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March 22, 2021

The Symptoms of Wet Brain and the Ways to Recover

Symptoms of Wet Brain

One of the effects of alcohol addiction is the problem of the Wet Brain. It has a complicated name in medicinal terms – Wernicke-Korsakoff Syndrome (WKS) and occurs due to excessive and long-term consumption of alcohol, leading to deficiencies of nutrients and damage to the brain. The disease may not get diagnosed most of the time, and the male population is more prone to develop this.

Learn more about Wet Brain

If you take excessive alcohol, your liver would get affected. It fails to absorb sufficient thiamine, which is absorbed from the food that you consume and gets stored in the liver.

Thiamine is also known as Vitamin B1. Your body cannot produce thiamine on its own, and the only source is the type of food that you consume. The nerve cells of the brain use thiamine for enzymatic reactions.

In case the thiamine level is low in the body, the heart and the nervous system start malfunctioning. It causes dementia or Wernicke’s Encephalopathy (WE). Most of the thiamine deficiency cases in the U.S. are linked to alcohol addictions.

There are two forms in which Wet Brain syndrome can occur:

  • Wernicke’s Encephalopathy (WE)

This is a temporary illness but severe in effect. It causes neurological problems and causes biochemical lesions in the nervous system. In the brain, the thalamus and hypothalamus, which are associated with memory, get affected.

The patient may experience memory loss, a problem with vision, confusion, and ataxia, which is a loss in muscle coordination. Other effects are inability in social interaction and difficulty in walking.

  • Korsakoff’s Psychosis

This problem occurs as an aftermath of WE and occurs after the symptoms of WE go away. Around 80-90% of people, who had WE earlier, develop this problem. It may cause permanent brain damage and is the result of long-term and severe alcohol addiction.

The affected individuals get severe memory problems, learning disability and may fabricate

information to make up stories.

Recovery and Treatment of Wet Brain

For proper treatment, the problem has to be diagnosed as early as possible. If there is severe brain damage, then recovery may be difficult due to permanent impairment. It can result in slipping into a coma and finally death. In most cases, patients having WE also develop Korsakoff’s Psychosis, and only 10-20% of patients can recover. Treatment consists of:

  • De-addiction from alcohol
  • Administering Intravenous Thiamine – It is essential for people who have improper gut functioning. In other cases, strong doses of oral thiamine may increase the thiamine levels in the body.
  • Psychological therapy

In case you do not want to get medical treatment for the negative effects of alcohol, stop consumption immediately. Additionally, consume thiamine rich food as below:

  • Oats
  • Oranges
  • Legumes
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Brown rice
  • Bran
  • Asparagus
  • Soy foods
  • Pork
  • Salmon and other fishes

The brain is one of the vital organs, and to maintain a healthy brain, you have to stay away from any type of substance and alcohol abuse. Also, maintain a healthy diet and active routine to enjoy a beautiful life with your loved ones.

November 10, 2020

The 3 Rules of Recovery


Recovering from addiction is not easy. If you stop using drugs, it doesn’t mean that you’ll recover. If you’re not completely honest with yourself, you won’t be able to create a new life. If you don’t think about making a new path in your life, it means that the factors that led you to your addiction will catch up with you again. It’s not necessary to change every aspect of your life. You may still have an excellent job that is still worth it. But there are some unhealthy habits and behaviors that got you into trouble and will continue to put you in danger. The more you try to lie to yourself and hold on to your old habits, the less you’ll succeed in your recovery. Here are some rules you’ll need to follow and change your life for the better.

1. Avoid people, places, things

The first thing you’ll need to do is to avoid high-risk situations and environments. It means that you’ll have to disconnect with the people that encouraged you to use drugs. They’re still a threat to you, so try to avoid them as much as possible. The second thing you’ll need to do is to avoid the places where you used to go and get drugs, alcohol, and other common substances. These triggers must be avoided, as you can crave for some more. Experts from the site established that Ambien is a sleeping drug belonging to the group of imidazopyridines. Differing in structure from benzodiazepines, Ambien has a sedative effect, while the anxiolytic, anticonvulsant and central muscle relaxant effects are slightly expressed.

