CBD Brands at SXSW

Medterra CBD at SXSW

There is no doubt that the CBD industry is growing by leaps and bounds, and it is beginning to penetrate into circles where it was once unheard of. I love all this new awareness of this alternative medicine as I am an avid user of it myself.

Still, it hasn’t become quite ubiquitous yet, and I think there is a lot more awareness that can be gained in the coming years. Loosened regulations will certainly spur the growth of this industry, as we are already seeing more and more retailers offering these kinds of products.

Another thing that I think will boost the presence and usage of CBD is by bringing it to the masses at large events such as festivals and other community events.

Medterra Brings CBD to SXSW

This is exactly what is happening this week in Austin as Medterra (one of my favorite sellers of CBD – reviewed here: https://www.hlcomic.com/medterra-cbd-review/) is taking advantage of the opportunity to introduce a whole new group to this wonderful alternative medicine. The goal of the promotion, as stated in this article I found on digiday.com, is to “show how CBD can be woven into an everyday lifestyle”.

As quote in the article linked above, the CEO of Medterra, Jay Hartenbach, says:

“There is still a lot of confusion about CBD. People ask all the time, ‘Is this legal,’ Will this get me high,’ ‘Can I use this every day,’ so we see this as an education opportunity.”

To set up this event, Medterra CBD teamed up with an event agency called Wellhaus. I previously wrote about this agency in another post where they hosted CBD-related events at the Sundance Film Festival last year.

What This Means

A good takeaway that I took from the article on Digiday is how these products are being presented and received. It seems like the event-goers, as well as the promoters, are very aware of the wellness benefits of this alternative medicine. 

review of Medterra CBD oils

As it is still a relatively new kind of drug, there is a lot of stigma around it, with many people confusing it with recreational marijuana (which couldn’t be more false). It seems like a lot of the focus of the promotion of CBD at this event has to do with health, wellness, and education.

This is a great step forward for Medterra, which is a brand that is growing by leaps and bounds. It is one of the favorite brands I review here as an e-commerce seller, and they already have wholesale relationships with around 2,500 pharmacies to get their products in the retail market. They are also launching their products with a major nationwide retail distributor this month, which I’m excited to find out more about.

They have also hinted at a new product line in the works, with a mention of a subbrand of Medterra that will be focused on skin care products for women. I’m looking forward to Medterra leading the way with continued awareness of these great products that can benefit so many!

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