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If you are looking for a brand that has a reputation in the CBD industry, look no further than Green Roads World. This brand was started by a licensed pharmacist where quality is everything. Go to their website and you’ll find their lab tests listed. Purity and accountability are everything with Green Roads, and it shows in their end-product of pure CBD hemp oil.

Green Roads was founded in 2011 by a 20-year veteran of the pharmaceutical industry, and in the 7+ years since has grown into one of the biggest cultivators of CBD products in the nation, if not the world. They currently distribute their products to over 5,000 retail outlets and serve more than 1 million online customers, so undoubtedly there is something special about their products to have that kind of success.

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About Green Roads

Green Roads, which some also called Green Roads World due to their domain name, is a unique brand in that they offer full-spectrum CBD oils as well as crystalline isolate CBD. Through these offerings, you will be getting a powerful dose of pure CBD as well as the other terpenes and cannabinoids that bring all sorts of benefits. Relative to other brands, this is as good as you can get, and it’s just an indicator of the mind behind this industry-leading brand and their dedication to delivering high-quality products.

cbd oil products from Green Roads

For full transparency of just how quality their products are, you can go to their website and see extensive lab reports that illustrate their potency and purity. You can check it out for yourself at

Color, Scent, and Taste

When buying a CBD oil, the color can vary from a clear solution, to a golden hue, to even a dark brown. The oil from Green Roads is kind of a cloudy white color, which is due to the vegetable glycerin that is blended into the formula. This mixture of CBD and VG has a couple uses: you can vaporize it in a vape pen or other device, or you can administer it sublingually (under the tongue). While the taste is not always preferable (not that they’re disgusting, but not really any CBD oils taste what I would call good), it makes for a versatile product.

As for the taste, it isn’t quite as tart (as I would describe NuLeaf) as other options, and I would describe it more of a vegetable glycerin taste as opposed to being woody and plant-like. In regards to the smell, it is also a bit of a VG odor.

Extraction Method

Just like with the other pure brands out there, Green Roads employs a CO2 extraction method to cultivate their oils. This is the best available and industry-leading method that uses pressure and temperature to extract the cannabinoids from the herb. The other commonly used method is with solvents, which can add residual chemicals to the end-product. With Green Roads, you don’t have to worry about that. From their Colorado certified organic hemp, to their CO2 extraction, to their transparency with lab tests published on their site, you know you’re getting nothing but the good stuff.

Where to Buy

With everything from CBD oils, pain creams, gummies, and more, Green Roads is a one-stop shop for all of your CBD needs. You can find all of their products available on their website here. On top of a great product, they stand behind it with a 30-day full refund policy, even after opening the product and trying it, so you have nothing to lose by giving them a shot. All in all, I fully endorse their products as one of the best (along with Thought Cloud) CBD brands available.


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