Overall, it’s best to avoid your drinking friends, favorite bars, or having alcohol around you. Remove any trigger from your house, delete your “friends” number from your phone, and don’t keep anything around “just in case”. Clearly, you won’t be able to avoid 100% of all the dangerous situations. But at least, be aware of them, so you won’t give up the moment you’ll have them in front of you. If you don’t think you can do this by yourself, you can ask for help. Going to rehab is probably the best thing you can do for yourself. Search for drug treatment center Los Angeles to get the recovery needed.

2. Change your negative thinking

Thinking in a negative way is the main reason why most people end up with drug addiction. Here are some types of negative thoughts that most people with addiction have:

  • They don’t show off their true selves because they believe people won’t like them
  • They have low self-esteem
  • They believe life isn’t fun without drugs
  • They won’t beat tough moments without drugs
  • They believe that recovery won’t work
  • Thy tend to give up fighting with their addiction just because it’s overwhelming
  • They worry about being too damaged to recover

3. Seek help

Many people start their recovery by themselves. They are confident about the control over their addiction, but in many cases, they give up. Trying to recover on your own is the hardest way to manage the situation. If you tried, but it wasn’t successful, maybe an expert can help you. Reach out clinics in your city and ask health professionals to decide what’s the best way to fight your addiction.

June 26, 2020

Difference Between Sociology And Social Work: Which One You Should Study?

Sociology And Social Work

Social work and sociology might seem similar fields in terms of their subject matter for studying and solving problems of society. But in fact, both are quite different for the people seeking a professional degree to start a career. No doubt that these are one of the broad fields to date. But the two career paths are distinct with many factors like environment, roles, practices, and education. In simple terms, sociology involves research and cognitive qualities for imagination, which makes it theoretical. On the other side, social work focuses on helping people to solve their problems within society.

However, both careers are still somehow related to different aspects that are common perceptions in societies. For instance, sociology works by pointing out issues and problems that imbalance the structure of lifestyle in the communities. While social work identifies these problems and defines solutions to these problems, in this sense, these two careers work correspondingly to serve humanity. Many other factors are distinct and similar to both professions. But still, many people are stuck in the dilemma of choosing any one of their careers. However, let’s discuss the details about each job and which one you should study to ease your difficulty.


Before even jumping to the education details of both careers, it is essential first to know the details first. Social work is quite a broad field that involves problem-solving designs to assist the groups of people by solving their problems. We live in a world where communities face problems such as poverty, hunger and outbreaks of disease. These issues often leave these societies to the brink of collapse. In this case, there is a dire need for people to point out these societies and help them with essential requisites. Social workers can be anyone from medical practitioners, health administrators, and counselors. It clearly explains the broadness of the field.


On the other hand, sociology is the study of societies and human behavior living in these societies. It is often known as the theory-driven career. One reason for that is because it involves the collection of information to analyze and study the social pattern among groups of people. The comparison between social work vs. sociology does confuse concerning profession similarities. But the distinct factors make it easier to understand the roles and objectives of each profession. Moreover, the sociologists have to perform surveys, interviews, and statistical analysis to grasp the society in the demographic.


Apart from the professional responsibilities, the teachings for both careers are also distinctive. Sociology, for instance, more emphasizes on training the students on communication and human interaction. Sociologists’ research analyzing the social concepts concerning the class, gender, and societies. The career itself offers various opportunities to the sociologists to perform analysis for the human patterns and their behavioral lifestyle. This is my 3rd order and I am very pleased with! Their prices are outstanding for even branded meds that helps me a lot with such an embarrassing problem. The delivery is extremely fast especially for they are far away and I always appreciate the extra freebies. to get something for nothing somehow. This time I got a trial pack of generics and want to try later. My sex life is brilliant now and my wife is very happy. thanks to these blue pills we are really much happier than before.

Social workers study and deal with the personal and particular demographics of people to address their essential needs. Primarily, they target the people who are ill, deprived, and offer them therapy for recovery. Social workers never perform research or theoretical work, but they are well- trained in studying investigations and defining solutions. Social work focuses on understanding the problem and helping individuals with available resources.


