December 5, 2018

Using CBD to Improve Your Pet’s Life

what cbd brands sell CBD for pets?

So I already knew that products like this existed, but it is nice to see them get the recognition that they deserve in a national publication. I was checking out the news for topics that interest me today and I came across a new article from Esquire that talks about a company, ZenPup, that makes CBD treats to help improve your dog’s health. As an avid user of CBD products myself, and a dog lover, I think it is wonderful that such products exist. The benefits of the hemp plant don’t stop at just use for humans, but they can be extremely beneficial for pets as well.

Best CBD For Your Pets

This brand was started by pet owners who wanted not only to improve their dog’s health but also their happiness and well-being. If you’re not familiar with CBD products, don’t get them confused with marijuana. While they are both from the cannabis plant, there is a big difference. CBD is cannabidiol extracted from the plant. This should not be confused with THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana. So, no, your dog will not be walking around stoned, as funny as that would be to witness. For dogs, just as for humans, CBD can help to alleviate aches and pains like sore muscles or stiff joints. It can also help to manage stress, anxiety, nervousness or restlessness.

When it comes to pet products with CBD, it comes in many forms. Most commonly they are available in chew form, whether they be biscuit-like treats or gummies. They also make them in spray form that you can spritz onto their food or into their water bowl. If your pet is finicky, you have options!

what brands sell CBD pet products?

I have a Golden Retriever at home who is an absolute sweetheart and has had a rough life. She’s a rescue. She was found abandoned at a gas station where she was brought into a rescue shelter. She had the worst hips that they had ever seen on a dog, not to mention heartworms and kidney and liver failure. It took over a year to get her back to full health, after multiple hip operations, and ready for adoption. What I’m trying to get at with all that backstory, is that I wish I knew about these products a year or two ago when her surgery was more recent as it could have been an effective way to manage her pain. She is such a loving girl and gets noticeable separation anxiety when I leave, that it may be a good idea to treat her with CBD for pets when I leave for long periods of time to calm her anxiety.

If you have a pet that has pain or mobility issues, or suffers from stress or anxiety, I recommend the following brands to improve their health and wellness.

Hemp My Pet

I’m all for the use of alternative medicine for both humans and animals alike. If something is safe and effective and easily grown, I see no reason why we shouldn’t use the best stuff available to lead a better life. For brands that offer CBD products for dogs, while ZenPup is a solid choice, I fully endorse Hemp My Pet as the absolute best CBD brand for pets. While other brands offer pet products in their catalog, it is not part of their core mission. Hemp My Pet is geared entirely towards our furry friends.

review of Hemp My Pet CBD

They have become one of the most trusted brands in this niche, with their products used in clinical studies and veterinarian’s offices. You can read my full Hemp My Pet CBD review for more information on their products, their story, their processes, and more. Or, you can go straight to their site to start browsing their products by clicking here.


I absolutely love this brand and fully endorse everything they are about. While they have a smaller catalog than some of the other brands that sell CBD pet products, what they do have is of high quality. Their pet products are full spectrum CBD oil made from organically grown hemp. They are great for daily use, if your pet has chronic pain and mobility issues, or work well in a pinch on an as-needed basis (like if your pet has separation anxiety when you leave the house, gets scared when there are thunderstorms, fears the vacuum cleaner, or other situations).

review of LolaHemp CBD for pets

But the products alone are not what makes me love this brand. What really sets LolaHemp apart is their charitable giving. For every four bottles that they sell, they donate one to a local animal rescue organization. It doesn’t get any better than that – you can tell that LolaHemp is in it for the right reasons and truly cares about the health and wellbeing of our furry friends.

You can visit my full LolaHemp review if you want more information on this brand, or visit their site to start shopping by clicking here.


Canna-Pet has one of the most robust catalogs of pet CBD products you will find. Not only do they have cannabidiol products for both dogs and cats, large and small, but they also have formulations for horses as well. This brand has been around since 2013, making them a pioneer in the industry and you know they didn’t just pop up recently to cash in on the booming CBD industry. They have products in capsule form, biscuits, and oils, so you should be able to find a product type that works best for your pet.

review of Canna-Pet

In addition to great products, they also have a very extensive website to guide you through the process of administering CBD to your pets. They have handy guides that go into detail on specific breeds and different health and wellness issues so you can be confident in buying the correct product type and strength and give them the correct dosage.

I go into more detail in my Canna-Pet review if you would like to read more about them, or you can visit their website to start browsing their products.

Other Brands

Aside from the pet-centric CBD brands described above, many other sellers (that primarily have a human focus) also carry pet products in their catalog. You can take a look at the following brands below:

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