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TestoGen Review










No Side-effects


TestoGen: The Lowdown on the Leading Testosterone Booster. Read my full TestoGen review to find out why I found it to be the best testosterone boosting supplement of 2019.

The Scoop: TestoGen incorporates natural ingredients to boost testosterone levels without side effects.

Do you feel like you’ve lost your mojo? If you are over thirty and your libido is down, if you’re experiencing performance issues in the bedroom, you feel more tired than usual, if you’ve put on weight, if you’re not as strong as you used to, if your workouts aren’t yielding the results you want, and if you find it hard to concentrate, the culprit may be low testosterone. TestoGen can help reverse that issue.

Low Testosterone

Signs of Low Testosterone

Your body naturally slows its production of testosterone during your thirties, and if you take care of yourself as you age, this decline should remain at or below 2% per year.

If your testosterone levels are normal:

  • You have a strong libido, and maintain strong erections
  • You feel confident
  • You’re mentally sharp
  • You have a lot of energy
  • You feel physically strong
  • You have strong bones
  • You are in a good mood

If your testosterone levels are below normal:

  • Your sex drive fizzles and you may experience erectile dysfunction
  • You feel lethargic
  • You’re mentally foggy and find it hard to concentrate
  • You notice an increase in fat tissue
  • You feel depressed, checked out
  • Your bones lose some of their density putting you at risk for osteoporosis

Testosterone levels can be measured by saliva and/or blood testing.

Boosting Your Testosterone

If you’re doing everything right (eating clean and exercising regularly) and you’re still not seeing the results you used to – or you’re just not enjoying life as much as the old days – your testosterone levels may have dropped due to many different factors.

You're getting older. Your skin is starting to get more wrinkles and droopiness. You're getting fatter. You find that you're tired more easily. You can't finish workouts as strongly as you'd like. It's becoming tougher to maintain muscle mass. It's even more difficult to build new muscle. Women aren't finding you as attractive as they used to. Even worse than that, you lack the sex drive that you used to have, both in terms of libido and erectile function. Put simply, you don't feel like you used to, and you want your youth back.

Here’s what you can do to start feeling like your old self again:

Get a Checkup

The first thing you need to do is get thoroughly checked out by your doctor to rule out any number of conditions that contribute to “low T.” Don’t skip this step, as trying to elevate your testosterone without addressing any hidden health conditions can have serious consequences.

Try Natural Testosterone Boosters

If your doctor has ruled out any serious health conditions (many of which are relatively symptom-free until they’ve become critical), you may want to consider natural ways to boost your testosterone through supplementation, which is the focus of this TestoGen review. Simple lifestyle changes such as improving your diet and doing high-intensity resistance training, also help.

Try Testosterone Replacement Therapy

If all else fails, try testosterone therapy under the strict guidance of your doctor. Don’t skip step #2, though. Testosterone replacement is a lifelong commitment (you can never go off it) because it actually hinders your body’s ability to produce testosterone on its own. It also comes with unwanted side effects.

A word on anabolic steroids: don’t. While they work (because they are an artificial form of testosterone) they come with a host of extremely risky side effects that are not worth it.

The good news is that there’s an alternative: natural, safe supplements that support and boost your body’s ability to produce testosterone. TestoGen is one such supplement.

There’s no shortage of T-boosters that claim to be miracle cures. You don’t believe that stuff, right? There’s no shortcut. Natural methods are always superior because the artificial shortcuts can cause more harm than good. You have to give your body the support it needs to produce more testosterone on its own. That’s the only way you’ll achieve success. That's where TestoGen comes into play.

Buy TestoGen - Online Only

TestoGen was developed to help men get the benefits they could achieve using anabolic steroids, but without the risk or the expense. The R&D behind the latest formula of TestoGen has been intensively focused on maximum effects with minimal side effects.

TestoGen Review

Simply put, it gives you an edge. You may be eating clean and sticking to your training, but your results are still falling short. You may be doing none of the above, in which case your body needs a little help (and once you feel more energized and powerful, you’ll naturally want to burn some of that energy). If you’re like most men, you’re somewhere in the middle. Wherever you are on the healthy living scale, TestoGen can help you.

