September 25, 2018

Health Benefits of Lime Juice With Water


Limes are much more than a garnish to an ice cold Corona. They have many health benefits, and are really an amazing fruit. In fact, they are the only fruit I consume more than my beloved Kiwi fruit. Today I’m going to talk about the health benefits of lime juice with water.

How Flavoring Your Water With Lime Can Help You

Lime Water

The top reason I suggest that you flavor your water with lime is simple: it will make you consume more.

Water is an essential key to our bodies running properly, and I try to consume at least 100 oz of filtered water every day. The problem is, it’s so bland and boring that I have a hard time getting it down without feeling a little awkward. Adding some citrus, like lime, makes it more palatable. It’s a fact that since I started making my own “spa water” – I’ve been housing water like never before. I switch it up with lemons, cucumbers, and limes, but the root of it is that I immerse fruits into my water jug and it makes it much more appealing to consume, and consume frequently.

When you drink water, you keep the body hydrated. You can also do this by consuming foods with high water content.

You’ll need to drink a varied amount of water, depending many factors, including:

  • Sex
  • Age
  • Activity levels
  • Are you a nursing mother
  • Climate and surroundings
  • Illness or diseases

What’s become a problem in the USA is the abundance of sugary beverages that line our shelves. You can find no shortage of sweetened drinks like Snapple, Gatorade, and other drinks inside your favorite grocer or convenience store. Most consumers opt for these because they have flavor, but forget about the effects of sugar and the need for water.

Why are Limes Good for You?

Here is just a sampling of the nutrients that limes offer:

  • Phosphorus
  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin C

Additional Benefits of Lime Juice

#1 Promotes the consumption of water

Water is essential for healthy skin and a properly functioning system.

#2: Helps improve diet

We could all eat better. Especially us Jerky Snobs.

#3: Aids digestion

Gut health is key. I speak about this here.

#4: Reduces Cancer Risk


#5: Weight Loss

Other than eating right and staying active, this is the best you can do for next to free.

#6: Enhanced Immune System

Nobody likes being sick.

#7: Improves quality of Skin

This means I can spend less money on under eye products!

#8: Reduces Risk of Heart Disease

Always a good thing. Heart attacks are no joke.

#9: Lowers blood sugar

Which is nice.

#10: Prevents growth of micro-organisms

Always solid to combat these pests!

#11: Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Especially important if you are active.

#12: Helps Prevent Kidney Stones

Haven’t had one, don’t want one. I’ll stick with the limes.

People who don’t consumer nearly enough water in a day should think about adding a hint of lime to the drink. Not only will it help the taste improve, but you’ll also benefit from the many amazing things this magical fruit can provide.

Limes. They aren’t just for Coronas.

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