November 16, 2018

Health Benefits of Biotin

biotin use in diet pills

I always like to know what I put into my body. That inspired me to take a look at the ingredient labels of the supplements that I consume and take a deep dive into the formula and see what each ingredient does to serve the supplement’s purpose.

One item that I am seeing in a lot of dietary supplements is Biotin, which I noticed on the label of my Shredz Fat Burner. Curious about why this is added, and what it does for my body, I wanted to research it a little bit more to see what benefit it has.

What Does Biotin Do For Your Body?

Biotin is a part of the complex B vitamins but is also called Vitamin H. Yeah, I don’t get it either, but that’s not necessarily important. What is important to me is its purpose in a diet pill. Is it a worthwhile ingredient? Does it have a purpose or is it just a filler?

After doing a little bit of Googling, I found a lot of health resources that clearly explained why this is added, and now I’m glad it is!

Metabolism Support

This vitamin plays a crucial role in the metabolic functions of your body by breaking down food, carbohydrates, protein, and fats. Yep, that last part is the key – fats! No wonder why it is a popular ingredient in diet pills. In short, what it does is converts your food into energy. This enzyme works even better when it is combined with chromium picolinate, another popular ingredient you’ll find in diet pills like PhenQ.

When you consume biotin, your resting metabolic rate is heightened, meaning that you are burning more calories than normal – even when you aren’t active. This is one of the primary functions of any dietary supplement, burning more calories. With this pill, you ramp up your body’s furnace, and can even be losing more weight than normal while you are sleeping or resting.

Regulates Your Blood Sugar

Another benefit of having more biotin in your diet is that it helps to regulate glucose in your body. This is particularly helpful for overweight or obese people, as high blood sugar is a leading risk factor for diseases such as diabetes. Getting more biotin can help with better glycaemic control.

biotin molecular structure

Lowers Your Cholesterol

Studies have indicated that biotin can help lower the levels of LDL, the bad cholesterol, as well as total cholesterol levels in your body. Having bad or high cholesterol is one of the precursors to heart disease, heart attack, stroke, and other cardiovascular issues. Not only does biotin help control your weight, but it also has benefits for your overall health!


It is rare that you could have a deficiency of biotin. It is found in many foods that we regularly eat. However, it doesn’t hurt to supplement with it a little more! You can find this vitamin in egg yolks, cheese, leafy greens, mushrooms, organ meats (like liver and kidney), nuts, legumes, and other similar foods.

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