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When it comes to choosing a CBD brand, you need to be careful. This has become such a booming industry in the past year or so, and is positioned to be an even bigger market in the coming years. Legislation has loosened that is making it a fruitful industry to get into, and there seem to be new entrants hitting the market every day.

With that said, you want to be sure that you are selecting a brand that you can trust. There a lot of newcomers that are just trying to make a buck on the hottest new industry. You want to find one that is in it for the right reasons, has been around for a while, and are producing high-quality, potent, and safe products that you can shop for with trust. As you’ll find in my Diamond CBD review below, this is one of those brands.

Why is Diamond CBD a Good Choice?

The first thing that I do when evaluating a cannabidiol/hemp brand is look at their About Us page. I visit this section of their site before I even navigate over to their products to start shopping. I want to know the company history, who is behind the brand, what their mission is, and determine whether it is a cultivator and distributor that I can trust.

Right from the get-go on their site, I’m greeted with this message:

At Diamond CBD, our main focus is to research and develop innovative CBD hemp extracts and to make them accessible worldwide. Our team, made up of doctors and scientists, is dedicated to producing the finest and purest CBD products while never compromising on quality.

They’re already speaking my language right there. Continuing on, they state that they pour a lot of time into research and development to create diverse, high-quality hemp extracts that provide a broad profile of cannabinoids and other natural plant compounds and utilize each molecule to get the most benefit from their distinct properties.

All of the products at Diamond CBD are meticulously monitored throughout the growth and extraction process. Their products are all natural, backed up by third-party lab tests. I like that transparency of their product potency and purity, and it is an absolute must when buying from any CBD seller.

Farming Process

All of their products are non-GMO and organically grown. Each plant is manually selected for the best attributes and gently harvested and dried under the top conditions. To get the best cultivation around, they work with farms in the prime environments of Kentucky, Colorado, and Scandinavia.

Extraction Process

Diamond CBD utilizes an industry-leading supercritical extraction method to get their CBD oils from the hemp plant. This approach is the most gentle and yields the highest quality CBD, retaining all of molecules and compounds that naturally occur in the hemp plant.

Lab Testing

As stated above, each and every batch that goes through their production line is lab-tested. This ensures that there is a consistent product with the highest purity and potency possible. All stages of their production process, from the growth to the manufacturing and distribution, is carefully supervised. This vertically-integrated model ensures complete oversight of product quality from seed to shelf.

All the company info checks out – let’s see what kind of products they offer in the rest of my Diamond CBD review.


hemp oils from Diamond CBD

As you can see in the image above, they offer a wide variety of CBD oils at Diamond CBD that will fit everyone’s needs. From full spectrum to isolates to crystal, natural tasting or flavored, there is something for everybody. There are nearly 500 different CBD oils in total – more than I can even detail in this post – so I truly mean that they have literally anything that you could be looking for. There is a type, strength, and flavor for every possible user of oils, making this your “one-stop shop” when you are in need of relief.

All of their tinctures and oil drops are infused with premium CBD-rich hemp oil, non-GMO, THC free, pesticide free and made in the USA.


vapes from Diamond CBD

Some people prefer to vape their cannabidiol, and just like with the oils, they offer a wide range of products of this type. From vape oils, vape pods, and hardware (pens and tanks), they carry everything you need to take that CBD with you for inhalation of this alternative medicine whether you’re on-the-go or relaxing at home.


edibles from Diamond CBD

This is one of my favorite forms of cannabidiol. Not just because they are so effective and easy to use, but because they taste so good! As you would expect (considering the two previous categories I detailed), they offer a huge assortment of CBD edibles. They have gummies, just like you would expect with any brand that carries edible CBD, but on top of that, they offer a bunch of varieties that I haven’t seen elsewhere. You can get cake pops, honey, even CBD-infused popcorn! I haven’t given that last one a try, but I definitely want to – the relaxation from it would go great when watching a movie at home.


drinks from Diamond CBD

I feel like I’m repeating myself here again, but Diamond CBD offers such a huge catalog of products. Their CBD-infused drinks section is no different. I’ve seen other brands offer CBD coffee like at Green Roads, but nowhere else have I seen such an assortment of beverages with cannabidiol. Whether you want it in a coffee to perk you up while easing your tension, or taking a quick shot for relaxation, Diamond CBD has you covered in this category.


dabs at DiamondCBD

This is a form of cannabidiol that I don’t particularly use, but I know many people love it. Crystal dabs are a form of CBD oil that is an isolate powder that is refined to a 99% concentration of cannabidiol. You can add this pure, raw crystallized powder to food or drinks, as well as vape it. They offer these in a wide range of strengths, from a low of 250mg per package to a mind-blowing 10,000mg packet!


skin creams from DiamondCBD

Not only is cannabidiol effective for pain relief and relaxation when ingested, but it can also work wonders when applied topically to the skin. They offer a wide range of creams at Diamond CBD, with a full complement of bath and body products, skin care products, pain relief creams, and more. When applied topically, these creams can soothe the burn of irritated or dry skin, or can penetrate deep into the skin to bring relief of aching muscles and joints. They make a great addition to your skin care routine, as well as your workout routine!


pet products at DiamondCBD

The last category is for our furry friends. Not only can we benefit from the properties of CBD, but our pets can as well! Whether it be an aging or injured pet that has trouble with mobility, or an anxious pet (whether it be separation anxiety or fear of public places), these products can help ease their pain and stress and help them be themselves again. Diamond CBD offers a range of pet foods, treats, and sprays (which can be added to food or drink) to help restore wellness to your pet’s life.

Conclusion and Diamond CBD Coupon

It is safe to say that Diamond CBD is absolutely a trusted brand, and nobody can argue with their catalog. This is clearly a “one-stop shop” for all your cannabidiol needs, and I have no choice but to end my Diamond CBD review by giving them my full endorsement as one of the best brands around. They even have a relationship with Tommy Chong for some of their oils and edible products! Not much better endorsement than that in this industry. No matter your product preference or severity of your issues, there is something for everybody at Diamond CBD.

Of course, a great shopping experience is even better with a coupon! For my readers only, enter the coupon code HLCOMIC and get 30% off your order!

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