​TestoGen Ingredients

The key ingredients in TestoGen are scientifically proven to get you results:

Note: if you come across a T-booster, or for that matter any supplement, and they list a “proprietary blend,” don’t fall for that marketing hype. Every single supplement uses different formulations that are proprietary to the brand. The thing to look out for is… what’s in it? You need to know what you’re taking. You want full transparency. TestoGen provides that.

Here are they key ingredients that make TestoGen, the best T-booster available:

Ingredient Deck
  • D-Aspartic Acid: D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA) is an amino acid and is one of the primary ingredients in TestoGen. D-AA is an effective testosterone booster. It raises your “free” testosterone levels (meaning the testosterone that is immediately available for use by the body) and increases strength and athletic prowess. Basically what it does is synthesizes more testosterone in your testicles, which produces an increase of free testosterone levels by more than 50%. One particular study conducted over a 14-day period saw test participants increase their free testosterone levels by 57% through the use of D-AA. With 2000 mg of D-AA per serving of TestoGen, you're getting quite a healthy dose.
  • Fenugreek Extract: Fenugreek is rich in minerals that support libido and supports healthy organ functioning. These minerals include magnesium, iron, manganese, phosphorus, and copper. Best of all, fenugreek blocks DHT, an estrogen compound (man boobs are the result of too much estrogen). For a masculine physique, you want as little estrogen as possible (keeping it a healthy balance with testosterone), which Fenugreek helps with. It is also helpful in reducing inflammation (the cause of sore muscles and joints), as well as helps to lower your cholesterol levels. You'll get 200 mg of Fenugreek extract per serving of TestoGen. 
  • Tribulus Terrestris Fruit Extract: This herb is one the strongest natural testosterone boosters known to man, and with 300 mg per serving in TestoGen you'll be getting a healthy amount of it. 
  • Panax Ginseng: An aphrodisiac and energy booster, this herb increases blood flow around the body, which aids in the circulation of nutrients and oxygen to your muscles and vital organs. Panax Ginseng can also aid in muscle recovery, as well as boost energy and stamina.
  • Zinc: This is an essential mineral that most of us don't get enough of in our daily food intake, and is crucial in the body's natural production of testosterone. Studies have correlated a deficiency of zinc with low testosterone levels. With 72 mg of zinc per serving of TestoGen, you'll be getting more than enough to be at a proper level.
  • Vitamins and minerals including B2, B5, B6, D3, K1, Boron, and Selenium: all proven testosterone, energy, and mood boosters. Just like with zinc, there is a correlation between low levels of selenium and low testosterone, so the 45 mg per serving in TestoGen will get you back to where you need to be.


Just because something says “natural” doesn’t mean more is better. Remember, you’re trying to support your body and stimulate it to produce more testosterone, and there are no shortcuts. Take Testogen as directed.


As TestoGen boosts your testosterone levels, your energy, mood, and your mindset will improve. You’ll feel better physically, mentally, and emotionally which will in turn motivate you to exercise more – and all that extra lean muscle mass will burn fat, fast!

From the first time I took TestoGen, it was a night and day difference. I almost immediately experienced the following results:

  • I had more energy
  • My workouts were far more productive - less fatigue, more power to finish strong
  • I was burning fat a faster rate and getting more cut in areas that troubled me before
  • It was much easier to pack on muscle
  • I generally just looked and felt healthier - I could see it in the mirror very clearly!

It may be helpful to go through my journey with TestoGen as it progressed.

First Week

I had read that it can take a little while until you start noticing some changes when you start taking TestoGen. Maybe I'm a rare case or it was a case of "under promise, over deliver", as within 10 minutes of my first dose I could feel a jolt of energy. I immediately perked up and was focused and alert. It was during the first week already that I noticed how much easier it was to get out of bed in the mornings. I love hitting the snooze button, and I did so less frequently after I started taking Testogen.

This energy stayed with me all throughout the day. Usually I get a big sluggish in the afternoons and need a cup of coffee to power through the rest of the day. With TestoGen, I didn't get this afternoon haze at all. I was as wide awake as I was any other time of the day.

It was also during the first week that I started to notice how different my workouts felt because of my use of TestoGen. Not only did I have the energy to get through the workouts and finish strong, but I also was lifting heavier and more explosively than I ever did before. I don't think I've had a bad workout since I started taking this testosterone booster.

First Few Months

After taking TestoGen regularly for around three months, I can't stop saying good things about it. I thought that maybe it worked most effectively in the beginning and may taper off, but I've experienced the exact opposite. It keeps me going just as strongly as it did when it was first introduced to my body.

