to animal rescues and sanctuaries, as well as support organic and sustainable farming practices. It’s tough to find a brand that aligns with my passions and beliefs more than Hemp My Pet. I like supporting companies that share my values.

What I Like

  • USA Made: Grown and headquartered in Colorado.
  • Vertical Integration: There is no outsourcing here. They handle the cultivation, extraction, packaging, and sale of their products. Everything is done in-house, ensuring product quality.
  • Organic: This applies both to the ingredients, as well as to the farm itself where they grow their hemp. A little trivia – Hemp My Pet’s founders started the first ever organic hemp farm in Colorado, so with over 30 years of experience, you could say they’ve been in the industry while and know what they’re doing.
  • Strain-Specific: While other brands (who don’t operate their own farms) use whatever they can get from their suppliers, Hemp My Pet uses only one type of hemp that is grown for the specific purpose of medication. You will get the same high-quality product with every purchase.
  • Full-Spectrum: Every product contains all CBD compounds from the plant, as well as other beneficial plant materials like terpenes and a trace amount of THC to get the maximum results.
  • Human Grade Manufacturing: All of their farming meets the standards for human-grade consumption. While they are marketed as pet products, they have plenty of customers who use it themselves (including the company founders).
  • Veterinarian Recommended: This is the most trusted brand for CBD pet products. It has set the standard so much that it is being used in clinical studies for pet use.
  • ​​​​Company Values: They are generous in giving back to rescues, shelters, canine cancer research, etc.
  • Animal Testing: The only animal testing they do is by trying the product themselves. They give them to their pets, their friend’s pets, and even veterinarians to give samples to clients for feedback.


Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Infused Hemp Seed Oils

full spectrum hemp seed oil from Hemp My Pet

Grown, processed, and formulated locally in Colorado, the full spectrum CBD oil is one of the top sellers at Hemp My Pet. Each bottle contains the highest ratio of supporting compounds and is strain-specific for the highest consistency at a 30 to 1 ratio. As mentioned above, these products are human-grade and completely safe for your pet’s (as well your) consumption. They offer it in 250mg or 1000mg.

Ingredients: Certified Organic (Virgin, Cold-pressed) Hemp Seed Oil and *Hemp Extract. (*Full-spectrum Hemp Extract derived from Organically grown Colorado Hemp.)

Rich in omegas, Vitamins B1, B2, B6, E, Calcium, Magnesium, Copper, Potassium, Phosphorus, GLA (Gamma Linolenic Acid), Enzymes and more.

Recommended for general health, pain, joints, anxiety, allergies, inflammation, and even some forms of epilepsy.

Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Infused Coconut Oils

hemp infused coconut oil from Hemp My Pet

The same standards apply as described above for the hemp seed oils (Colorado-grown, full spectrum, high consistency, human-grade). These jars are available in 100mg or 500mg.

Ingredients: Certified Organic, Unrefined (Virgin) Coconut Oil, infused with Hemp Oil Derived from Organically Grown Colorado Hemp.

Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Infused Organic Dog Biscuits

Hemp My Pet dog biscuits

If your dog isn’t particularly thrilled with having an oil mixed into their food, what dog can turn down some delicious biscuit treats? These pumpkin harvest biscuits are hand-made in small batches to ensure quality and taste.

Ingredients: Pumpkin, Garbanzo Bean Flour, Rice Flour, Tapioca Starch, Apples, Eggs, Unrefined Coconut Oil Infused with Hemp Extract, Mint, Parsley, Baking Powder.

Reading that ingredients list, I’d eat them myself – and I have! And my dog loves absolutely loves them.

Wellness Bundles

wellness bundle from Hemp My Pet

If you’re undecided on the products listed above, or your pet has tried them all and enjoyed and benefited from all types, you can buy one of their Wellness Bundles where you get all of their product types at a discounted price. An absolute bargain.

Final Thoughts

Hemp My Pet has been a true blessing in my household. My dog has never been so agile or pain-free the way she has since she began taking these CBD products. She is in good hands with Hemp My Pet and I can’t thank them enough for the quality of life they have provided. I fully endorse this brand as the best CBD for pets. While other brands that sell CBD also have pet products in their catalog, it is more of an ancillary product line. At Hemp My Pet, it is the core of what they do. Go with the most trusted brand in taking care of your pet’s health and wellness.


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