October 3, 2018

Growth Factor Plus Review

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As a healthy living advocate who tends to check out many products, I like to keep my guard up when it comes to being a skeptic. Today’s analysis is about a product that promises to enhance your height. When your Mother tells you to “grow up,” well, you may just want to read the Growth Factor Plus Review to see if you can’t satisfy her command!

Does Growth Factor Plus Actually Work?

I had to be a skeptic. I know way too much about health supplements to just trust that a magical pill will take Joe Pesci and turn him into Shaquille O’Neal. But does Growth Factor Plus work well enough that it may give guys a small edge to creep a bit up the ranks when it comes to the size chart? This I had to investigate with my own two eyes and put together this Growth Factor Plus review.


Yes, this does work. But, before you get your credit card out, know that there is an actual limit on what it can do for you. If you are already a tall drink of water, don’t expect to get much taller. There are also many variables that will surface, so please continue reading.

If you are looking for 6″ of growth – it won’t happen.

If you are 6’5″ – you won’t get much taller.

BUT….and everyone as a butt……

Modest gains are entirely achievable using this height supplement, and a lot of it has to do with genetics, but for a very small price you can find out if you have any extra room to grow. (Puns will be all over this article, so be ready.)

Here are some example gains:

  • 5″ in over thirty days
  • 3″ in 60 days
  • 2″ in 90 days

This product works due to growth hormones. These human growth hormones, known commonly as HGH, are what helps you grow taller. If you ever felt that you wanted to see if you can get taller, this is the #1 product that will actually let you see if that is at all possible.


Why do Giraffes come to mind whenever we think of people being tall?

The Benefits of Growth Factor Plus

The most important thing to know is that in addition to being the top selling growth product on HGH.com, this pill is made for bone and spine support. Your spine’s health plays a critical role in the ability for you to grow taller, which I’ll touch on further down in this Growth Factor Plus review.

In addition to just getting a little longer, there are other important benefits to be reaped when you take these pills, including:

  • Additional growth factors
  • Improved Joints
  • Stronger bones and enhanced density
  • Improves cartilage

And of course, the outcome we are all looking for, and the reason you've come to this Growth Factor Plus review ... growth in height!

You will see many men talking about their penises getting larger when they take HGH. This is also a possibility, according to studies (view here). But that's not the point of this Growth Factor Plus review.

Again, your height has a lot to do with your gene pool. The person who is the tallest in any particular family has the least amount of room for improvement when taking a supplement like Growth Factor Plus. However, if you find that you are on the shorter side of the family tree, well, you've come to the right place with this Growth Factor Plus review.

You can actually grow while you sleep. This is not a scam – I’ve checked this out thoroughly and it would not be for sale on HGH.com if it was a scam. When I come across a product that makes false claims, I have no hesitation to call them out on it. You won't find that in this Growth Factor Plus review.

What are the Ingredients Inside Growth Factor Plus?

A Growth Factor Plus review wouldn't be complete without getting into the active ingredients. Working together in harmony to help you grow taller, these ingredients in Growth Factor Plus all make up the blend that made the best growth supplement:

  • Chromium
  • Colostrum
  • Phosphoidyl Chlorine
  • Pituitary Concentrate

Now, anyone who has read my site for any amount of time knows that I’m not a big fan of “proprietary blends” of any sort. Normally, companies who make supplements do this to hide the ingredients and “hype up” their products. However, I do have exceptions to every rule I live by, and one is when they list out the actual ingredients that make up the blend. Luckily, this product passes the sniff test because all of the actives that make up the rest of the blend are actually backed by science.

The Proprietary Blend

  • L-Ornithine
  • L-Glutamine
  • L-Glycine
  • L-Lysine
  • Phosphatidyl Choline Complex
  • Pituitary (Anterior) Pwd.
  • Soy Protein Isolate
  • L-Tyrosine
  • L-Arginine HCL

You’ll find a few other ingredients that equate to the final mix, like cellulose, silicon dioxide, and some others. While you may not recognize them you’ve had them in other pills – I will bet you a king’s ransom on that.

If your growth has halted, and you are serious about trying to get any extra advantage out there to help yourself grow taller, the Growth Factor Plus supplement is the best one you can put in your body to assist you.


Why the Spine is S0 Vital

Any Growth Factor Plus review that's worth a read while go into the anatomy of the spine and how it contributes to height. The human spinal column is massively important to your ability to become taller. It’s made up of roughly 35% of your overall height and is made up of 33 different bone segments (called vertebrae in the medical world). These are connected and bonded together by ligaments. However, out of the whole range here, only nine of them are entirely immovable ones because they are fused together. These two are the sacrum and the coccyx, and together they make up the rear of your pelvis.

The remaining 24 vertebrae aren’t fused and can be entirely movable. This includes the neck (cervical), back of the chest (thoracic) and loins (your lumbars.)

The exact concern that Growth Factor Plus hacks into is that the ingredients are made to lengthen the cartilage discs in between these vertebrae and therefore actually add length to your spine which will increase your height.

Working in a similar manner, this same theory is used to address the cartilage in our knees. You’ve probably seen professional athletes come back from gruesomeknee injuries and regain their All Star form, and while I won’t take anything away from Doctors, rehabilitation, and the desire to succeed, the cartilage in our knees actually has the innate ability to grow, become thicker, and remodel itself! Taking Growth Factor Plus supplements can help you repair the cartilage in your knees and create a slight increase in height.

In fact, a large majority of our bones are originally made from cartilage. In the fetal state, the skeleton is entirely made of fibrous structures and cartilage that appear to look like bones – however they are not! Over time, they do morph into real bones because the cartilage is replaced by calcified bone matrix. This whole process is a big reason why our knees are so prone to overcoming stress and injuries despite being twisted, turned, leaned on, and beat up.

Who is a Candidate for Growth Factor Plus?

#1: Mature Adults Looking for Another Shot at Growth

As our bodies become older, our ability to create nutrients that promote joint, bone, and cartilage growth becomes much lesser. Only growth factor supplements provide the proper lubrication to enhance bone growth, joint wellness, and proper care for your connective tissues.

#2: Extra Support for Your Growth Spurt

If you are seeking an additional growth spurt, you can find out if you still possess growth plates that your body is not taking advantage of.

#3: Athletes

The stresses of competition can take a toll on the human body. Taking this supplement can help alleviate pain caused by the trauma of hits, planting, and making hard cuts. It will also help relieve bone and joint stress and rebuild cartilage.

#4: People Looking for Extra Height for Personal Reasons

Some people are just short and they don’t want to be! This Growth Factor Plus review is definitely for you! This can be a life hack that can help you legitimately have a chance at increasing joint and spine health to the point where you gain a few inches. This can help confidence, social life, and hey, maybe you’ll grab a few extra rebounds along the way. Hey, there was even a rap song written about this that was very popular in the 90’s! (See the video below - perhaps Skee-Lo could benefit from this Growth Factor Plus review!)

#5: Stretching

If you are doing any stretching for a medical condition or other reason, this product can be a great supplement to help you grow faster. A decrease in height is a serious symptom of aging, and adding pressure to your joints, spine, and bones do not help this process.

The nutrients inside this pill will support joint health which can lead to more height.

This is HGH.com’s Best Supplement for Human Growth

Simply put, this product will help add a few inches to your height.

So, what are you waiting for? Click below to start shopping!

Thanks for reading my Growth Factor Plus review!

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