January 11, 2019

Green Roads CBD Tea and Coffee

cbd-infused coffee from GreenRoads

I’m a coffee addict. I also love to drink tea for its calming effects. I’m also a big fan of CBD, as evident by all the brands I’ve reviewed on this site.

Know what’s best about all of those? You can get them combined in a powerful medicine to give you a jolt of energy (with their coffee drinks), soothe your soul (with their tea), all while getting the amazing benefits of CBD for relief from stress, anxiety, physical pain, and sleep issues.

Green Roads (full review here: hlcomic.com/green-roads-cbd-review) is one of the few companies out there to introduce their own line of coffee and tea drinks infused with cannabidiol, and I’ve become a huge fan!

CBD Coffee and Tea from GreenRoads

There is nothing more soothing than a nice beverage when it comes to improving your health. These CBD-infused drinks are perfect for those want to get their dose of cannabidiol in a more subtle manner. Who here doesn’t have a morning ritual of drinking coffee? Who doesn’t enjoy a nice cup of tea at night to relax? Now you can enjoy these drinks as you normally would, with the added benefit of your dosage of CBD!

CBD Coffee

This is more than your normal cup of java! I’m not particular when it comes to coffee — to me, coffee is coffee, just give me a cup of it to start my day. But while my palate isn’t very refined when it comes to coffee, I absolutely love this stuff from Green Roads! It has a rich taste with a nice caramel aroma. It tastes and smells great!

You can get it in three different sizes, with a discount available the larger you go.

cbd-infused coffee from GreenRoads

They sell these beans in 2 oz, 8 oz, or 16 oz bags. Each bag will give you around 1 serving per ounce, so if you plan on using this regularly, definitely go with the larger bag to get the best value. You can get it in regular or decaf.

Each serving contains around 15 mg of CBD per tablespoon.

Customer Reaction:

Here is what some coffee lovers have to say about this CBD-infused drink on the Green Roads site:

  • This is by far THE best coffee. With the flavors of Carmel, vanilla and chocolate, Green Roads has made another CBD winner.
  • My guy and I love having this coffee every morning. The perfect coffee blend with a little kick.
  • I love this gourmet coffee with CBD great flavor drink it every day will purchase every chance I get. Thank You Green Roads!!


This product is a little pricier than the coffee, at $6.99 per tea bag, but it is pretty amazing. It combines the soothing properties of CBD with chamomile to bring a therapeutic remedy that is rich in flavor and aroma.

These tea bags have been specifically formulated to bring a calmness to your body and mind so that you can get through the tough parts of your day, or relax and unwind after a stressful day.

cbd-infused tea from GreenRoads

Each tea bag contains 7 mg of pure CBD and also contains chamomile, vanilla, and peppermint to give it a flavorful taste.

What Customers Say:

Check out what some happy customers have reported about their experience with this tea at Green Roads’ site:

  • Found it very pleasant and relaxing. Helps take the edge off a rough day.
  • I drink this tea right before bed!! Nice and relaxing tea that really calms me down before bed and tastes Great!! Would highly recommend this tea!
  • This tea is amazing. It’s the perfect blend of nighttime calm chamomile tea, and relaxing CBD. The taste is lovely, and this is honestly the perfect cup of tea at the end of the day.
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