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March 14, 2019

Can You Use CBD Oil for Acne?

can CBD help with acne?

We all know about the benefits that CBD has when it comes to bringing relief for both physical and mental pain. It can be a great remedy to, mentally, get rid of stress and anxiety and to, physically, provide respite from aches and pains.

But did you know that it has a lot of use in skin care products as well? Many might not think about using this alternative medicine in this way, but many brands have begun to harness the benefits of the hemp plant to bring improvement to the complexion of the skin.

Does CBD Help With Acne?

Simply put – yes, CBD can be a great additive to a skincare product to bring drastic improvement for a multitude of skin issues, acne being one of them. Acne can be a big source of frustration for anyone, young and old, and many of us are always on the looking for more natural alternatives to the generic products you find lining the shelves of your local drugstore. That has spurred the CBD beauty and skin care market to grow dramatically in the past year.

That’s where CBD enters the fray and shows improvement like you don’t get with the store-brand acne cleansers and face washes. Acne is the most common condition that affects the skin and the main culprit is called sebum. This is a substance that protects our skin from outside contaminants. This includes dirt and grime that we come in contact with, oils that we may spread on our skin through touching, as well as atmospheric pollutants.

protect your skin with CBD products

However, while sebum helps to protect the skin, it can also become trapped by all of these outside pollutants and clog up our skin’s pores. When the pores are clogged, acne is the result.

How Does CBD Help?

Studies have indicated that CBD may aid in the reduction of acne by adjusting how our bodies create sebum. A study conducted in 2014 on how CBD affects human sebocytes (cells that create sebum) found that when CBD was introduced, these cells were regulated so that they do not create too much sebum.

In addition, cannabidiol has anti-inflammatory properties that make it a perfect fit for a skincare product. In the same study referenced above, it was found that CBD prevented inflammatory cytokines (which may trigger acne) from activating. By reducing the activity in cytokines with its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can help to prevent future skin breakouts.

On top of that, CBD also has antifungal and antibacterial properties (as indicated in this study), which can help reduce the damage caused by outside pollutants that come in contact with our skin.

Recommended CBD Skin Care Products

If you’re tired of your generic or mass retailer product and are interested in introducing CBD into your skin care routine, I have a few favorites that I recommend. Your best bet is to go with this Beauty Bundle from Thought Cloud, which contains a handful of products that will all improve your skin.

With that, you’ll get their Facial Glaze Serum, Beauty Mask, and Beauty Bar to keep your skin healthy and shiny

skincare beauty bundle from ThoughtCloud CBD