February 4, 2019

Celebrities Who Endorse CBD

what celebrities use CBD?

It seems like you are hearing about CBD everywhere these days. It had a huge year last year, and that is only expected to grow in the coming years thanks to relaxed legislation in the Hemp Act (part of the Farm Bill) in 2018.

Everyone seems to be using it in some form these days, whether it be to heal their body from aches and pains or clear their mind from stress and anxiety. Even moms are getting into the game and using CBD as a side hustle for extra income!

Know where else you’re hearing about this alternative medicine? From celebrities! Below is a list of public figures that have come out in support of cannabidiol products, a few of which have even started their own brands!

What Celebrities Use CBD?

I’ll start off with the celebrities that are such proponents of these products that they’ve launched their own CBD business, then get into others who have publicly spoken about their use.

Terrell Davis

The former NFL running back and Super Bowl champion believes in cannabidiol’s healing properties so much.

He even said that he thinks his football career would have lasted longer if players were not banned from using this alternative medicine.

Terrell Davis supports the use of CBD by NFL players

He loves these products so much, he is releasing his own brand of CBD-infused sports drink this spring. It is called Defy and you can read more about it here.

Willie Nelson

This shouldn’t surprise anyone, as Willie has pretty much become synonymous with cannabis/marijuana – it’s pretty much taken over his persona more than his music has defined him. He already had a marijuana business, called Willie’s Reserve, for those who want to get high. 

Willie Nelson launched his own brand of CBD coffee called Willie's Reserve

This year he launched a new line of products called Willie’s Reserve that features CBD-infused coffee to help relieve pain, stress, anxiety, and whatever else you use CBD for.

Kathy Ireland

This supermodel of the 1990s has made it big as a business mogul, and she is also a huge proponent of the CBD movement. She is very much aligned with Terrell Davis, described above, as she has recently joined the board of the NFL Players Association and Ireland will lobby for the use of CBD by players to help them recuperate and heal their bodies between games. She also represents a CBD brand called Isodiol.

Scott McCarron

It makes sense that a pro golfer would support CBD. While they aren’t putting as much of a physical pounding on their bodies as a football player, they do put a lot of torque on their back, hips, knees, and other muscles and joints. CBD can help golfers heal between rounds, as well as clear their head and maintain focus while on the course.

McCarron recently signed up for an endorsement deal with Colorado-based cannabinoid company Functional Remedies.

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