A professional degree is the first step to landing on the professional grounds of social work and sociology. Now authorities only seek professionals with a relevant educational background in the respective fields to perform on these grounds. Moreover, the demand for professionals in both areas has also increased in the recent decade. Apart from all differences, both careers allow one to see from a different perspective and understand the individuals. With the world facing an economic crisis, there is a dire need for professionals who want to make a difference in society.

Sociology is the best choice for the people who want to pursue research and point out the issues that hurdle in people’s lives. On the contrary, Social workers deal with these issues by addressing them to higher authorities and catering by using problem-solving techniques. Typically, a professional career in sociology involves graduation education like a master’s or Ph.D. However, a bachelor’s degree in sociology can also provide opportunities for entry-level positions. Many social work positions only require bachelor’s degrees. Those who seek a professional career must have a master’s degree with an experience of two years in the relevant field. Some positions may even train the professionals onsite.

One of the most famous career paths in social work is clinical social workers. The clinical workers deal with individuals with mental, anti-social, and emotional disorders. They are responsible for pointing out the factors that impact individuals’ mental health and address proper plans for their treatments. Apart from the clinical field, social work also holds careers like child welfare, public health worker, education, public service, and many more. Meanwhile, sociology career opportunities include lawyer, public service, education, and health counseling, and community work.


As said earlier, the demand for social workers and sociologists is on the course of increase since the recent decades. That means that the job outlook for both careers looks promising for the coming years. According to the U.S BLS, the median pay for the sociologists in the recent year was $83,420. While the social workers earned a median salary of $50,470 in 2019, these statistics substantially indicate that the job growth for sociology is quite low as compared to social work. If we talk about social work, then career prospects are likely to increase to 16% till 2026. The figures explain the significant competition among the two fields for employment growth in the future.


Both social work and sociology are unique and essential careers in different ways. When it comes to dealing with the deprived and poor people, both professions have maintained their importance. Those who are facing difficulties in picking up their career must pursue their interests in the field. Understand each career path and then decide whether your goals fall in the line of this career. This way, you will be able to pursue a career and earn a degree to open up rewarding opportunities.

April 13, 2020

How To Fix Erectile Dysfunction In 6 Steps

erectile dysfunction

Having erectile dysfunction can be inconvenient and potentially embarrassing. The good news is, scientists have worked out several ways to get a little pep back in your step without a harmful invasive procedure, or adverse side effects. This is a widespread problem that affects millions of men across the United States. In addition to increased potency, you might want to explore some fun toys to use alone or with a partner.

Get Moving

Adding physical exercise into your daily routine is a great way to stay healthy and a great way to increase your libido. You do not even have to look like you compete for the Mr. World title. According to one recent study, conducted by Harvard University, even just 30 minutes of walking added into your day can make the symptoms associated with erectile dysfunction diminish by up to 41%! Yes, a half-hour at a comfortable pace can give you almost as half as much more satisfaction.

As men get older, the recommendation for a moderate amount of exercise becomes even more urgent. For men of middle age or older who have erectile dysfunction, a sedentary lifestyle can have drastic consequences on heir libido.

Eat Right

This s not to say that you must entirely overhaul your diet to regain function in your area. Still, it is helpful to note that if you eat a lot of natural foods, think whole grains, organic produce, fish, your chances of suffering from erectile dysfunction can get dramatically lower. Zinc and lycopene are known to fight the effects of erectile dysfunction naturally, so a diet rich in shellfish and tomatoes may be just what the doctor ordered.

It is not just that what you eat directly contribute to your performance, but also that a slim man is always far less likely to suffer from erectile dysfunction than a portly one. Changing your eating habits to include a higher proportion of foods that are known to be good for your health can perform double duty, what is there not to love?

Take Care of Your Vascular Health

Even if you eat all the right foods, and try to live healthfully, you might be one of the unlucky ones to suffer from vascular health issues like high blood pressure or sugar or even high cholesterol. This is a terrifying one because the effects of this are much higher than erectile dysfunction. You can cause damage to the heart, the brain, and even leading down to the penis. Having high cholesterol or the like can cause you to have a heart attack or a stroke, next to both of which, erectile dysfunction does not seem quite as bad.