Three months into use of TestoGen, I'm happy to report that:

  • I have a ton more energy. I feel like I can hit the weights for hours and never tire. It's hard to get me to leave the gym, I just want to keep doing more! TestoGen has made me want to go to the gym. It's not a chore that I dread. My co-workers have even pointed out how lively I have been lately, that I just seem to have boundless energy.
  • I've lost a lot of unwanted fat. I had been gaining some unwanted weight around my midsection, particularly my stomach and hips, and no matter what kind of dieting and cutting I tried to do, it remained a troublesome area for me. Since using TestoGen, I've gotten back the definition I used to have there.
  • I've gained muscle. I feel like I had hit a plateau before and would never be able to break through it. Thanks to TestoGen, I've never been as built as I am now and I can see it clearly in the mirror, as well as on the scale. I have had some amazing gains, at a faster rate than I've ever been able to achieve before.
  • My erections are rock hard. As I've gotten a little older, my man parts haven't been working as efficiently as they used to when I was young and virile. These days, when I get aroused I am as rock hard as I was when I was a horny teenager. Let's just say that the special lady in my life is not disappointed at all with this effect of TestoGen.
  • I just look and feel younger and healthier. This is probably my favorite thing of all. I just generally feel healthier and younger again. Looking in the mirror makes me smile, I have a physique that I haven't had in years. It's brought back my self-confidence and happiness with my appearance. I have TestoGen to thank for that.

Customer Reviews

I'm not the only person who has had success with TestoGen. Their website boasts having thousands of success stories, and that may be an underestimate. Here is what a few of them have to say about their experience with TestoGen:

  • “TestoGen is the product I’ve been waiting for all my life.”
  • “I’ve increased my strength and gained 7lbs of lean muscle”
  • “I’ve lost weight, feel more active, and have much more confidence.”


Who Should Take TestoGen?

Any adult male over the age of 18 who is looking to give their testosterone levels a boost. The formula in TestoGen is made with natural testosterone boosters without any harmful manufactured steroids. It is particularly popular among men who are into fitness, bodybuilding, endurance events, or athletics of any kind - pretty much anything that takes an amount of strength and stamina. Even if you're not wanting it for athletic purposes, it is a highly effective testosterone booster for men struggling with a low libido and issues in the bedroom.

How Soon Does It Start Working?

The results for this will vary for each individual user depending on the symptom that is causing their low testosterone, as well as the severity of the issue. Within the first week or so, you should see an improvement in your mood, focus, and vitality. If you are taking TestoGen for muscle growth and strength, it will take a little more time to build, though you should be seeing results within a month to six weeks if you are taking it consistently as directed (along with sticking to an exercise routine).

What Improvement Will I See With TestoGen?

You can expect to see an improvement in your mind and body, both of which will you look and geel good. The main active ingredients in TestoGen work synergistically to raise your testosterone levels and increase your strength and stamina by developing lean muscle so that you can train longer and harder. You will also see a drop in excess body fat, particularly in troublesome areas. On top of that, expect a boost to your love life thanks to a higher libido and better sexual performance. You will also see enhancements in your focus, motivation, mood, and a reduction in stress levels, cholesterol, and blood pressure.

What Are the Signs of Low Testosterone?

I covered this earlier in my TestoGen review, so you can scroll up to see a list of the symptoms of low testosterone. Outside of the symptoms discussed earlier, you can also have a blood test done to see where your levels are at.

Is It Safe to Take a Testosterone Supplement?

It is completely safe to take TestoGen if used according to the directions. The ingredients in the formula are natural testosterone boosters that are derived from minerals and herbs, many of which have been used for centuries in traditional Asian medicine. I can't speak for all other testosterone supplements on the market, but TestoGen is very safe and effective.

Does TestoGen Contain Any Banned Substances?

You will only find natural, pure ingredients in the formula. However, laws vary from country to country, and regulations vary between sports leagues. If you are playing a sport, be sure to check with the relevant authorities before taking supplements. All of the ingredients are transparent on the label so it is straightforward to identify what you are taking.

How Many Capsules Do I Take Daily?

For adults, the directions call for taking 4 capsules around 20 minutes before breakfast. This is for both workout and non-workout days. It is recommended to cycle this product, taking it for 2 months consistently, then taking 1.5 weeks off, then restarting the cycle.

