Confusion Over CBD Legality in Maine

I wrote in a previous post about the banning of the sale of edible CBD products in the state of Maine. It seemed like it was a pretty cut and dry issue, but apparently, it has been anything but.

Today I came across this article from (where I originally found the news about the shutdown of edible products) about a lot of confusion that is going on regarding the legality of cannabidiol products.

What is Happening With CBD in Maine?

The article talks about the case of one shop owner who was given the green light to open up their newly renovated kitchen, but given the bad news that federal law would not allow them to sell products that contained CBD in edible form. I am a bit confused by what is being said in this article, as I believe that this is true, as the FDA has not yet approved the use of CBD as a food additive. However, the article is saying that the state had to apologize for inspectors who acted without authority or enough information on state and federal laws.

The state declared again that foods made or infused with CBD are against the law, so I don’t see exactly what was said by the inspector that was untrue. In any case, apparently, the inspector that told some stores to take their products off the shelves (perhaps they had tried to get them to take all CBD products off the shelf) caused a bit of a panic by other shop owners. Or, reading further in the article, it seems maybe that they made the comment that edibles could only be sold by licensed sellers. Or some officials are enforcing it, and others are not?

legality of CBD in Maine

What Will Maine Do?

This is causing a bit of an uproar in what was supposed to be a booming industry in this state. Many people specifically moved their operations to Maine in recent years due to what was foreseen as a very favorable jurisdiction to run this type of business. It was thought that Maine would be a welcoming area for hemp and the economic prosperity that it could provide. Further optimism was created with the passage of the Hemp Act last year.

However, state law is becoming a big threat to this industry’s survival. They are, however, trying to fix this through new legislation. There are talks about creating a bill similar to one that they already have regarding raw milk. Maine is the only state that currently is able to sell raw milk, and some legislators are proposing writing a bill similarly for hemp that would let them diverge from FDA rules and be allowed to sell cannabidiol in edible form.

In any case, I know that CBD exists in a gray area, but all of this confusion created by the state health department itself is not helping matters at all. I hope that they come to a resolution regarding its legality soon. If you are a resident of Maine and are worried that you may no longer be able to buy cannabidiol products at a local store, you can always shop at these CBD vendors online instead!

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