Vascular diseases are set up to target blood vessels. They can cut the capacity of blood vessels traveling to the kidneys as one example, and if they cut off that blood flow to the penis, you will most likely end up with erectile dysfunction. It is estimated that around 50%-70% of men with erectile dysfunction suffered it as a symptom of vascular disease. It is also, for this reason, it is recommended you do not smoke tobacco products.

Prescription Medication

We have all seen the advertisements for Cialis, Levitra, and everyone’s favorite, the famous Viagra. These medications have been quite expensive for a while, however, this changed lately. The patents for these medications ended and now you can get erectile dysfunction medications like BlueChew with very reasonable price.

Taking medications to help you get your erections back is becoming a very usual and commonplace treatment these days. Of course, it is something that you should talk about with your doctor, as these pills can have some pretty nasty side effects. 

These pills, which have been approved by the American Food and Drug Administration, work by helping to open up blood vessels, increasing the flow of blood into an erection. You should know that if you are already taking nitroglycerin tablets for heart disease you already have, these pills will not be an option for you. They can work to cause a dangerous dip in your blood pressure.

Talk About It

Very often, the desire to get an erection is hampered by feelings of inadequacy or anxiety or fear about the act itself. There are licensed sex therapists who are trained to listen to your problems and help you come up with solutions, or at the very least compromise.

The whole point of medication to help with erectile dysfunction is to open up the blood flow back into your penis, but they will not be able to work if a crippling fear or distress stymies their way. A sexual health professional can help you with either individual therapy or couples counseling and can help with everything from depression to relationship woes. In this case, it is accepted and encouraged to open up a bit.

Pump it Up

If you can’t take the erectile dysfunction medications because of health issues, or you don’t like the sound of the various side effects, the pump might be the tool for you. They usually work by sealing a vacuum around your penis. You pump the air out until the penis is fully erect. The results are temporary and short-lived, but the side effects are only numbness and some bruising, a much better alternative to those of the pills to many men.

The penis pump is the second most popular method of combating erectile dysfunction, and they generally work the same. A plastic cylinder encases your penis, and you start pumping the air out to engorge what is inserted. You slip a plastic ring around the base of the erection to keep the blood neatly in there. The ring cannot be left on over 30 minutes, so it is a step that requires punctuality.

In this country, erectile dysfunction affects more than 30 million men. That number has skyrocketed since the introduction of Viagra, but there are ways to get your blood pumping that do not require any chemicals. For additional ways to spice up the bedroom, look into pleasing toys that will appeal both to you and your partner.

October 28, 2019

CBD and Erectile Dysfunction

ED and CBD

CBD has risen in popularity over recent years, as more states have begun legalizing marijuana. CBD is different than marijuana, which contains THC, as THC is a psychoactive ingredient that gives you that high feeling. CBD, on the other hand, gives you slight feelings of calm and relaxation, and none of the psycho-active high feeling of THC.