Can I Take TestoGen for an Extended Period?

As it contains natural boosting ingredients, there is no limit to how long you can take it. However, if you continue to take a supplement daily for an extended period of time, your body can get lazy and stop doing work by itself if you are always supplementing. As described in the above question, it is a good idea to take a break for one to two weeks every couple months or so to make sure your body is functioning properly.

Do I Need to Change My Diet?

No, however if you are using TestoGen for muscle building and strength, you should be following a healthy diet to increase your gains. In addition, as your t-levels rise your body will begin to more efficiently use protein for muscle building.

How Soon Will I Get My Order?

Orders are typically shipped out within 24 hours.


Remember that many factors come into play when you consider elevating your testosterone. There is no magic pill that will do it for you.

TestoGen is a supplement and so by definition it’s there to give you an assist – and an extremely powerful one at that – but you still have to take the steps to improve your overall health so that you give your body a chance to re-calibrate and go back to normal, healthy testosterone levels.

Visit their site by clicking below to place your order. 

What is the Best Dehydrated Urine?

Fake Urine

With the legalization of marijuana in the USA, there are many more people using marijuana on a recreational basis. While I believe this is a much more healthy way to live when compared to getting absolutely piss drunk on booze, there are still some downsides to consuming marijuana, and major employers definitely have to watch their backs. When people consume too much marijuana, they can lose control and have poor judgement, so drug testing in large companies, especially for jobs that require one to use heavy machinery, is quite common.

Big companies usually require a drug test before you can start working, especially those companies listed in the Fortune 100. This is definitely a big problem if you know that you might fail this drug test. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to pass this test and help you get the job of your dreams.

However, many of these methods to cleanse your body from toxins may require time, which is why many people choose dehydrated urine as a quicker option.

What Is Dehydrated Urine?

Dehydrated urine is used to pass a test (often a drug test) that needs a urine sample. It’s available in powdered form and comes with a kit to help you make a synthetic urine. Interestingly, the synthetic urine has the same nature and even odor with the natural human urine.

How To Use The Dehydrated Urine?

Dehydrated or powdered urine is produced by taking a large amount of real human urine and solidifying them through mass dehydrators. From its powdered form, consumers can revert it back to its natural form by adding some water and use it as a urine sample.

However, turning the powdered urine into its natural state is a bit challenging. You need to add a specific amount of water and let it set at a specific temperature to qualify as a real human urine. Thankfully, manufacturers offer a detailed instruction to help you create a synthetic urine and take it to the laboratory for a urine sample.

The powdered urine is sold with a heating strip and a vial. The vial is used as a container for the mixture of powdered urine and water. The heating strip is used to bring the right temperature of the synthetic urine. The right temperature is between 32 to 38 degrees Celsius.

Is It Effective?

Dehydrated urine is very effective to let you pass the drug test because it’s all natural. The powder is created using real human urine which is dehydrated into a fine powder. With the right temperature, you can immediately turn the powder urine into its liquid form.

Coming soon, I’ll have two recommendations for people who are looking to use synthetic urine to pass a drug test!

September 19, 2018

Jerky Snob Review

Jerky Snob

Jerky Snob is one of the best subscription services on the internet. They’re agenda is to provide you with the best and highest quality jerky in your reach. The problem with typical jerky is that most of them are made with highly unhealthy chemicals and ingredients like nitrates, MSG, sodium and more. Most of these bad quality jerky is found in your local stores or at gas stations. So if you were me, you’d stay far away from these unhealthy processed meat snacks.

I’ve moved away from meat and am focusing on a plant-based diet, but of course, I need protein to keep my lean physique – and I need snacks!  Snacking on stuff like beef jerky has become my go-to, especially when I travel and have long pockets of time between meals.  For this reason, I rely on this brand to help me not only curb cravings and over-eating, but also to get some additional protein.  Did I mention it’s absolutely delicious?

Want to Learn More?   Visit Website

Why a Jerky Snob Subscription Makes Sense

With Jerky Snob, you can be sure that you’ll get a jerky made without using these harmful ingredients and chemicals. The results are a better you with lots more energy and well being.

Jerky Snob at their heart is a delivery subscription service that provides you with jerky supply for the month if you sign up with them. Their monthly subscription was designed for customers who love having this little snack but are always on the lookout for high quality, great tasting and naturally made jerky.

