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August 12, 2021

8 Top-Rated Colorado Head Shops Selling High-Quality Products

Colorado Head Shops

Are you searchingfor a smoke shop in Colorado? If so, you will have a challenging task to make the best choice, as the selection of such stores is wide.

Apart from selling consumable products, these shops offer both equipment and collectibles. Nevertheless, owners are allowed to request ID from buyers, as the legal age for consuming marihuana in this state is twenty-one years.

Since Colorado is among the first states to legalize marihuana for recreational use, it’s no wonder it has a lot to offer to recreational marihuana users.

Have a look at the top-rated head shops in Colorado.

Purple Haze

The Purple Haze smoke shop is a popular store in the Colorado area, as it has been selling its products to customers for approximately twenty years. Their glass collection is indeed huge and attracts a vast number of customers. In fact, it’s one of the most extensive collections in the region.

Moreover, Purple Haze has multiple locations across Colorado, with one of the shops located in Denver. It features a large collection of vaporizers, including e-cigarettes, tabletop vapes, concentrate vaporizers, dry herb vaporizers, and vape parts. Also, it provides dab essentials, such as torches, lighters, dabbers, rig rags, pads, mats, dab dishes, etc.

Illusions Glass

Another prominent smoke shop in Colorado is Illusions Glass, whose glass art collection is magnificent. Buyers can find all kinds of glass products here, ranging from glass pipes to bongs. Collectors of such pieces will find their product assortment highly appealing, as it includes dropdowns, downstems, cleansers, ash catchers, ashtrays, torches, lighters, jars, grinders, papers, dabbing tools, carb caps, and others.

There are two smoke shop locations in Colorado, in both Boulder and Denver. The number of glass brands is extensive, which makes customers spoilt for choice. The unique products individuals can purchase in this store are not only physically attractive but also functional, especially the glass pipes and bongs. Visit this website to learn how to smoke from a bong.

Up’ N Smoke

Up’ N Smoke

The Up’ N Smoke store located in Fort Collins, Colorado, is well-known for its products of high quality, sold at budget-friendly prices. Buyers who can’t afford to purchase pricey smoke shop products shouldn’t be disappointed, as they can find affordable goods in this store. The prices of these goods are affordable for all budgets.

In addition, Up’ N Smoke offers a wide selection of isolates, liquids, grinders, concentrates, vaporizers, and rolling papers. This shop features different forms of hemp and CBD products like isolates, powders, and concentrates. In spite of the budget-friendly prices, the quality of the goods remains high.

Vail’s Exhale

Vail’s Exhale is a head shop situated in Avon, Colorado, which offers much more than pot and pot accessories. Their product assortment consists of herb goods that are both medicinal and recreational. Additionally, there is a vast collection of accessories and gear, especially popular for its customized glass pipes.

If shopping for dab rigs, glass pipes, trays, torches, and carb caps, this is the store to visit. Vail’s Exhale also sells apparel, handmade jewelry and art, candles, healing crystals, body oils, detox remedies, pain relief supplements, and much more. Both smokers and non-smokers can shop here, as it isn’t classified as the average head shop. The staff is extremely helpful and ready to answer any question buyers have.

Colorado Glass Gallery

Colorado Glass Gallery

Another smoke shop worth visiting is the Colorado Glass Gallery. The selection of Denver Colorado smoke shops is indeed wide. Nevertheless, lovers of glass art would undoubtedly be appealed by this specific store, as it features sophisticated glass collectibles.

Most importantly, this head store is well-known for accepting customized glass-art orders apart from the standard range of goods. Your budget should be no reason to worry, as the majority of bongs and vapor goods are affordable.

Myxed Up Creations

Myxed Up Creations, located in Aurora, Colorado, is the place to visit if shopping for everyday products. Their assortment of goods suits different types of cannabis users, meaning you can easily find everything you search for.

Apart from simple goods, you can also find unique accessories like electronic grinders at low prices. Not only the electric grinders but the rest of their products have reasonable prices as well, appropriate for the budget of every buyer.

710 Pipes

710 Pipes is a well-known head store in Denver, popular among marihuana enthusiasts everywhere in the state. The shopping experience in this store is really worth experiencing, given the plethora of heady glass pieces, hand pipes, dab rigs, papers, apparel, and vaporizers. The heady glass pieces available for purchase come in various colorful and intricate designs, which are functional and eye-catching.