CBD has been found to have numerous health benefits, such as alleviating pain from arthritis, strengthening your heart, reducing seizures in epileptic people, and most commonly, reducing anxiety. The anxiety alleviation is what makes people consume CBD after a long day of work, or when they need to perform under pressure. Now, studies are starting to show that it helps men perform under different kinds of pressure, and in fact helps relieve sexual anxiety. In other words, CBD is now a very popular erectile dysfunction treatment.
Erectile Dysfunction is very common in men of al ages, and often times it has to do with anxiety. There are a number of other physical health reasons for ED, but those require over-the-counter prescription drugs like Bluechew to help cure. For the mentally-blocked ED people, CBD has been shown to help them become unblocked.
Using CBD for ED is simple. You can use CBD oil and apply it directly to the skin, as it will heighten sensation during sex, and also opens the blood vessels, which allows more blood to flow to the penis. Or, if you don’t want to use the oil, then ingesting/inhaling it will work as well. You can buy CBD edibles, tinctures, vape pens, or capsules, and bring them with you wherever you go. Once you ingest the CBD you will feel the effects within 1-3 hours and they last for up to six hours.
If you decide to smoke the CBD to help cure your ED, that will work, as well. Inhaling the smoke or vapor through your lungs will cause you to feel the effects of the CBD immediately. The feelings will not last as long as ingesting CBD will, though. Smoking CBD will make you feel the effects for about an hour. So, make sure you time it right!
The amount of CBD you should take for ED differs by person. We recommend starting with a smaller dose, seeing how it feels, and then upping the dosage as needed. Again, CBD is very different than THC so even if you ingest too much, you won’t have the psycho-active experiences of being too high on pot brownies. I am 57 and I’ve been suffering from erectile dysfunction since I was 52. I’ve tried it all: different pills, different dosages, herbal teas, massage, yoga, exercises, and even psychotherapy. Sildenafil is the only solution that provides actual results. Make no mistake, it’s not perfect, I won’t say that the pills work every night, but it’s the best there is.
Since CBD has grown in popularity over the years, a lot of fake CBD products have started to pop up. The easiest way to make sure the CBD you’re buying is real is to make sure it’s even legal to buy in your state. If it’s illegal, then then CBD is fake. Next is the store you are buying from. If the place looks sketchy, then it’s likely to be sketchy. Talk to the worker at the store and get a gauge on if you trust if it is real or not.
Overall, we recommend trying CBD to help cure erectile dysfunction. At the very least it will help you determine whether the cause of your ED is actually mental, or there are physical health problems that you need to address. And remember, there’s nothing wrong with taking over-the-counter prescriptions to help cure ED. It’s a very common issue among men globally, but unfortunately it’s just not talked about openly.

Macro Diet

counting macronutrients

It seems like everybody these days that are trying to improve their physique is not dieting, but rather they are “counting their macros.” What does this mean? And does it work? I take a look at this dieting practice to see how easily it can be implemented, and if the results are worth all the meticulous calculation.

What is Counting Macros?

The reason why most diets do not work is that they restrict us to a low-calorie amount every day that just leaves us deprived, hungry, and reliant on calculating our carbs or calories on a daily basis.

Rather than starve yourself on a calorie-restricted diet, what if you were to take it to a higher level and eat as much food as you want but instead you count macros? 

The goal of a macro diet is to be eating the right ratio of foods to help you achieve dietary goals or reach a certain body type. It is not just dieting for the sake of weight loss, as it can also be a beneficial practice if you are looking to gain weight or add muscle.

The concept behind it is calculating the right ratio of macronutrients to help you hit your body goals.

how to count macros

What Are Macros?

I mentioned the word already above, but macro is short for macronutrient. When it comes to having a healthy body, we rely on micronutrients like vitamins and minerals, as well as macronutrients which are proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fiber, and water (defined further here). While this type of nutrient counting primarily started with bodybuilders, who wanted to hit the perfect ratio to help them build more lean muscle and cut fat to stay shredded, it has been adapted to different ratios for the goals of weight loss as well.

Benefits of Macro Counting

The biggest advantage of counting macros, instead of lowering your calorie intake, is that it allows more flexibility in your meals. You won’t be eliminating entire groups of foods like other diets tend to do. It can be a much more sustainable diet to stick with as it provides so many options that are left out of many of the other popular diets.

Difficulty of Counting Macros

However, while it can be a more enjoyable experience, in terms of the kinds of foods that you eat, it is a much more disciplined practice and can be very tedious to keep track of. You not only need to keep track of the grams of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates you eat (in a certain ratio that is relative to your body goals), but you also need to take into account your height, weight, and activity level. There is no “one size fits all” calculation to make sure you are hitting the right ratio. It takes commitment to tracking your food intake, as well as planning your meals, to make sure that you are getting it right.

However, if done properly, it can be a highly effective way to reach your diet goals no matter what they may be. As written in this post, it is not so much about how much you are eating, the more critical component is what you are eating. If you get the ratios right, you will be well on your way to meeting your objectives.

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