Defy CBD Drink

Defy CBD drink from Terrell Davis

With the more relaxed laws on CBD these days, it seems like there are new entrants to the market every day. It will be even more increasing in the coming year, as CBD was one of the biggest trends of last year and is poised for an even bigger year in 2019. It was only a matter of time until we see some celebrities backing these kinds of products with brands of their own, and I was just reading some news that former NFL star running back Terrell Davis is coming out with his own CBD-infused drink later this spring.

As told in an interview with, which I discussed here, the retired player states that if hemp oil was around when he was in his playing days, his career would have lasted much longer. He currently uses it, even though he no longer plays, to help provide relief to the pain from all his past injuries. Given how much it has helped his life, he decided to create his own brand to help others. It is rather ironic news, football and CBD together, as this related topic was discussed in a post from yesterday.

NOTE: If you’re looking to get your hands on some CBD, the Defy brand is still in the works and hasn’t been released yet.

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Drink Defy CBD from Terrell Davis

Not a whole lot is known about the brand at this point since it still hasn’t launched yet, but I’m writing this post to bookmark it and update as more information comes available. From what I can tell, it won’t be a massive shop like other CBD brands I review on this site.

Rather, it appears to just be a drink. You won’t be finding oils, tinctures, edibles, softgels, capsules, vapes, or all of the other forms that people use to get their dose of CBD. At least, that is how it appears at first glance. It is possible that there is more stuff in the works

All of the social media and website is pretty bare bones at the moment, but all of it points to it being a drink. If you want to start following along to get updates as more product information and pre-ordering information becomes available, you can sign up for their newsletter on the official site here. They also have set up their presence on various social media if you want to start following along as more info is released.

My Thoughts

I’ll definitely be keeping tabs on this brand as I’m curious to see how well it works and how well it is received. TD was one of my favorite football players of the ’90s and it was a shame that his career was cut short due to injuries. If he managed his money well, I’m sure he is living a happy retirement and I’m happy to see that he is investing it in a worthwhile endeavor, bringing relief to his customers through this wonderful alternative medicine.

One thing that I like about it is that it seems to have the marketing of a sports drink. I don’t see anything else like it on the market right now. As for CBD drinks at the moment, you can get CBD coffees and teas, or you can add crystals to your drink of choice. It will be interesting to see what kind of beverage this ends up being.

Stay tuned for updates to this page as the release date grows nearer and I’ve had a chance to try it out for myself!

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Daniel Rowley - January 30, 2019 Reply

Extremely interested in this product

I have been in construction over 20 yrs and it has taken it’s toll on joints ,bones, and my spine,I currently use prescription meds also series’ of shot etc.
Also the apparel
Can I get

    T.J. LaPanta - January 30, 2019 Reply

    Hi Daniel – thanks for your message, this product (and those similar) will definitely help you out. Defy CBD is not yet available for sale, but I review many other brands of CBD on this site that may interest you. You can find them here:

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