December 5, 2018

Veterans Using CBD for PTSD

how CBD can help PTSD

I’ve been in a bit of a wormhole for news on this topic today, after writing earlier about how the farm bill affects hemp and how to use CBD for pet health.

Outside of being used for relief of aches and pains when your muscles are stiff or your joints are not as oiled as they used to be, many also use these kinds of products to treat anxiety, stress, nervousness, and other issues in their mood.

That is why it wasn’t entirely surprising when I came across this article that talks about how many veterans have begun to use CBD oils to treat the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

The Use of CBD for PTSD

As quoted in the article linked above, a founder of a veterans organization says he has seen a rise in the use of these products from military members returning.

The reasons, he gives, is because you are always clear and level-headed after using it.

He says it potentially bringing benefit to many more returning soldiers, as use has become more accepted and more cultivation of hemp is likely to occur due to an expected movement of CBD to Schedule 5 in the Controlled Substances list, putting it comparable to painkillers like codeine.

how veterans are using CBD to treat PTSD

An owner of a CBD oil business in Texas, interviewed for the article, says that she has seen a lot of veterans become customers of hers. According to her customers, they say that it works wonders for them to help reduce their anxiety levels and help them fall asleep better at night.

Not only is this trend happening locally in Texas, where this article originates from, but it also has grown on a national level. The American Military News recently published an article about this topic and how CBD is going to revolutionize the veteran community.

My Thoughts

I can’t help but agree with everything said above. I don’t speak to any first-hand experience in combat (I thank and salute those who have served), but having experienced the effects of CBD myself, it is absolutely perfect that it has grown in use for this purpose.

It gives me such a clearer head when I am stressed or anxious. It also makes it so much easier to fall asleep at night. One thing that is not mentioned in the article, though I’m sure it is implied, is how well it works for chronic pain as well. All of these characteristics make this a perfect alternative medicine for those who are returning from war.

Where to Get CBD

There are CBD shops popping up all over, so if you prefer visiting a store, I’m sure a Google search will help you find one in your area. If you prefer to shop online, I have reviewed many brands. Some good, some not as good. For my top choices, I definitely recommend taking a look at Thought Cloud (reviewed here), Medterra (full review here), and Green Roads (more detail here).

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