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Jen Selter Workout

Jen Selter's booty workout

If you have spent any amount of time on Instagram, chances are you’ve come across fitness model Jen Selter. The woman practically made “Instagram model” a thing, and has become known as the “Queen of the Belfie” – a.k.a. a “butt selfie”. I can’t blame her – she has an amazing caboose and shouldn’t be ashamed to flaunt it!

So how did she get such dangerous curves? It’s obviously man-made (or woman-made, I should say) and not store-bought like some other celebrities with huge asses (looking at you, Kim Kardashian). The secret isn’t such a secret – a lot of work in the gym!

Jen Selter Workout Plans

Ms. Selter has parlayed her Instagram fame into quite a little industry. Aside from getting money for sponsored posts, like most social media influencers, Selter has expanded beyond hawking other people’s products and has released products of her own with the release of the Jen Selter Fitplan. It is available as an app on here and comes with instruction on everything she does that build and maintain that amazing booty!

The workout plan comes with a number of routines to choose from, depending on what your goals are.

Bikini Body Challenge


  • 56 days
  • Train 5x per week
  • 40 minutes each session


  • Tone and tighten
  • Shred fat
  • Build and burn
  • Booty gains!

This fitness plan is created for all fitness levels and involves plyometrics.

Lower Body & Booty Guide

This is likely what you’re signing up for these workouts for – working the glute muscles to build that booty!


  • 41 days
  • Train 5x per week
  • 45 minutes each session


  • Shred fat
  • Tighten and tone
  • Booty gains!

This plan is designed for all fitness levels and incorporates circuit training.

Full Body Lifestyle Guide

Tighten and tone all over – not just your booty!


  • 84 days
  • Train 6x per week
  • 40 minutes each session


  • Build and burn
  • Shred fat
  • Tone and tighten
  • Booty gains!

This is designed for all fitness levels and adds weightlifting into the routine.

Home Workout Series


  • 56 days
  • Train 5x per week
  • 30 minutes each session


  • Build and burn
  • Shred fat
  • Tone and tighten
  • Booty gains!

This routine is for all fitness levels and introduces HIIT (high-intensity interval training).

Where to Buy

Jen Selter’s workout routines can be purchased at which under the subscription model. You can start off with a 7-day trial for free if you want to test the waters first. After that, the monthly plan is $15.99 if you want to buy one month at a time, or if you want to commit to longer term for a discount rate, you can pay quarterly for $14.99 per month of annually for $7.99 per month.

Similar Booty Workouts

If getting a bigger and more toned backside is what you’re looking for, I highly recommend also taking a look at The Booty Pro, which I review here.

Sweet Sweat Workout Enhancer Review

maximize your workouts with Sweet Sweat

While I can be lazy and hands-off in some areas of my life (just ask my lady), one place where I don’t cut any corners is in the gym. I’m an absolute freak in workouts. I want to maximize my time there and get the best results. That’s why, in addition to following programs like Shortcut to Size, I’m also supplementing with t-boosters and stacking with Crazy Bulk. Everything goes towards the common goal of fitness and physique.

Anyway, in searching for new ways to get even more out of my workouts, I came across a pretty unique product called Sweet Sweat.

Sports Research Sweet Sweat Review

You may be familiar with this brand name if you’ve read my review of the Sports Research blueberry concentrate supplement. They’re one of the leading names in the diet and fitness industry, so when I saw they were behind this workout product, it had my trust that it was something worth looking into.

If you couldn’t guess by the product name, Sweet Sweat has to do with your body’s sweating during workouts. When you think of sweat, you think of body odor. A wet mess. Bros at the gym leaving big wet stains on the equipment and not wiping it down (you know the type).

the benefits of sweat

But did you know that sweat actually has some benefits for you during your workout? Besides cooling you down, I mean. I cover the benefits of sweating here. This product is geared specifically to boost those benefits. It is a topical gel that you apply to your body with the goal of ramping up the results of your workout. What it does is creates a breathable barrier across your skin that actually increases the amount that you sweat. (The barrier makes you hotter, so you sweat more). It basically creates a “sauna-like” environment on the applied areas.

