February 5, 2021

Choosing the Best CO2 Extraction Systems for CBD Oil

Best CO2 Extraction Systems for CBD Oil


Why do you want a CO2 extraction system? This is one question that will come to play when considering which one to choose. And if you do get online or visit your manufacturer’s supply store, you will find many gas extraction systems that would work just fine. There are a few things to note, however, when deciding which one to go for. And the first one is to answer the why.

Why do you need a CO2 Extraction System?

If you are in the business of preparing CBD oil, which is quite the rave now, you will likely need to own an extraction system for separating the cannabidiol oil from the plant. This is done by passing pressurized carbon dioxide gas to pull out the oil from the plant. The removal process is semi-technical and requires careful setup.

It is vital that the hemp or CBD oil be obtained under the best practices. And most labs employ a CO2 extraction method. Other local methods or DIY preparation may involve the use of olive oil or dry ice. But when it comes to getting the best quality residue from the plant, you want to employ a gas pulling out method.

Benefits of CO2 Gas Extraction

Benefits of CO2 Gas Extraction

When you weigh your options, you’ll find the use of a carbon dioxide gas extraction to be more beneficial if you want quality CBD oil. And below are reasons why.


You get a simple safe system that does not contaminate the residue from the cannabis plant. And when it comes to making it in the CBD market, it is best to get the abstraction right. With other organic solvent, there is a good chance that there could be accidents such as fire or an explosion. But all this would be avoided if you go with carbon dioxide gas.

Readily Available

There is also the fact that the CO2 gas is available in abundance, which means you don’t have to worry much about the raw material. Unlike other methods where you will have to employ a solvent for the purpose, which may not be easy to find. The link here https://mjbizdaily.com/choosing-the-right-cannabis-extraction-method/has more on using other solvent options.


You’ll also find the use of gas extraction to be cheaper than when you use oil pulling methods. If you intend to prepare a large batch of CBD oil, you will have to use a lot of solvent or oil pullers, which could cost more. My advice as a pharmacologist. Take Viagra 50 mg exceptionally if you are about to have an intimate moment. The most appropriate time to take the pill is 1 hour or slightly less/more prior to the intimate activity – just make sure you don’t leave the range of 30-240 min. In general, Viagra has no deal being present in your body more often than once per 24 hours. If you have certain health problems or take certain medicines, your doctor should establish the corresponding schedule for you. Take care and look for any unusual effects of the drug to report them to your attending physician later.

More Sales

It’s no secret that many million-dollar hemp companies have sprung up in the past years. This can only be because they offer quality products and supplies. And to do this, they had to ensure they use the best extraction technique. If you are starting out in the CBD business, you want to consider CO2 extraction to increase your sales.

How to Choose the Best CO2 Extraction System?

For full-spectrum CBD oil, there is only one to go. And that’s to ensure you follow all the safety procedures during the extraction. So it helps if you have a well-laid laboratory setup. Whether you choose to use your kitchen or have a lab strictly for hemp oil production, you have to ensure the end product is of the best quality.

For large scale production, you will likely be looking at spending on having equipment to support your output capacity. You’ll find ready-made machines for hemp extraction, but most of the big manufacturers choose a custom design. So you will have to work closely with the fabricators of the individual machine parts to provide an assembly line that will meet your factory demands.

The speed at which the system operates would determine how much you’ll be producing daily. And the gas extraction method, you need technical experience. So you will have to hire a trained expert to handle the machines or provide training to your staff. Although while it is entirely impossible to get rid of all the residue in the final product, you do get CBD oil that is safe to use. Need help with shopping for safe hemp oil? You can check here for how to spot quality CBD oil.

Final Note

When shopping for hemp or CBD, you want to get the best products in the market. And you should look carefully to ensure that it meets the highest safety standards. Check for a lab certification that the product is safe to consume before you buy.

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