Health Benefits of Lemons

health benefits of eating lemon

When you are reaching for a piece of fruit, you probably aren’t reaching for a lemon. That sour, tart taste does not do well on its own. But if you add it to a dish or a glass of water, you can derive many of the great benefits of this nutritious fruit. Lemon is chock full of vitamin C and fiber just like many fruits.

Not to mention, they smell great! If you’re in a pinch and don’t have a room spray to use, add a bit of lemon to a spray bottle of water to bring a pleasant scent!

If you want to get healthier, lemons are absolutely something you should be getting a good dose of in your diet. Down below I’ve listed a number of the benefits associated with this fruit – so pucker up and add some lemon to your diet!

What Are the Health Benefits of Lemons?

Better Heart Health

As mentioned above, there is a lot of Vitamin C in lemons. This nutrient plays a large role in the reduction of the risk of heart disease and stroke. With just one lemon you can get over 30 mg of this vitamin, which is more than half of your daily recommended value.

On top of that, lemons have high fiber content (similar to watermelons) which further lowers your risk of heart disease by lowering your cholesterol levels. In addition, lemons contain hesperidin and diosmin, plant-based chemicals that also contribute to a lower cholesterol.

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Reduced Risk of Cancer

While there is no cure for cancer, you can adopt good habits that can help ward off this terrible disease. Test tube studies have shown that compounds from lemons have actually killed cancer cells. While these results aren’t conclusive that it will have the same effect in a human body, every little measure we can take to ward off this illness is one that is worth taking.

Better Digestion

As lemons are made up of soluble fibers and simple sugars, your gut health and digestive system will be better off if you add some of this fruit to your diet. The main fiber contained in this fruit is called pectin, which is a soluble fiber that has many benefits for your body. In addition to the boost to your gut, it can also reduce your blood sugar levels.

It should be noted, however, that most of this fiber is found in the pulp and skin of the lemon. So if you are just squeezing it for the juice, you will miss out on these benefits.

Weight Loss

With the fiber content and improved digestion, of course, it makes sense that you can better control your weight if you eat plenty of this fruit. On top of boosting your digestive tract, fiber also has the effect of making you feel full faster. When you are not as hungry, you are better able to stick to portion control, have fewer cravings, and aren’t reaching for unhealthy snacks that just lead to weight gain.

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