January 8, 2019

Every Day Optimal CBD Tinctures for Pets

cbd oil for pets from EveryDay Optimal

Not only is CBD beneficial for us, but it can work wonders to improve the health and wellness of our furry companions. I wrote extensively about all the benefits of CBD for pets in another post, and it bears repeating here how much it can raise the livelihood and spirits of our four-legged friends.

I give CBD to my dog, who has gone through multiple hip operations, and it has worked so well to ease her pain and increase her mobility as well as her mood. She is very much attached to me, so it can really be of assistance when I leave the house to lessen her feelings of separation anxiety.

Along with Hemp My Pet (reviewed here), these beef-flavor cannabidiol oils from Every Day Optimal are one of my top recommendations when it comes to CBD for pets.

CBD Oils for Cats and Dogs From EveryDay Optimal

Some of us have finicky pets, so considering these are beef-flavored, I have a feeling your pet is going to love this just as much as my dear girl, Summer. Granted, she eats just about anything. But her tail especially wags when she sees me pull out this dropper to put a little bit of CBD oil on top of her kibble.

This CBD oil is specifically formulated with pets in mind and is of quality good enough for human consumption. It is an all-natural, safe, and effective way to bring relief to pets that are suffering from pain, stress, anxiety, illness, or other health issues.

Each bottle contains 125 mg strength cannabidiol oil.

How Much CBD Does My Pet Need?

The amount that you should give your pet depends on their size.

The dropper that is included in the bottle makes it very easy to dispense the perfect amount of CBD for your pet.

As a general rule of thumb, here are the guidelines on EDO’s website:

  • Small Pets (cats, small dogs): 1-3 drops
  • Medium Pets (dogs): 3-5 drops
  • Large Pets (dogs): Up to ½ dropper full
CBD oil for dogs and cats

This CBD oil for pets comes in a 60 ml bottle. The number of doses per bottle depends on the size of your pet. Each full use of the dropper contains around 2.13 mg of CBD. It is recommended that you start with one dose per day, monitor the results, and adjust accordingly.

This tincture is intended for dogs and cats only. Consult your veterinarian before administering any kind of medicine to your pet.

What Customers Say

I’ve told you how well it’s helped my dog, Summer, but let’s see what other happy pet owners have to say about this product on EDO’s site:

  • I purchased this for my 13yo French Bulldog who is having arthritic issues with her lower back/back legs (she carries all her weight in her upper body). When she’s fatigued, she trips and stumbles easily. The first dose I noticed no change, but the second time (I increased her dose), I saw a remarkable difference. She was energetic, happy and more importantly, did not stumble at all. She’s much more sturdy on her feet now! She’s been on your CBD oil for almost 2 weeks and I’ve got her on a regiment of twice a day.
  • My ddb has heart failure and I would like to think the CBD, along with acupuncture and his meds, is helping him along. My other ddb has severe arthritis in both hind legs. Along w her glucosamine and med, CBD seems to assist her. My Bulldog has stomach issues and needs to relax her nerves. CBD cannot hurt. Seems to help her.
  • My cat is no longer afraid of everyone! CBD is truly an amazing gift!

Where to Buy CBD for Pets

Along with all the other products from Every Day Optimal that I review (hlcomic.com/everyday-optimal-cbd-review), you can find this available for purchase on their website here. Score some extra savings on your order by using the coupon code hlcomic10 to get 10% off your order!

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