February 1, 2019

CBD Lounge at Sundance Film Festival

CBD Lounge at Sundance Film Festival

Those that were in attendance at the Sundance Film Festival were able to partake in one of the biggest trends in health and wellness with the introduction of a CBD lounge at the festival grounds. I’ve been to a few music and film festivals in my day, but have never had something like this to go to when I want to unwind and relax, and I think this is a great accompaniment to the heralded film festival.

According to an article I found on growthop.com, the CBD lounge was sponsored by Charlotte’s Web in partnership with Axcess Entertainment. Charlotte’s Web is a new name to me, but I’ll be sure to give them a try and get a review added to my list as soon as possible.

Wellhaus CBD at the Sundance Film Festival

The organizers referred to the lounge as “Wellhaus”, and billed themselves as the festival’s first “fully integrated health and wellness and CBD-focused concept house”. I think that pretty much sums up the benefits of CBD pretty effectively. I can imagine going to that festival can be a pretty stressful time. The producers, directors, and actors are all anxious to see how well their films are received and what it portends for its wide theatrical release in the future. The moviegoers as well can be stressed out. For instance, this year they screened a 4-hour documentary on Michael Jackson and the sexual abuse allegations that surround him, and it was pretty graphic and left audiences astounded at the gritty details. I know that I, after seeing something like that, would B-line straight to the CBD lounge and clear my head.

The lounge was set up in the Crystal Park Cantina on January 25th through 27th and featured two levels. The downstairs had industry experts on hand where they had panel presentations as well as CBD products to try. The upstairs featured a cocktail bar and gastropub where they hosted an expert cannabis chef who offered CBD-infused food and drinks. They also had a nightly 10-course meal from The Herbal Chef that had wine pairings and CBD presentations every evening.

It is said that Wellhaus is looking to continue this operation at future festivals including Coachella and SXSW. If you’re in the area of one of those, definitely check it out and leave a comment below with your experience. I love this idea and it will only help to grow awareness of this amazing alternative medicine. I hope to see more partnerships like this in the future!

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