January 23, 2019

CBD Coffee Ads at Super Bowl LIII

Baristas Coffee to feature their CBD Coffee at Super Bowl LIII

This year’s Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams will have many firsts. It will be the largest age gap between starting quarterbacks, with Tom Brady and Jared Goff. Rams coach Sean McVay will be the youngest ever to man the sidelines during the big game. Brady could be going for a sixth championship, adding on to a record that he already holds.

But there is another “first” during this Super Bowl that caught my interest when I saw it in the news here. This year’s big game will feature ads for CBD at the stadium! If you’ve browsed around this site even a bit, you will know that hemp oil products have become a passion of mine. I completely believe in their healing properties and their use for relief and relaxation. I’m so happy to see them hit more mainstream advertising in the coming weeks.

Ads for CBD Coffee at the Super Bowl

While it won’t quite make as much impact as a commercial TV spot would, this is still great exposure for the company behind it, as well as the business as a whole. The company sponsoring the marketing campaign is called Barista Coffee Company, and they will be featuring ads for their EnrichaRoast CBD Coffee at the stadium before, during, and after the game.

The reason why this is newsworthy is that, traditionally, it is difficult to hit the mainstream media with ads for CBD products. Despite the more relaxed legislation towards these products, their widening acceptance and use, they are still a bit of a taboo in terms of advertising outlets. Even retailers like Amazon, eBay, and Overstock won’t allow the label “CBD” for products. Instead, you have to use the word “hemp.”

Baristas already planned to advertise their White Coffee at the Super Bowl and used a company called ReelTime Media for their ad placements.

They then came up with the idea of also featuring their CBD Coffee (similar to the one I review here), but ReelTime turned them down. That brought Baristas to go look for another partner.

They started a relationship with Canna Broadcast Media to help with the marketing for this product, and the deal was signed about an hour after the new Farm Bill was signed.

EnrichaRoast CBD Coffee

My Thoughts

I think that this is great news. I think it is only a matter of time that we see CBD advertised more and more. While this is just an in-game marketing campaign, it is a trailblazer of sorts that could open up the door to more marketing opportunities. I hope that someday we will be seeing ads on TV for CBD just like we do for OTC pain relievers and other medication. Baristas says that television ads are in their future.

The use of cannabidiol has become almost ubiquitous these days, I think it is only a matter of time until general perception changes and they become more accepted in the mainstream. This is definitely a great start and a huge win for the CBD industry!

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