October 17, 2018

Exercises to Grow Taller

stretches to grow tall

If you want to grow taller, there are a number of methods you can follow. Of course, you are limited to a great extent by genetics. You’re not going to suddenly be playing center for a professional basketball team next week through these methods. However, you can make some gains in height if you follow these tips.

One of the ways that I’ve added a little length to my body is by taking the Growth Factor Plus supplement. It stimulates the hormones in your body (from the pituitary gland) to get them to pump out some growth. Another thing that I use at home is an inversion table (this one, in particular) to decompress my spine. Between these two measures, I’m happy with the gains that I’ve made.

Another thing that I do from the comfort of home is different stretches and exercises. You need a loose, flexible, fluid body to stimulate growth in your spine and between your joints. It helps to increase circulation, bringing blood flow and nutrients all around the body to promote overall health and wellbeing.

Best Exercises for Growing Taller

There are tons of exercises and stretches that you can perform that will promote growth in height. Which ones work the best? Here are some of the best exercises that I’ve used that actually work in adding some inches to your stature. Best of all, they are easy to do and take little time out of your day.

The main goal of all of these is to decompress your spine. It’s important to stay controlled when doing these movements as to avoid injury. Don’t go farther than you’re comfortable. Gradually increase the resistance as you up the frequency and duration of these exercises. Patience is a virtue!

Exercise 1: Reach for the Sky

Stand with your back to a wall with your feet planted 1-2 feet away from the base of the wall. Raise your arms up above your head towards the ceiling. Keeping your knees straight, not bending, softly stretch backward until your fingertips touch the wall. The focus is to stretch your spine, reaching as high up on the wall as you can with your fingertips.

While this seems easy, the ultimate goal is to continue moving your feet further away from the wall. Over the course of weeks, move your starting position (the distance between the wall and your feet) by a few inches until you are able to perform this exercise standing 3-4 feet away from the baseboard.

Exercise 2: Sushi Roll

Lie flat on your back on a soft surface such as a bed, yoga mat, rug, or carpet. Stretch your arms and legs so that they are fully extending. The key is to reach with all four limbs as much as you can, extending your body to its maximum length. Then, gently begin to twist and turn your body back and forth, as if you are a sushi roll (where this exercise gets its name). Ultimately you are trying to stretch all your limbs and joints as fully as possible in every direction. Keep your movements controlled and natural.

Exercise 3: Bird Dog

Go into an assisted push-up position, which is a push-up with your knees on the ground instead of being on your toes. Slowly lift one of your legs off of the floor, extending it backward. Simultaneously lift your opposite hand off the floor and extend it parallel to the ground. Hold in this position for around 10 seconds, return to the start position, and repeat the exercise with your other arm and leg.

Exercise 4: Superman / Rocking Chair

Lie down on your belly on a comfortable surface. Place your hands behind your back and clasp your fingers together. Arch your back so that you raise your legs and upper body off the floor, keeping your knees straight. Rock your body back and forth (front to back) as if you are teetering like a rocking chair.

Exercise 5: Swing

This one, unlike the others, requires a little bit of equipment. Mainly, you need a horizontal bar that you can hang from. Jump up, grab onto the bar so that you are off the ground, and let your spine decompress. You can gently swing your body forward and backward to stimulate a bit more of a stretch. Do this until your arms tire.

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