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November 13, 2018

Build Massive Forearms With These Exercises

how to grow your forearms

If you want to build bigger arms, of course, you can blast your biceps and triceps to grow your upper arms. I talk about how to grow those biceps and triceps muscles in other posts on this site. But while having beefy upper arms is nice, you shouldn’t neglect your forearms. When it comes time to roll up your sleeves, you want some Popeye muscles to show off, don’t you?

While most don’t know how to work these muscles that well, I am here to provide a list of exercises that you can incorporate into your workouts to really blast these muscles and build some impressive forearms. Start doing these movements consistently for a month and you’ll see a huge difference!

Forearm Exercises for Size

Here are a number of different movements you can add to your weight training routine that will add some bulk and improve your grip strength.

Dumbbell Wrist Flexion

While this exercise may look easy, it gets tougher after more reps and increasing the weight. This is a solid exercise to really build up your grip strength, not to mention to add some size flare to your arms.

Dumbbell Wrist Extension

This is basically the same exercise as the previous but in the inverse direction. Rather than working the inside of your forearms (the part that would face your body if your arms were at your sides), this works the outer side. This exercise will add mass to your wrist extensor muscles.

Dumbbell Reverse Curl

This exercise will really stimulate two of the most crucial forearm muscles, the brachioradialis and the pronator teres, in addition to the brachialis. These are muscles that support elbow flexion, not to mention add some girth to your forearms.

Farmer Walks

If you want to engage your wrist and finger flexors (responsible for a stronger grip), you need to add the farmer walk into your workout. This movement also engages pretty much every other muscle in your body, making it great for overall muscle growth. Imagine it like carrying a lot of groceries at once and you’ll get the idea for this one!

Pull-Up Bar Hang

Not only does this bodyweight exercise help to grow your wrist and finger flexors, but it also helps with your shoulders and lats, the main muscles for all variations of pull-ups. If your gym has a pull-up bar (bonus points if it has a weight-assistance step to lighten the load), definitely add this one to your workout.

Size Isn’t Just About the Workouts

If you want to get bigger, you definitely need to be working out consistently. Follow the above exercises to blast your forearms. If you want to gain muscle overall, I recommend a program like Shortcut to Size from Jim Stoppani. Designed to build muscle, it’s one of the best workout programs out there.

Outside of that, you need to be feeding your muscles with the right nourishment. I recommend adding a testosterone booster such as TestoGen into your diet. If you want to really add size, consider checking out the legal steroids at Crazy Bulk and watch your size grow!

November 13, 2018

Hacks for Bigger Triceps

how to get bigger arms

If you want your arms to look massive, it’s not about building your biceps. Now that doesn’t mean that you should stop doing curls, as it is important to have nice biceps. For tips on how to grow those, check out my post here. But if you really want your arms to look huge, it’s your triceps that you really need to be building.

There are so many different ways to target the triceps muscles, but most people just stick to the same old routine day after day. That’s not how your muscles grow. You need to be shocking them so that they don’t get comfortable with your workout. Try out the following hacks to give your tri’s a real shock and start building massive arms!

Tips for Blasting Your Triceps

I should start off by noting that you should be following proper form when performing any tricep exercise, or any exercise for that matter. With these triceps moves, you are putting a lot of stress on your elbows and shoulders, so be sure to watch instructional videos to ensure you have proper form to avoid injury.

Here are a few different exercises that you can try to help build bigger tricep muscles, courtesy of Men’s Health.

Dumbbell Fly and Diamond Push-Ups

Bringing your hands closer together when performing a push-up puts a lot more strain on your triceps. More strain means bigger gains! Put your hands together in a diamond formation to really blast your tri’s.

Do a set of diamond push-ups and follow them up with dumbbell flies to really give your tricep muscles a great workout! Doing them in this order is the best. If you do the flies first, your shoulders may be too fatigued to get the most out of your push-ups.

Triceps Tri-Set

Just check out the video below and try performing this workout challenge. Trust me, your arms will be burning! All you need is a bench and a set of dumbbells, something that any gym (or even your home gym, if you have that) will have on hand. This quick workout will blast your triceps from all angles so you really feel the burn. That means your muscles are getting torn apart, which means that have to repair and grow back bigger than before to handle that new level of stress!

Overhead Triceps Extension

A lot of triceps exercises take place by pushing something down. With this exercise, you’re pushing a dumbbell up over your head and getting a full extension to increase the intensity of the workout. You will be able to use a heavier load and perform more reps to really get a deep burn in your tri’s. This is an exercise that you must add to your routine if you want to maximize your tricep workout. As a bonus, you also get a bit of a workout for your shoulders and trapezius muscles as well.