Moreover, the water pipes sold here are designed in a way to provide a smooth pull while generating fewer pollutants. Some pieces are even equipped with smoking amenities like ice notches. Another type of smoking device offered to customers is the dab rig. Novice smokers are particularly fond of these devices because of their user-friendly design.

In order to provide a great smoking experience, dab rigs filter the smoke through water. Nowadays, the latest models of dab rigs come with e-nails, which make the process much simpler. The models provided by 710 Pipes are created by skilled glassblowers across Colorado.

As far as vaporizers are concerned, this store offers cartridge batteries, smart rigs, wax, and dry herb. Nevertheless, these are only available in-store, not online. Also, buyers must be older than 21 to make a purchase.

Elev8 Glass Gallery

This head shop located in Colorado Springs is famous for its collection of water pipes and bongs. Given the owner of the store is a glassblower, it’s no surprise they sell some of the best pieces in the market. Besides making in-store purchases, Elev8 accepts online orders as well. Buyers are even offered a ten-percent discount when signing up.

A final note

Choosing the best seller can be a tough decision.

Consider all the important aspects before making up your mind!

CBD Gifts for Valentine’s Day

CBD gift ideas for Valentine's Day

I enjoy Valentine’s Day. I wouldn’t say that I love it, but it’s a good day to show your loved one how much you care. What irks me about this holiday, however, is how it has basically become sponsored by Hallmark or Nestle and 1800-Flowers. While giving someone a nice card, some delicious chocolates, or a beautiful bouquet of roses make great gifts that are romantic, I feel like it has become too cliche.

This year for Valentine’s Day, why not get them something that they really want, and won’t be consumed or wilt within a few days? I’d rather treat this holiday like Christmas and buy my partner something that they want and that they can use. This year, with all the trending that CBD has been doing lately in the world of health and wellness, why not buy something that is unique and can provide benefit?

CBD for Valentine’s Day Gifts

I’m not just saying that you should get them an oil tincture to help with their stress, pain, or anxiety. There are many different forms of CBD and a wide variety of delivery methods. Here are some unique products that would make great gifts for your loved one during this holiday. Plus, use the coupon code COMIC and get a discount on your order!

CBD Bath Bombs

Each bath bomb contains 70mg of pure CBD to provide tremendous benefits to your skin, as well as penetrate into your bloodstream to spread the good vibes all around your body.

The first time I used one of these bath bombs, I instantly felt so relaxed. It is a great way to pamper yourself, unwind after a long day, and just let the stress soak away, while also getting all the pain relief and skin benefits that CBD provides.

CBD bath bomb from ThoughtCloud

You can purchase these from Thought Cloud in four different essential oils: Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint, and Sweet Orange.

You can read my full review of these bath bombs from Thought Cloud here.

CBD Beauty Mask

You’ll see a trend here that it’s another product from ThoughtCloud CBD, which is my absolute favorite brand of CBD. They just have such high-quality products in a wide variety of product types. There is truly something for everybody, and they make great gifts!

This CBD-infused beauty mask works tremendously to unclog your pores and clear up acne and irritation of the skin. 

CBD beauty mask from ThoughtCloud

It goes on very smooth, is removed very easily, and leaves your skin shiny and healthy afterward. My complexion has cleared up so much since I began using this in my skin care routine.

For all the details, including ingredients and how to use this mask, you can read my Thought Cloud CBD Beauty Mask review here.

CBD Beauty Bundle

If you like what you saw in the product above with their beauty mask, but want something more substantive, why not get them a bundle of beauty products? Thought Cloud has an amazing package of beauty items that include the Beauty Mask along with a Beauty Bar and Facial Glaze Serum (all infused with CBD for benefits to your skin and overall wellness).

If you want to read about all three of these products, I wrote a review here of the Thought Cloud Beauty Bundle.

skincare beauty bundle from ThoughtCloud CBD

CBD Holiday Sales 2018

holiday special sales for CBD oil products

Just like retailers in all other niches, of course there a lot of special promotions to take advantage of when it comes to CBD oils during the holidays.

This post will be updated regularly whenever I get news of upcoming or current promotions that are going on with all the different CBD brands that I keep track of on this site. Be sure to bookmark it if you’re in the market for products of this type, whether for yourself or for a gift to give!

Best CBD Holiday Sales of 2018

Best CBD Holiday Sales of 2018

As mentioned, this is a very fluid post and will be added to whenever new specials hit my inbox. Here is what I’m seeing so far this holiday season in the CBD industry.

