December 7, 2018

The Many Uses of CBD

what are the different reasons CBD is used for?

There are so many reasons that people are using CBD these days, it seems like it is a miracle cure for anything that ails you. While it is no magic drug, there is certainly a lot of utility for a plant-derived medicine such as this.

If you are wondering if using CBD products is the right choice for you, I figured I would put together a post that conglomerates all of the different topics that I have written about here so you can find information on its many different uses.

What is CBD Used For?

In no particular order, here are the different topics I have written about when it comes to what CBD can do for you. This is by no means a final list, as there is so much to explore with this drug as regulation has kept it quite controlled until recently. Whenever I add more content to this site, I’ll come back and update this page with new topics.


Due to its calming effect, those who have anxiety disorders (whether it be social anxiety, stress, obsessive-compulsive disorder, or otherwise), there can be relief through the use of CBD products. I wrote more about that in this post here:

the many uses of cbd for medicinal purposes


To read more about how CBD, as well as CBN, can be used to sleep better, check out my post written here:


Sufferers of this respiratory ailment can get great benefit from CBD because of its anti-inflammatory effect that opens up passageways to your lungs. You can read more about that in this post here:


Many veterans have begun using this herbal extract to alleviate the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder. To read more about why this has become popular among those returning from combat, check out this post here:


By taking away stress and lifting your mood, CBD can be wonderful as an anti-depressant. While testing on humans is still in preliminary stages, it has provided great evidence in testing done on lab mice. Read more about that here:


Due to its anti-inflammatory effect, it can provide great relief for aching joints. Whether used as a topical cream or in other forms, arthritis sufferers have found respite from their pain through the use of these products. I go into further detail here:

Multiple Sclerosis

One man in Minnesota began using CBD for his MS. He loved the relief it provided him so much that he started his own cannabinoid store. You can read his story here:

Pet Products

The use of these products is not just limited to humans. Many are administering these oils, also available in treat form, to improve the health and wellness of their pet’s lives. You can find out more about there here:

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