December 6, 2018

CBD for Depression

how CBD can help with depression

Many people are turning to CBD oil products to provide them with relief from pain. Others, like veterans, are using CBD to treat PTSD after returning home from combat.

But beyond providing physical respite and alleviating the feelings of anxiety or nervousness, studies conducted on mice have come to find a new use for these products derived from the hemp plant: depression.

The Use of CBD to Treat Depression

In a study that was published in the Molecular Neurobiology journal in June of this year, it details the results that were found when testing the anti-depressant effects on lab mice. The thing that first popped out at me was “How did they find depressed mice? How did they know they were depressed?”. While it doesn’t go on to explain exactly how, it says that the rodents were bred to exhibit depression-like characteristics.

I’m still not sure how that happens, but let’s take that as truth and get into what was found. What they were trying to find is if a single exposure to CBD would produce effects similar to those that occur when given an anti-depressant.

One of the ways they were tested was by putting them through a swim test. The rodents that were given CBD showed a reduction in immobility (or, said the other way, they were more active).

testing of CBD oil on mice to see anti-depressant effects

This was recorded in both the short-term, a half hour after the dose was administered, and in the long-term, one week after the dosage.

The reason for the swim test was to create a stressful situation for the mice. The mice that performed better with the CBD supplementation illustrated more resilience in dealing with this stressful activity. This indicates an anti-depressant effect, as well as a calming of anxiety. What is particularly striking is that this occurred so rapidly after the dose was administered – within an hour after dosage – and it persisted for a week after the usage. This is not typical for common anti-depressants, which leads to a belief that CBD can be even more powerful long-term than other drugs that are used today for depression.

My Thoughts

There is a caveat that since these tests were performed on mice, then it doesn’t necessarily translate over to humans, though the results are promising. There is still a lot more research to be done on CBD with regards to how it affects humans, though research is fairly limited at this time due to the regulation of the drug. However, new legislation should make it easier to do more studies on CBD, and I hope we learn even more on this wondrous drug that has helped so many people.

I am all for CBD as an alternative medicine and hope that it sees continued use and further growth in years to come. While I do not suffer from depression, I hope to see it proven to be an effective anti-depressant for those who could benefit from it. Personally, using CBD products like these it has helped me sleep so much better, as well as alleviate aches and pains after working out.

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