Joy Organics

For one day only, December 10th, you can get some great free goodies at Joy Organics!

I love this brand and can’t say enough good things about it in my Joy Organics review here.

On Monday, December 10th they are having a flash sale where if you spend $50 or more, you get a free gift wrapped Mint Tincture (250 mg) full sized bottle.

review of Joy Organics CBD products

This gift is worth $39.95 and is an absolutely amazing product, having tried it myself when I put together my review of this brand.

If you are doing some big shopping, the savings don’t stop there, as you can get 2 free bottles if you spend $150 or more that day.

Best of all, your order comes with free shipping! No coupon code is needed to take advantage of this offer. The free item(s) will be added to your cart automatically when you reach the minimum order threshold. Click below to visit the Joy Organics site and bookmark it for use on December 10th!

Green Roads Giveaways

Not so much a sale, but there’s a great promotion going on at Green Roads. You can check out what I love about them in my review of Green Roads here, but suffice to say they cover all forms of CBD in their comprehensive offering of products.

Few brands, if any, can match all the different delivery forms that they do. There is truly something for everyone.

review of Green Roads World cbd products

If you’re feeling lucky, they have a current promotion called their 12 Days of Giveaways where you can enter to win all sorts of products daily. Click below to visit their site, then click the 12 Days of Giveaways link at the top of the site and you’ll see the ways to enter. It involves signing up for their newsletter, participating in their social media, stuff like that. A good way to get a chance to win, as well as keep updated on all their products and promotions!


Another favorite brand that you can read about in my review of Endoca CBD here. This one is a great one if you’re buying a few products.

From now until December 24th, they are running a special where if you buy 3 products, you pay for only 2!

All you need to do is add three products to your cart from the following categories: raw oils, raw capsules, skincare, suppositories.

cbd oil products from Endoca

Then all you need to do is include the coupon code christmas during checkout and you will only have to pay for two of them! It’s pretty much like getting 33% off your order.

This offer is good while supplies last, so act fast while it is still available! You can visit their store by clicking below.

November 30, 2018

Holiday Gifts For Women Wanting to Lose Weight

what to get a woman who wants to lose weight during the holidays

We all know that it can be tough to maintain your figure at any time, but it is especially tough during the holiday season. All those family gatherings and holiday parties, all of the amazing meals and sweets, it is tough to stick to a diet and keep your body in check. Trust me, I’ve been there. It’s almost to the point where I have a winter wardrobe where I know my other clothes won’t fit.

That is why I’m putting together this list of holiday gifts that are great for women who are trying to lose weight. Mind you, this should be done sensitively. You need to know whether or not that this is a gift that the woman in your life would want. Don’t just throw it in front of her as a silent meaning of “Hey, lose some weight.” Be supportive of her weight loss goals. If there is someone in your life that has expressed this ambition, these could make great gifts.

(But don’t make this all your gifts – mix it in with nice things!)

Christmas Gifts to Help Lose Weight

Here are a few ideas to get you started. You know her better than I do, so not all of them will apply to everyone’s tastes, but should be good to get your brain in the right line of thinking.

Subscription to a Meal Delivery Service

A lot of times we gain weight because we don’t take the time to prepare a healthy meal. Between the stresses of a job and family life, there just isn’t time to do all the grocery shopping and food preparation.

Consider buying her a subscription to a meal delivery service like Green Chef can make home-cooked, healthy meals much easier. And to top it all off – cook them yourself! The recipes are easy to follow.

Food Processor

One great way to get more vitamins in your diet is through blending smoothies at home. Buy her a food processor like SharkNinja and she can make a wholesome smoothie at the press of a button.

Do the grocery shopping for her and make it even easier! Plus, it’s not limited to just smoothies, as you can chop vegetables and make a delicious salsa and other great treats.

holiday gifts for weight loss like a Shark Ninja food processor

Sleep Therapy Machine

Another component of losing weight, as well as for overall health, is getting enough sleep. I talk about the importance of sleep for weight loss in another post, and it can’t be understated.

There are things you can do like making sure the room is darkened, turning off all devices, etc., but sometimes you need a little extra help to get some good slumber. I have this product from iHome in my bedroom and absolutely love it.

sleep therapy machine from iHome

It has settings for different sleep therapy sounds as well as therapeutic light. It can also function as an alarm clock and FM radio!

Additionally, you could also consider getting her CBN for better sleep.

