Fast Metabolism Diet

boost fat loss and lose weight with the Fast Metabolism Diet

The Fast Metabolism Diet is the brainchild of Haylie Pomroy in her New York Times best-selling book that operates on the philosophy that you don’t need to starve yourself to lose weight. Pomroy claims to have helped her clients lose as much as 20 pounds in a 4-week period by raising their metabolism.

What is the Fast Metabolism Diet?

The diet lasts 28 days but is broken up into 4 weeks each consisting of 3 phases. The book provides detailed meal plans for each of the phases described below.

Phase 1

Monday – Tuesday: The goal of this phase is to lower your stress levels with a high intake of fruits and other carbohydrates.

Phase 2

Wednesday – Thursday: The focus of this phase is to unlock your fat stores and burn them as energy, as opposed to your body using sugars for energy. Muscle building is also a focus. This phase is heavy on vegetables and lean proteins.

Phase 3

Friday – Sunday: Heavy focus on burning fat by incorporating ideas from the previous two phases, with a higher intake of healthy fats and oils, and heavy exercise to raise your metabolism.

What It Does

This diet is not so much a diet as it is returning to healthy habits: eating right and getting exercise. It is much like the 17 Day Diet in that regard, which focuses on making healthy choices. This diet is heavy on fruits, vegetables, getting enough water, consuming lean protein, and all the other dieting advice that you know you should be following, but just aren’t.

One thing that is stressed in this diet, that is less so in others, is the harping on getting enough water during the day. The importance of drinking enough water cannot be overstated. Our bodies are made up of 60% water, so you need to be replenishing the supply to make sure everything functions properly. Not only that, but drinking water before a meal can make you feel full faster, which leads to less overeating.

Does It Work?

This diet is all about getting back to the basics of eating right, and putting your body in motion (exercise) so that your metabolism is working at its best. There are no secrets or tricks to it, just good solid advice on healthy living. I’m all about that – it’s why I started this site in the first place, to spread my knowledge of all health-related matters.

What Others Are Saying

If my word isn’t good enough, take a look at the Amazon listing (and it’s best-seller status) for this book. Nearly 5,000 reviews at the time of this writing and a 4+ star rating. There must be something to this diet, eh?

Having given this diet a spin for one 28-day period, following the three phases to the letter, I can attest that it helped me lose a couple unwanted inches around my waist. But not only that, I just generally felt better after making smarter food choices. This is the kind of diet that doesn’t stop working after you complete it. It provides you with lifestyle advice that you can continue to follow and maintain your goal weight for years to come.

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