It also promotes circulation to the areas where it is applied and protects you from injury, soreness, and muscle fatigue. In simple terms, you put it on areas that you want to tone up. Put it on areas that are sore or fatigued and it will increase sweat to the area. From there, your body’s physiology gets to work by promoting circulation to the area. The result? More nourished muscles and joints and a better workout. Plus, sweating burns calories!

My Experience

Some people sweat a ton. I am not one of those people. It takes extreme conditions for me to really work up a strong sweat – most of it externally, like a really hot day. My workout itself, no matter how hard I push, doesn’t really get the juices flowing. After applying this gel, that changed. Boy, did I sweat like a pig! (Don’t worry, I wiped down the equipment afterward).

And to be honest, beyond experiencing the sweating, I became a believer in the science behind this product. I was able to pump out more sets of my resistance exercises. Less fatigue during the workout, for sure. And post-workout I didn’t get as sore as I used to. I’m wishing I had started using this sooner!


You’ll find the following in this formula – notice the natural ingredients and the fragrances! Despite it making you sweat more, it doesn’t make you stinky!

  • White Snow Petrolatum
  • Kosher Brazilian Carnauba Wax
  • Acai
  • Pomegranate
  • Coconut Oil
  • Kosher Jojoba
  • Camelina
  • Squalane Oils
  • Aloe Vera Extract
  • Vitamin E
  • Soft Petals (Fragrance)

Work Up a Sweat Now!

I absolutely love this product and fully endorse it. My workouts have gotten so much more intense, and my body feels much better during and after. If you want to add this to your workout routine, you can pick some up at the link below.

October 16, 2018

Best Sports to Increase Height

what sports can make you taller?

I wrote in an earlier post about whether or not basketball makes you grow taller. I didn’t come to a conclusion, at least one that is supported by science, but the hypothesis was that all that jumping can benefit your hormones that are responsible for growing taller.

When you jump up in the air, your body (mainly your spine and legs) decompresses, separating the bones. When you land back on the ground, your joints and vertebrae crunch back together. Some hypothesize that this stimulates blood flow and also engages the nerves connected to your pituitary gland and thyroid. The result is more activity in the IGF-1 hormone, which is responsible for making you taller.

What Sports Are Best to Make You Taller?

What Sports Are Best to Make You Taller?

Again, I’ll reiterate that there is not enough data (nor any studies conducted) on whether the above hypotheses are true, but lets for the sake of argument say that it is valid. What other sports would work best to help you gain height? Obviously, sports that involve lots of jumping! Here is a list of the top candidates in that regard.


Whether you are on the offensive side of the ball going up for a catch.

On the defensive side trying to knock a pass down or go for an interception, or a special teamer trying to get up to block a punt, there is plenty of jumping in football.

can football make you taller?

It also incorporates total body activity to engage in all the athleticism that this sport involves, stimulating all your muscles and promoting blood flow all around the body.

Jump Rope

So this isn’t as much a sport as it is an activity (though you can occasionally find jump rope competitions on ESPN when there’s no other live programming for them to show).

But what other sport has more jumping than one that has jump in its name?

All of that jumping up and down helps preset the growth plates in your spine, knees, and ankles, causing them to stretch and grow under the duress. It also is quite a workout and leads to increased blood flow throughout the body.


Unless you’re a Spanish soccer team playing tiki-taka with short passes on the ground all over the pitch, there’s going to be plenty of jumping in this sport.

Every time the ball is sent into the penalty box, you’re jumping up to head in a cross.

soccer involves total body exercise and lots of jumping, all of which can promote height growth

Every time there’s a goal kick, you’re jumping up to win that 50-50 over the other team. Like football mentioned above, it is also a total body workout (and for 90 minutes!) that engages all the muscles and gets the blood flowing.


Unless you’re a child who can’t get up over the net, you’re playing at a competitive level that involves a lot of jumping up to spike the ball down on your opponent’s side. For all the reasons mentioned above with the other sports, this jumping may lead to growth in height due to growth plates, pituitary gland activity, and more blood flow.

Other Ways to Grow Taller

If you aren’t a fan of these sports, don’t have anyone to play with, or just want to go another route, there are other steps you can take to increase your height. A supplement like this is well-reviewed for making you taller, and you can also follow the tips I provide here.

