December 7, 2018

CBD for Multiple Sclerosis

cbd to help treat MS

I was browsing through the news alerts on CBD, as I like to keep up to date with what’s going on in that industry given my affinity for these kinds of products, and I came across this article about the opening of a new shop in Eagan, Minnesota. Beyond just grabbing my attention because of the topic, it also caught my eye because I have family in that suburb of the Twin Cities, and have spent much time there so I like hearing about what is going with CBD in the Midwest.

Using CBD to Treat Multiple Sclerosis

The article talks about the Sjerven family of Eagan who started their own CBD shop, CBD Health. While many entrepreneurs start these kinds of shops for the benefit of their customers, it was a passion project of Daniel Sjerven. As someone who is afflicted with MS (Multiple Sclerosis), he is a user of these products and has experienced the relief that they can bring to someone with his condition.

Sjerven goes into detail how the onset of MS came in his adult age, and he didn’t know what to expect. He kept his diagnosis to himself at first, not even telling his parents about his condition for almost 10 years. It came to a head in Thanksgiving 2010, when after waking from a nap he had double vision. After visiting an eye doctor and finding nothing wrong with his eyes, he went for further testing and that was when he found he had MS.

cbd for multiple sclerosis

Photo credit: Andy Rogers, Sun ThisWeek

This lead to him being fatigued and tired all the time, as well as getting a dead feeling in his right arm and right leg, dragging behind him. The simple act of moving a computer mouse became an impossible task. After doing some research himself, he came across CBD products and gave them a try. He said that the difference was “night and day”. The tiredness went away, and he regained full control of his limbs again. He had no trouble waking up (whereas he had trouble getting out of bed before) and going about his day normally.

His experience with CBD products is what led him to open up his shop in Eagan. As quoted in the article, “We just want to help people. If I can help others who are going through the same thing I am, that’s all we want to do.” Aside from their retail shop in the Twin Cities, they can also be found online at, a fitting name for their company mission.

One thing I really like about this company is their commitment to product quality. They say that they personally vet all of their vendors to ensure purity and potency, being able to trace every product from “seed to shelf”. There is little regulation in the CBD industry, and you should always be sure to find vendors who are following the strictest guidelines to ensure product safety.

I wish CBD Health the best of luck in their endeavors, and plan to stop by next time I’m up there visiting family!

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