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Whenever I look for a CBD oil, I want something that is 100% pure. At least that’s what I thought. But when I got turned on to the oils from CBDistillery, I noticed that there are two ingredients, and not just one. In addition to hemp extract, it also has MCT oil. What is MCT oil and why does it make this CBD oil even better? Continue reading below to get the answer.

About CBDistillery Oils

Just like with NuLeaf Naturals (reviewed here) and Thought Cloud (more info here), the oils at CBDistillery are cultivated with care in Colorado. That state is pretty much the breeding ground of many of the brands on the market today. Marijuana was first legalized on the state level there before anywhere else, and the climate (and educated workforce in this particular industry) create the perfect environment for growth and cultivation.

cbd oil products at CBDistillery

CBDistillery’s CBD products are made with pride and care and it shows in their work. They aim to provide high quality, yet fairly priced products all across the spectrum of uses. They have hemp-derived products in oils, capsules, isolates, wax, topicals, and many other forms. If you can dream it, they probably have it. Another area they specialize in, which has become quite popular, is in pet products.

All of these are made with the most advanced extraction method to keep the highest amount of terpenes and cannabinoids as they possibly can. Together, these two plant-based chemicals make for extremely effective products. Even better – their prices are some of the best around!

Soil Conditions

Another thing I liked reading about CBDistillery is their knowledge of the soil and environment in which they grow. Hemp is what is called a “soil remediator”. By that, I mean that it cleans the earth around which it grows. It can absorb toxins from the soil and filter it out, leaving a cleaner soil all around. With their knowledge of this, CBDistillery cultivates their hemp in the most prime conditions possible, and their care shows in their end-product.

While many other CBD brands grow their hemp indoors using hydroponics or aquaponics, CBD’s hemp is grown outdoors with natural sunlight. All of their plants are pesticide-free and non-GMO as well.

Extraction Method

Unlike with other brands, this brand is not particularly up-front about their extraction methods. There are two methods that are most commonly used. One is to use solvents, the other is to run it through pressure and temperature. It is unclear which method CBDistillery uses. It is helpful to know, as the extraction method can affect the end product, determining whether any residual substances could be in the oil.


So I teased this at the beginning of the post, so it’s time to explain about MCT oil. Usually, I’m looking for a 100% product, but after reading the reasoning, I’m willing to let it slide with this brand. All of CBDistillery’s products are made up of hemp cannabinoid extract, in addition to fractionated coconut oil (also known as MCT).

So what does this mean? Well, to get the most benefit from CBD oil, the oil needs a carrier. That’s where MCT comes into play. This carrier oil, or carrier fluid as it is sometimes called, helps to increase absorption of the product.

Best of all, coconut oil is just one of many different forms of MCT – but it’s also the best. It is rich in lauric acid. Lauric acid is noted to have antimicrobial, antiviral, and antibacterial benefits that make it a great delivery system for the CBD. What you get with these two ingredients is easier, cleaner absorption of the product. That’s what you want, right?

The Bottom Line

At first, I was skeptical when it wasn’t 100% pure CBD oil, but now I’m a true believer. Having tried these products myself, I can attest that they are just as, if not more, effective than any other brand I tried. You can shop for their products on their website here, where there’s also a wealth of other company information. Definitely check them out! For more options, you can also check out all the CBD brands I review here.

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