October 16, 2018

Does Basketball Make You Taller

Everybody knows that basketball players are tall. It’s a huge benefit in the sport. Unless you’re Muggsy Bogues, you’re going to have a tough time out there if you’re under 6-feet tall.

But someone posted a question to me recently that had me thinking, and considering all the content I’ve written about this supplement to grow taller, it really piqued my interest. They asked if basketball can make you grow taller? It’s the old correlation versus causation question.

It got me thinking, so I had to do some research and see if there was any validity to this question.

Can You Grow Taller By Playing Basketball?

At first, I thought there was no way that playing hoops can cause you gain height. Height comes from genetics and activity of the pituitary gland that is responsible for the growth hormones in your body. How can a certain type of sport cause any change to that?

So I did some digging around, and while there is no conclusive evidence that playing basketball makes you taller, there are some theories that might support this assertion.

When you play basketball, you jump a lot. Whether you’re taking a jump shot, going up for a rebound, or trying to swat away a shot, you’re jumping in the air a lot. This activity a lot of nerves in the sole of your foot, and these nerves are connected to the thyroid and pituitary gland. Could it be stimulating the production of hormones in these glands that are responsible for making you taller?

Another thought is that all of that jumping increases the flow of fluid in your body. This promotes the hormone IGF-1 in the legs and spine, which helps with lengthening your bones and making you grow taller. When you jump up in the air, your body temporarily decompresses as there’s no weight crunching you downwards. Your legs and spine are basically suspended. When you hit the ground, your body compresses back together. One could hypothesize that this expansion and contraction of the spine can cause more fluid activity and blood flow to your growth plates.

My Opinion

The theories I found out there definitely have some merit to them, though it should be said that these are simply theories and there is no scientific evidence (nor studies performed) to make the conclusion that basketball makes you taller. I’m more of the thinking that if you’re naturally tall, then you’re going to gravitate to a sport like basketball. But perhaps that’s why basketball players continue to get taller? I don’t know, but it definitely makes you think.

If you want to grow taller, simply getting on the basketball court isn’t going to make you sprout in height instantly. It’s best to take the supplement that I linked to at the beginning of this post. You can also read this post about how to grow taller here.

October 15, 2018

Exercises for a Bigger Butt

get a bigger butt with these exercises


Sir Mix-a-Lot said it best when he introduced the world to the wonders of a round hump in the 90’s, and then celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Nikki Minaj took it to a whole new level over the last decade or so. Who can argue with how appealing a nice, round booty looks on a woman? It sure makes my head turn.

So how did these ladies get such fine curves? Well, in some cases, they’re butt is real – REAL EXPENSIVE! If you don’t have the want or the means for butt implants, there are plenty of exercises you can add to your gym routine to get that booty that’ll make all the guys stare.

Want a product catered specifically towards a bigger butt? Check out the That Booty Tho here.

Best Exercises to Grow Your Butt

Next time you go to the gym, don’t skip leg day – and don’t forget these booty exercises!

Barbell Squat

Squats, squats, squats!

One of the most important workouts that you should have in your routine, if not just for your butt but for all of the muscle groups it engages. But yes, it can do wonders for your booty. It really incorporates your glutes to feel the burn in your backside, and you know that leads to growth! If a barbell and rack aren’t available, or you find it too heavy, you can substitute dumbbells or a leg press machine instead.


This is an easy one to perform with dumbbells, and if you’re stuck at home and want to work your booty, you can pick up some everyday objects around the house for some weight resistance. It’s said that Jessica Simpson incorporated this exercise heavily into her workout to look oh so good in those daisy dukes for The Dukes of Hazzard movie.


Another one of those exercises that is great overall, and not just a butt exercise! They are killer on your hamstrings, butt, and lower back. The best kinds of exercises are those that incorporate multiple muscle groups. But, it is important to do them with proper form to get the best results. Check the video below to make sure you’re doing deadlifts the right way before you go and hurt yourself.

Hip Extension

When you want your butt to look its best, this is one of the go-to exercises for a bigger butt. You may know it differently as “Flutter Kicks”, but whatever you call it, you need to have it in your workout if a bigger booty is your goal. Perform a few sets of these and your cheeks and hamstrings will be screaming at you, and you’ll soon enough see those wonderful curves in the mirror.

