January 10, 2019

Green Roads CBD Edibles

Edible CBD from GreenRoads

A lot of people like to get their CBD in edible form. They make for a very convenient, not to mention delicious, way to get your cannabidiol and quickly experience all the relief that it provides.

When it comes to all of the brands that sell CBD on the web, you will not find a larger selection of edibles than you’ll find at Green Roads World. There are so many different product varieties that this review could grow pretty large. Instead, I’ll give you the basics of each and recommend you check out their site to see all the different tasty ways to get your dose of CBD.

CBD Edibles from Green Roads

As mentioned above, they have a huge catalog over at GreenRoads (full brand review here: www.hlcomic.com/green-roads-cbd-review) that has something for just about everyone, no matter what type of edible or desired effect you are looking for. This will serve as a rough introduction on each, and I encourage you to take a look at their site to get some more in-depth info on each.

Relax Bears

One of the most delicious and convenient ways to get your CBD, this 300 mg bottle of gummy snacks are pharmacist-formulated and infused with 10 mg of cannabidiol per gummy.

The Relax Gummies can take the edge off and make any stressful situation much easier to bear.

CBD Relax Gummie Bears from Green Roads

Fruit Bites

These are very similar to the gummy bears listed above, with the same kind of metrics.

Each fruit bite, formulated by their team of pharmacists, contains 10 mg of pure CBD to bring fast relief to physical ailments and social situations.

CBD Fruit Bites from GreenRoads

Relief Toads

When you’ve had a stressful day at work, or are sore after a tough workout, pop one of these Relief Toads in your mouth and get delicious respite from whatever ails you!

These are a chewy and delicious way to help cope with discomfort and stress. Each pack contains 40 gummies that have 10 mg of pure cannabidiol to provide fast, effective relief.

CBD Relief Toads from GreenRoadsWorld


These are the flagship edible product at GreenRoadsWorld and have pretty much become a classic in the cannabidiol industry. You can get them in either a 100mg (providing 25mg per serving) or 200mg (50mg per serving) pack.

These are perfect for working professionals or weekend warrior or everything in between. No matter what is stressing you or causing discomfort, these are a great way to get fast relief.

CBD Froggies from Green Roads

Sleepy Z’s

These Sleepy Z’s gummies are infused with melatonin, a natural sleeping agent, to help you fall asleep hard and fast.

If you have any kind of sleep issues, this is exactly what you need to get better rest.

It comes in a pack of 2 gummies, each containing 25 mg of CBD along with melatonin to get you some much-needed Z’s.

GreenRoads Sleepy Z's Gummies review

Terp Toads

Beyond just containing cannabidiol, this product also contains the terpenes from the hemp plant. You’ll get all the goodness that nature provides.

You can get it in three different flavors: Strawberry AK, Pineapple Express, and Blueberry OG.

Whether it be for relaxation, sleep problems, pain, or stress, these Toads will be sure to do the trick!

Terp Toads review from Green Roads

Where to Buy Green Roads Edibles

You can find all of these, plus many more edible CBD products, directly on the GreenRoadsWorld.com site. For the best deal, pick up the Green Roads Sweet Tooth Box. You’ll get an assortment of all their edible products at one low price!


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