December 7, 2018

CBD and Lyme Disease

how cbd can provide relief for Lyme disease

I love reading success stories from people who have used CBD for a number of issues. I myself use it to sleep better and to get relief from muscle aches after my workouts, but the benefits don’t stop there. There are so many different reasons that people (and pets!) use CBD, which I list here, that it really has become a renaissance drug of sorts that can alleviate the symptoms of so many things.

I recently came across a first-person account on where the author describes how this drug has helped them with their chronic Lyme disease and found it a fascinating read.

How CBD Helps with Lyme Disease

The author talks about their diagnosis at the age of 12 and the disbelief they had over the new normal. Lyme disease can be an excruciating disease to live with. The author first was undiagnosed and misdiagnosed, making it all the more awful. They suffered from terrible fatigue, pain in their joints and muscles, chest pains, headaches, slower mental faculties, bouts of insomnia, and a number of other symptoms.

It was finally determined that it was Lyme disease, which is often caused by a tick bite, and they set about alleviating it as best as possible through different medications. They exhausted all of their options and could not find a way for relief. They tried different homeopathic and neuropathic treatments and still couldn’t get their condition under control.

That is why a nutritionist recommended to them that they try CBD oil liposomes, which piqued their interest. They had previously experimented with marijuana recreationally and found that it had helped them with their muscle and joint pain. After reading more about the treatment of the symptoms of chronic Lyme disease with CBD, they were on board.

can CBD be used for Lyme disease?

It took them a little while to find the right dose, but they say that once they found the amount they needed, they could not believe the results. They found the energy to get out of the house again, go out for walks, and overall did not suffer the fatigue they dealt with since they were 12 years old. They no longer suffer from nausea that had become all too common in their life, and the inflammation and swelling in their joints were greatly reduced. On top of the physical benefits, they comment that their mind was more alert and felt like they could see everything more clearly.

The author no longer has to take painkillers just to get to sleep at night. They take two doses of 10mg CBD oil daily and it has improved their quality of life greatly. I am so happy to see success stories like this. Though my issues are minor compared to what others are taking CBD for, I know that there is a great amount of benefit it can provide to all for a wide range of issues. I hope to see continued acceptance and use of these kinds of drugs. While there is no cure for Lyme disease, it is great that something like that can make living with it much more tolerable.

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