The people at Jerky Snob go far beyond places to look for great ingredients and combine them to make the perfect jerky and then deliver it to you directly at your door.

Jerky snob subscription

Click on the box to find out what’s inside!

Becoming a member of Jerky Snob is surprisingly also very affordable. The first thing that comes to mind for healthy preservatives free jerky is that they cost a lot of money to buy. But surprisingly, their mail order service is so affordable that you’ll be blown away when you look at the various packages they have available for you.

All you need to do is pay them $15 a month and you’ll get two bags full of jerky delivered to your door at the beginning of every month. Each back contains around 2 ounces of pure organic jerky made free from chemicals and preservatives. So you’ll be getting 4 ounces for a meager price for high quality jerky delivered right at your doorstep.

If you eat a lot more than that, they also have a discounted option of $27 per month which gets you half a pound of high quality, great tasting jerky. Their biggest package is $54 a month where you get 1 full pound of jerky delivered to your doorstep. The best thing is that you can choose the kind of flavor you want them to deliver every month. So you know you’ll always get variety from them when they deliver.

If you are a carnivore or just want to check out another brand of beef, you’ll also enjoy this review of Snake River Farms.  Since I’m not always one to stand in line at the grocery store, I really enjoy mail order for anything I can get my hands on.


September 17, 2018

Anese That Booty Tho Review











No Side-effects


So women these days are using what’s called a “Booty Scrub” to help them reduce the appearance of cellulite, stretch marks, and even acne. I saw this on Instagram and had to weigh in, test it out, and give my take.

If you want to check it out for yourself, you can read product details and pricing on here.

That Booty Tho Scrub Review

This only costs $28, which really was a sigh of relief for me. I was going to lose all respect for society if this was a $100 price point. When people spend big bucks on products that promise the world, I’m simply losing a lot of respect for humanity. While I’m all for nice, shapely, firm, cellulite-free asses, if the world is going broke (ahem, millennials) I would rather it be on stuff like drinking and gambling, rather than a booty mask. But, at this price, I figured I could afford to try it out.

As a woman who knows her health products, I took a quick look at the active ingredients:

Walnut Shell Powder, Organic Aloe Leaf Juice, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Vitamin E, Organic White Willow Bark Extract, Organic Jojoba Seed Oil, Rosehip Seed Oil

You’ll see many of these ingredients in the top selling skin care products, so thankfully there is a bit of science behind (see what I did there) this product.

I have personally rubbed this on my butt, and I can attest that it does smooth out the slight dimpling that I had there. It's not a miracle cure, you're not going to go from a ton of cellulite to a Instagram-model butt overnight, but it can help smooth out some troublesome bumps.

For more testimonials, I had to lean on some websites out there who gave their That Booty Tho reviews and sort of curate the feelings towards this rather new concept. (review here) reported:

That Booty Tho Review

She did note that the product was a bit awkward since you had to essentially double dip your hand back into the same jar in order to re-apply the product. My guess is that an airless pump would be a better delivery system.

As far as texture, she said it was a “sandy” type of feel (which I agree with), which makes sense since it’s a scrub. The exfoliation is obtained in the walnut shells. She added that they do a great job at exfoliating.

How you like dem nuts?


Basically you just get in the shower, insert two fingers into the jar, dab a bit of the scrub on them, and start scrubbing away on your butt and legs. I could get behind a nice video tutorial of say Kim Kardashian giving a demo of this product. Let’s be honest, we all could.

There is no drying time and the excess scrub goes down the drain. The aloe vera will provide most of the scent, which is subtle and was referred to as normal among products in the industry.

Does That Booty Tho Work?

According to the review, it worked both in the short term and long term, just as I experienced. However, constant application needs to be applied. It’s like using an eye serum in the fact that once you stop using it, the benefits will most likely dissipate over time.

Reviews on Amazon (check them out here) are mixed.

I felt the video review was very well done, so I added that as well. This is courtesy of the same reviewer on I don’t think she has cellulite, she looks young, but I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.

The Downside

There are no refunds and of course, no guarantee. I didn’t expect one, to be honest. Some people have untreatable cellulite. Also, who wants to return a jar of scrub that they just had their hand in, then put and rubbed on their ass, and then re-dipped back in?