Other Exercises for a Bigger Butt

If you don’t want to pick up a barbell or dumbbell, the stairmaster is another great way to ignite your booty. But, the key is to take it slow. Don’t cheat and run through it at full speed! You want to set a slow pace and take deliberate steps while climbing, using your full body weight for the most resistance. Don’t lean forward onto the machine’s dashboard and cheat. Do this for 20 minutes a few times per week (if you go to the gym three times per week, start or end your workout doing this) and you’ll have a nice, firm, round butt in no time!

How to Get Shredded Naturally


There are many theories out there about how you can get shredded naturally, but at the end of the day, it’s going to be up to you to execute a lot of the simple things in life that are going to allow you to get that lean, mean, muscle machine of a body. I’m going to separate theory from fact, and let you all know just what you need to do to get the body you dream of.

How to Get Ripped The Natural Route

Getting in shape is different from getting absolutely shredded to the bone. Few people actually get to the point where they have a physique that “pops” or features “rock hard abs.” Being ripped is having a very low body fat percentage. For women, that rate is usually considered having a body fat percentage of lower than 14%. For men, it’s about 10% and lower. When you get that low, your abs will start to show. It’s not easy to get there, but when you do, it’s highly rewarding.

Steps to Getting Shredded

1) Lift Heavy

Heavy Lifting

If you are looking to get chiseled, you need to build up your muscles while retaining muscle so you can get that lean look. If you are doing weight training, you need to know that to get your body fat this low, you need to do it about 5 times per week. 3-4 times will help, but may not be enough. Look for 45 minutes to an hour for each session. Of course, depending on which workout routine you follow, they will have you on different programs. I like to follow the shortcut to size program.

You’ll need to focus on muscle growth, which will mean you need to work out like I outline below:

  • Rep count – look for the 6-12 rep range.
  • Number of Sets per specific exercise – you’ll need four sets to really grow muscle depth. Five to six will only help.
  • Volume – this will vary from person to person, but it’s the way to describe the amount of work put in per body part.
  • Rest – important as anything, you need a good 60 to 90 seconds of rest between heavy lifts.
  • Time Under Tension – your muscles will develop to the best of their ability if you are able to get this time frame to about 40 to 70 seconds. Slow your reps down and use control. You don’t want to risk injury working too fast. Bad form also happens when you rush your sets.

2) Being Your Day’s Intake with Protein and Fat

Everyone harps on the notion that you need to have carbs in the AM to get energy. That’s simply a falsehood. We have a solid amount of energy residing in our fat, and if ideally if you are looking to get lean you want to burn that off. Limiting carb intake in the AM can help you use fat for fuel, which will help get rid of it.

Look to start your day with eggs and other lean proteins. Yes, even a sirloin steak or other slab of lean beef (I hear the carnivore dieters howling) along with some nuts and an avocado is a great way to kick off your day. You’ll also stay full for a longer period of time, so you’ll eat less over the course of the day.

See also: starting your day with a healthy breakfast.

3) Too Much Cardio Can Reduce Muscle Mass

Sometimes the hours of jogging around is actually hurting your ability to lean up and get shredded. You’ll want to make sure you don’t burn too much muscle mass with cardio that will do that. Look at long walks and other simple cardio if you are on the final cutting phase and want to keep your muscle mass.

4) Your Carb Intake Must Vary

To lose weight in the early stages, cutting carbs is a solid idea. However, science shows that as you get leaner, you actually need them more for recovery. Add 50 grams of carbs to your post-workout and see if you become leaner. If you do, you can add more carbs incrementally.

5) Boost Your Protein Intake

This is needed to build muscle as well as repair broken down fibers in your body due to heavy training. One gram per pound of body weight is ideal.

6) Address Lifestyle Factors

sleeping well

Getting a good night's sleep is uber important to getting in shape.

Sleep well! This is very important and is often overlooked. Stress is also another factor you can’t look past.


We all want to get ripped. The truth is, there are no short-cuts. Women, you can jack yourself up with pre-workouts supplements, eat clean, and exercise daily and you will have a hard time reaching 14%. Men, you can boost your testosterone levels as high as you want, but at the end of the day if you aren’t on a clean diet, your work is all for naught.