Athletic Shoes

Any weight loss journey involves two things: the kitchen and the gym. I’ve covered the kitchen with the meal delivery service and the food processor above. When it comes to working out – whether it be in the gym or pounding out miles on the pavement – you need good shoes. She probably has a pair that are already worn out that she loves, so you know what she likes. There are so many options available on Amazon, as presented in the women’s athletic shoes seen below:

November 17, 2018

Black Friday Diet and Fitness Deals 2018

health and fitness Black Friday sales 2018

When it comes to Black Friday, you probably think of all the bargains you can get on electronics. That big screen TV that you’ve had your eye on, a new home automation device, smart speakers, something like that. While those are all nice, if you zone in on electronics only, you’ll be missing out on all the other deals you can get in all categories.

This year, why not take some of that money you’ve been saving for the holidays and spend some of it on yourself – and by that, I mean your health! There are so many retailers in the diet and fitness areas that offer big savings at this time of year, so if you are looking to stock up on some new gym equipment or apparel, restock your supply of supplements, or anything else in that area, keep your eyes peeled as there are deals to be had!

The holidays are a time of year where we tend to put our health by the wayside. There are all the holiday parties and family gatherings that it can be hard to stick to your diet. This year, sure you can go ahead and indulge yourself, just score some of the deals below to keep your health in check as best you can!

Black Friday Fitness and Diet Sales 2018

As we get news on any retailers posting specials for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, or just the general holiday season, we’ll update this post.

A couple promotions have come in already, so check them out and get them while the getting’s good!

health and fitness Black Friday sales 2018

Vitamin Shoppe

The first one that came my way is a storewide sale at Vitamin Shoppe for Black Friday. This is valid on November 23rd only. Use the coupon code BLACKFRI to save $10 off your order of $50 or more!

On top of that, from November 2 through November 24 they are offering 25% off of some favorite products from Garden of Life, Cellucor, BSN, Optimum, and more! No code is needed, visit their site and shop around for these deals!

Additionally, for Cyber Monday (11/26), you can get 20% off storewide with the coupon code CYBERMON.

Note the dates that these are valid and take advantage of these deals while they’re waiting to be had! Head on over to to start shopping.


One of the top diet pills on the market, Phen375, is having a great promotion to give your weight loss journey an extra boost. Right now for just $71.99 you can get a 30-day start deal – that’s 2 bottles of Phen375 – plus free shipping! There are no date restrictions on this one, but who knows when this promotion will expire. This is valid for U.S. customers only.

What is the Best Dehydrated Urine?

Fake Urine

With the legalization of marijuana in the USA, there are many more people using marijuana on a recreational basis. While I believe this is a much more healthy way to live when compared to getting absolutely piss drunk on booze, there are still some downsides to consuming marijuana, and major employers definitely have to watch their backs. When people consume too much marijuana, they can lose control and have poor judgement, so drug testing in large companies, especially for jobs that require one to use heavy machinery, is quite common.

Big companies usually require a drug test before you can start working, especially those companies listed in the Fortune 100. This is definitely a big problem if you know that you might fail this drug test. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to pass this test and help you get the job of your dreams.

However, many of these methods to cleanse your body from toxins may require time, which is why many people choose dehydrated urine as a quicker option.

What Is Dehydrated Urine?

Dehydrated urine is used to pass a test (often a drug test) that needs a urine sample. It’s available in powdered form and comes with a kit to help you make a synthetic urine. Interestingly, the synthetic urine has the same nature and even odor with the natural human urine.

How To Use The Dehydrated Urine?

Dehydrated or powdered urine is produced by taking a large amount of real human urine and solidifying them through mass dehydrators. From its powdered form, consumers can revert it back to its natural form by adding some water and use it as a urine sample.

However, turning the powdered urine into its natural state is a bit challenging. You need to add a specific amount of water and let it set at a specific temperature to qualify as a real human urine. Thankfully, manufacturers offer a detailed instruction to help you create a synthetic urine and take it to the laboratory for a urine sample.

The powdered urine is sold with a heating strip and a vial. The vial is used as a container for the mixture of powdered urine and water. The heating strip is used to bring the right temperature of the synthetic urine. The right temperature is between 32 to 38 degrees Celsius.

Is It Effective?

Dehydrated urine is very effective to let you pass the drug test because it’s all natural. The powder is created using real human urine which is dehydrated into a fine powder. With the right temperature, you can immediately turn the powder urine into its liquid form.

Coming soon, I’ll have two recommendations for people who are looking to use synthetic urine to pass a drug test!