More Tips to Gain Mass

If you want a full workout plan that is specifically designed for adding size, there is no better than the Jim Stoppani Shortcut to Size program.

In addition to performing the right exercises, you also need proper nutrition. Along with a healthy diet, you need to be on supplements like TestoGen testosterone booster and consider stacking with Crazy Bulk supplements. Feed your muscles what they crave if you want them to grow!

November 13, 2018

Tips to Build Bigger Biceps

how to grow massive biceps

Getting bigger biceps sounds like a simple exercise, right? Just pick up some dumbbells and do some curls and call it a day. But if you keep doing that same exercise over and over, pretty soon you’re going to hit a plateau. What you need to do is take your bicep training to the next level with the tips I present below. Pretty soon you’ll be finding that you need to buy new shirts as you start busting out of your sleeves!

How to Get Massive Biceps

There are a number of different variations that you can add to your workout that can help you break through your rut. Take a look at the following options below and see which you can add to your routine and add some size!

Related rea​​​​ding: add real bulk with the Shortcut to Size program, reviewed here.

Try Blood Flow Restriction Training

This methodology of weight training isn’t practiced by most, but it can be great for your arms. The idea of this is pretty much in the name of it. You are restricting blood flow to a muscle, forcing your blood to pool there. With this, you get a much larger pump than usual and more nourishment to the muscles. This is also sometimes called “occlusion training”, meaning it keeps blood from escaping from that area. A unique characteristic of this kind of training is that it stimulates the use of fast-twitch muscle fibers, which is a catalyst for muscle growth.

The video below gives a great arms workout with occlusion training:

Work All the Angles

If you just do the same simple curl day in and day out, your body is going to become accustomed to that workout and stop growing. You need to shock your muscles, something I talk a lot about in this post, to force them to adapt and grow. Your arms are no different in this regard, and you need to go put your biceps through different motions. Attack them from all angles so that they are torn apart and forced to come back bigger and stronger.

In addition to regular dumbbell curls, you can also do incline curls and go through the full range of motion. You can also perform chin-ups to hit your biceps from another angle and vary that with a narrow grip and wide grip to throw more shock at your muscles.

The following video gives good instruction on how to hit your biceps from different angles:

Shock Your Muscles

This was mentioned above but bears further repeating. You can’t just do the same thing over and over. That’s not how you force your muscles to grow.

Instead, you need to vary up your workout so you’re muscles don’t acclimate to the same stuff every day.

You can use shock methods like supersets, dropsets, “running the rack”, or pyramids to add some diversity to your workouts and keep your muscles guessing.

There are many different ways to go about this, the important point is just to always be changing it up!

tips to build your biceps

Other Help for Bigger Muscles

Outside of the tips listed above, another thing that goes into bigger muscles is following a proper diet and supplement routine. When I got into the best shape of my life, I used a testosterone booster (TestoGen is one of the best), as well as legal steroids like the ones they sell at Crazy Bulk. You need to be giving your muscles the best nourishment if you want them to grow to max capacity. Be sure to feed them what they need!

November 13, 2018

Bodybuilding Hacks to Get Bigger

bodybuilding hacks to get bigger

If you’re in the gym to pack on some pounds, but you’re not gaining any size, then it’s time to reevaluate what you’re doing. I’m here to provide a few tips on some simple things that you can change up that could make the difference and help you break through that plateau.

Best of all, most of these changes I list below don’t involve adding more weight to your exercises! Pushing yourself past your limit of what you can safely lift is just asking for injury. With these tips below, you can add some size to your body without risking your safety.

How To Get Bigger

All of the below tips are easy to implement and could be the difference from staying where you’re at, or finally adding that muscle that you’ve been seeking.

Shorten Your Rest Period

Of course, you need to have a rest period between your sets. Ideally, you are pushing yourself to exhaustion on every set, so getting some rest is absolutely mandatory.

However, don’t sit around scrolling through your Instagram feed for too long, as you need to keep up the muscle tension and stress.

what's the ideal rest period between sets?

The key here is to keep your body moving and not taking too much downtime. You want every set to be difficult. If you sit too long, you’re losing the momentum in your exercises. I’m not saying cut down your rest period to 30 seconds or less – you will be too gassed to lift anything – but don’t sit there for 2 or 3 minutes either. Around 45 seconds to a minute is about right, though it all depends on the amount of weight you’re lifting.

Change Up Your Hand Grip and Stance

For your muscles to grow, they need to be shocked. The philosophy is that our bodies can become accustomed to doing the same exercises over and over.

