January 24, 2019

CBD Oils for Cancer Patients

How CBD oils are providing relief for cancer patients

There are so many uses for CBD oils. I explained a number of the different reasons why people use CBD oils for relief in another post, though it seems like every day I come across a new article that adds even another reason to the list. I knew that it was great for stress and anxiety, as well as pains and aches. It can help lift your mood. It can help you get to sleep if you suffer from insomnia. Veterans are using it for PTSD. Others with respiratory issues are using it for their COPD.

Today I came across an article out of Lubbock, Texas here that talks about how a local shop is seeing a rise in users of their products as a means to alleviate the symptoms of their cancer. It wasn’t something that I had thought of at first, but given the healing and relaxation properties that it has, it makes a lot of sense.

Cancer Patients Using CBD Oils

The article talks to Ty Caffey, the owner of D&G Green Oils who first opened his store as a way to provide comfort to individuals who are fighting a battle with cancer.

He states that he lost his grandmother to the disease around ten years ago. He particularly notes the awful chemotherapy that she had to go through and the pain and suffering it put her body through.

He further states he has lost multiple members of his family to this disease, as well as has other members who are currently going through it.

Given all that, he wanted to provide a way for them to get a little respite from all of the pain of chemotherapy. I like companies that start like this, a labor of love and for the right reasons. CBD has become very popular these days, and relaxed legislation is paving the way for even more entrants to this market. A lot of the brands out there (many of which I review here: hlcomic.com/best-cbd-oil-reviews/) are just trying to make a buck on what is trending, so it is refreshing to see a seller that is doing it for more altruistic reasons.

How CBD Oils Help With Cancer

The article talks to Melinda Wester, who is currently battling stage three breast cancer. She says that the oils have helped her with the pain, nausea, anxiety, and the dry skin that comes with the disease and its grueling treatment. It also speaks to a medical oncologist, Dr. Jehanzeb Riaz, who reports that patients have been experiencing a lessening of their nausea and vomiting, as well as less fatigue and a bigger appetite.

It should be noted that there is no medical science backing the claims that these patients have experienced, but that is because there has been little testing done in this regard. As CBD oils become more and more prevalent, I am sure we will see more research in the coming years. If it helps them feel better, I am all for the use of it. Note, taking hemp oil will not cure cancer, rather it helps to provide relief from the symptoms of it (as well as alleviate the discomfort from chemotherapy treatment).

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