Look, I’m all for a healthy, strong, supple, firm, and acne-free booty. Any little thing that can help me get there, I'm all for it! While it doesn't work magic - don't expect it to perform miracles - it does indeed work to reduce the dimpling on your butt. I don't see any reason why it couldn't be used in other cellulite-prone areas, like your thighs as well.

However, while this can improve the tone of your butt, the best results come from hard work in the gym and smart choices in the kitchen. If a bigger booty is what you desire, you need to stick to a workout program like The Booty Pro and put in the work!

August 30, 2018

Shortcut to Size Review

Jim stoppani lifting










Ease of Use


Have you ever tried to gain muscle size but have often reached a point where no matter what you do, the size doesn’t come. This is a common problem around 80% of bodybuilders face and most of the people who lack good knowledge in exercise fail to produce results when they reach this stage.  While I’m not a bodybuilder, I decided to give a workout program called Shortcut to Size a solid chance.  Today, I share with you my review.

Does Shortcut To Size Get Results?

Male Flexing

With sheer disappointment after doing hard workouts everyday, people tend to lose interest and give up completely. If you fit this picture perfectly, perhaps you too are doing everything wrong which is causing your body to stop growing.  I for one am someone who needs the structured plans in my workout, because I always seem to be casually exercising without a plan if I don’t have an exact game plan mapped out.

Before you give up on building muscle, I recommend trying out the Jim Stoppani workout program which is specifically built for people who have reached this hard stage in their quest to gain size. The program is developed by none other than Dr. Jim Stoppani, who is known in the bodybuilding world as one of the best trainers out there.

View this Incredible Before and After Video!

Check Out His Program Here —>  Official Program.

Jim Stoppani has a PhD in exercise science which means that he knows everything about workout and diet and has immense knowledge in how to create an environment where your body grows.

This is the perfect workout routine for anyone to follow at home. This program is specifically designed to help you add muscle to your body as fast as possible, thus it is recommended to people who have been working out already and are looking for that extra edge.

The workout uses a unique exercise variance nature that makes you perform sets of exercises until you fail. It starts with more reps in the first few weeks and then lets you reduce the reps but increases the set. You are expected to perform sets of any given exercise until you cannot lift anymore.

This workout routine is designed for about 12 weeks which is enough time to add good muscle to your body if you are following a good diet, and perhaps some weight loss supplementation, along with adding a lot of protein to your life.

Another great thing about this routine is that it never lets you perform the same exercise over and over again. By the end of the 12th week, you will have performed so many different exercises that you’ll have it really hard to remember which ones you did throughout the program.  In my experience, I didn’t find that it got stale or just flamed out on me.  I was constantly changing up the exercise plan to the point where I was always thirsting for more.

I am compiling my before and after pics, and when I get them touched up and “web ready,” I’ll go ahead and post them.  For now, I wanted to share with you my review and tell you that hey, I just don’t joke about health, I actually practice healthy living from time to time.

For now, be sure to check out the program here:  Buy at

Keep livin, keep laughing. 

August 29, 2018

Vega Pre-Workout

Vega Bottle










No Side-effects


There are numerous schools of thought on the advantages of health supplements. Nonetheless, the greater part of them appear to call attention to point out that Vega Pre-Workout supplement blend is an awesome decision for athletes and physically dynamic individuals. This item was created by a notable and acknowledged athlete, Brendan Brazier. In this audit, we will go over Vega supplement’s ingredients, pros, cons, cost and more.

A Closer Look at Vega Pre-Workout Formula

Vega Sport Pre-Workout is a pre-workout supplement that is plant-based, without gluten, vegan and informed-decision guaranteed. This pre-workout mix may be the best call on the off chance that you have dietary limitations that keep you from dairy or other ingredients that are generally incorporated into pre-workout supplements.

The manner in which you start your exercise can assume a gigantic part in your general performance. There are excessively numerous individuals at the rec center investing more energy in their telephones than actually working out and gaining ground. Pre-workout supplements surge your body with the vitality and focus you need to ensure that you’re centered on progress and not Instagram.

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Ok I’m addicted to this brand. . . #vega #plantbased #nutrition #vegaprotein

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Vega Sport Pre-Workout comes in the accompanying flavors: Acai Berry, Acai Berry (Sugar-Free), Lemon Lime, Lemon Lime (Sugar-Free).

The Ingredients

The accompanying ingredients are all present in Vega Sport Pre-Workout: Coconut Oil Powder, Yerba Mate, Devil’s Claw, Green Tea Leaf, Rhodiola Rosea Root Extract, Ginseng, Turmeric, and Ginger.

Coconut Oil Powder:

This healthy fat can help enhance your vitality levels and ensure that you have enough fuel and steam to kick butt in the gym. Oils are regularly neglected in light of the fact that some people consider them unhealthy, yet there are a few oils that can furnish you with legitimate health benefits. Coconut oil may likewise be useful for the heart.

Yerba Mate:

The yerba mate herb has every one of the advantages of green tea and coffee. It has a larger number of cell reinforcements and caffeine than green tea, so it can help give you the vitality with all the same health benefits.

Devil’s Claw:

This ingredient can help with muscle pain; so you don’t feel as sore while you’re working out and can propel yourself farther. It uses natural ingredients that can work as anti-inflammatories.

Green Tea Leaf:

Green Tea Leaf, described more here, has two distinctive dynamic ingredients, Caffeine and L-Theanine. They cooperate to give your body vitality without the negative symptoms of caffeine alone.


Ginseng is a marvel herb that can help enhance your general health in a wide range of ways. Ginseng has numerous molecules called ginsenosides that are known to help support your body’s immune response; and help it naturally resolve issues that emerge from outer/inside stressors.

The Taste

Vega Pre-Workout Supplements come in two unique flavors: Lemon Lime and Acai Berry. You can buy either one, contingent upon your taste and inclinations. Or then again, you can simply alternate between these two flavors. Along these lines, you won’t get exhausted with one single flavor.

Setting up a dose of Vega Sport Pre-Workout is extremely basic and simple to do. Simply utilize one scoop of powder and blend it with water. Drink it roughly 30 minutes before your exercise routine.

As indicated by a few customers, this powder joined with water can be a bit grainy. To avoid this, make a point to shake the container now and again.

How Does it Work?

Vega Sport Pre-Workout works by utilizing a wide range of natural ingredients that are all vegetarian. These ingredients are commonly unique concentrates from herbs that are in reality extremely well-known in nootropic supplements. They cooperate to help increase your concentration and lift your vitality levels for a more beneficial workout.

These ingredients also have the ability to increase your muscular endurance, thereby reducing the amount of time it takes to recover and also increasing your rate of muscle growth. All of this can be accomplished when you are using a high-quality pre-workout with the right formula.

Combining it with Protein Powder

It is imperative to ensure that you are encouraging your muscles before, amid and after your workout. The best approach to do this is by taking a pre-workout supplement before you hit the exercise center so that you can drive yourself to the max during your workout and give your muscles what they need to augment breakdown.

Besides, it’s beyond important to take a protein powder after your workout is finished so that your muscles can mend and rebuild themselves. Why even break them down if you’re not going to rebuild them? Protein powder guarantees that you’re getting all the protein and nutrients that you require after a workout to empower powerful development.


  • It is a natural controlled stimulant that powers up your whole body and readies your muscles for a serious workout.
  • You can set it up effortlessly. It blends well with water and your body will assimilate it rapidly.
  • It is all the more ground-breaking contrasted with other pre-workout supplements. It gives only the appropriate amount of caffeine and nutrients.
  • The Vega Pre-Workout supplement contains only plant-based and natural ingredients. You won’t discover anything artificial in it.


  • It can be somewhat expensive for a few people. Be that as it may, this current item’s brisk outcomes, and in addition its fantastic ingredients, are reflected in the sticker price. Along these lines, you get what you pay for.
  • As indicated by a few customers, there are a couple of other pre-workout supplements that can improve your vitality level quicker than Vega Sport.
  • It’s anything but a delicious item. Some even say it tastes horrendous. Be that as it may, this is a vegetarian item which doesn’t contain fake flavors or sweeteners. Consequently, I figure that health accompanies a cost.
  • It is said that other pre-workout brands offer ideal advantages which Vega neglects to give. In the meantime, others view this as an exceedingly subjective issue: it all depends on how the person’s body processes the concoction.


These days, an ever-increasing number of individuals are looking for natural products that contain clean or even natural fixings. Athletes, muscle heads, and sports aficionados are worried about what they eat or drink. Being soy, gluten and dairy-free, Vega Pre-Workout supplement is a natural and fully complete item that gives all the essential advantages that one’s body requires to deal with long workouts.