That’s how we plateau. What you want to do is add some variation to your workouts so you are hitting different areas, working different muscles, and giving your system a little bit of shock.

change up your grip to vary your workout and get bigger

This can come in the form of changing up your hand grip – instead of going overhand on pull-ups, go underhand every once in a while. Same with how you grip when doing a back row or doing lat pull-downs. The same can be said for your stance. When doing squats, sometimes go with a narrower stance, sometimes with a wider stance. This can also be applied to deadlifts or any exercise that involves standing.

Vary Your Tempo

This is pretty much the same philosophy as the earlier tip, and the idea is to add some variation to shock your muscles.

On some days, really bang out the reps at a quick pace (but not too quick as to sacrifice proper form).

On other days, have your normal pace. 

vary the tempo in your workouts to break through plateaus

And finally, on other days, take a slow and deliberate pace to really feel the burn through the exercise. This changing of tempo can keep your muscles guessing and force them to grow to adjust to the new stress.

More Ways to Get Bigger

Sometimes it’s not just how we do exercises, but also what exercises we do. To find an exercise program that is specifically catered to getting bigger muscles, I highly recommend checking out Shortcut to Size, which I review here:

Additionally, supplementation is just as important as following a proper diet and exercise routine. To grow larger, you need more testosterone pumping through your veins. In that area, TestoGen is by far my favorite testosterone booster. You can read my review here:

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November 13, 2018

Inner Chest Workout

tips to blast your inner pecs

Having already provided tips on how to work your upper pecs and build your lower chest, I’d be remiss to neglect pointing out that you also need to be training your inner pec muscles if you really want your chest to pop. Most people neglect this area and just do some bench presses (at varying angles) for their chest workout. While this will hit your upper and lower pecs, it doesn’t do a ton towards building the inner muscles.

You don’t want that big, flat spread in between your pecs, so you need to be hitting the inner area as well. Continue reading below to get some training tips on how to target these muscles and build an impressive set of pecs that will make you want to be shirtless all the time!

Inner Pec Training Tips

While doing some bench presses will work the area in total, you need to be isolating the inner pecs with specific exercises so that the most stress is placed on this area. To do this, you want to do a lot of movements that incorporate bring your arms across the midline of your body, instead of just extending them straight out in front of you. That means you’re going to be doing a lot of butterfly movements, whether it be lying on your back with dumbbells or using a butterfly machine, and doing cross-overs with cables.

Dumbbell Fly

Doing the dumbbell fly will make your chest muscles tight and toned. If you want to hit the inner pecs, this is one of the most important exercises you can do. It is best to do this movement at the beginning of your workout. I’ve repeated this tip many times for all different muscle groups. Whatever muscle area that is stubborn to grow, you want to isolate that area with targeted movements at the beginning of your workout. This way, the muscles are fresh, full of energy, and able to lift the most weight. That’s how muscles are forced to grow.

The video below gives a good instruction on how to perform this exercise. Besides blasting your inner chest, this movement also flattens your torso as you have to use your abs for stabilization. It can also make your waist look slimmer as you build up a more robust chest.

Cable Crossover

This is a movement that I also included in the lower pec workout tips, and it also does a great job at blasting your inner pecs. Going from a high position at the beginning of the movement to a low position at the end will work your lower and inner chest. If you want to target the inner area more specifically, raise the beginning position of the cable to chest high. Then your arms move along a plane parallel to the ground throughout the movement.

Maximize Your Results

Building muscle isn’t just about the exercises you’re doing. You also need to be giving your muscles what they need nutritionally. Testosterone boosting supplements like TestoGen (read my review here) are a great way to increase the growth hormones in your body and build muscle. You can also add the legal steroids like those at Crazy Bulk (reviewed here) to really fuel muscle growth.

November 13, 2018

Training Your Lower Pecs

how to worker your lower chest muscles

When you are trying to build a bigger chest, you need to hit all areas of your pectoral muscles. I previously wrote a post about how to train your upper pecs, and just as important are your lower pec muscles. In this post, I’ll provide some exercises on how to hit this area so you have a nice, rounded form that is pleasant to the eye.

Most people just do some form of bench press and call it a day for their chest muscles. To get the kind of pecs that you’ll see on the cover of a magazine, you really need to build up the underside of your chest. Continue reading for tips on targeting the lower pecs.

Building Your Lower Pecs

This is often the most stubborn area to develop, so you really need to be hitting this area with multiple exercises and different variations to shock these muscles and force them to grow. Here are a few ways you can do that.

Start With Lower Chest

This is a tip that I provided in my write-up about building your upper chest, and the same philosophy applies here.

If you do the lower pec isolated exercises at the end of your workout (after doing the rest of your chest workout), these muscles will be too fatigued to get a good workout in.

You simply will lack the strength and energy to lift the amount of weight you need to on these isolation exercises.

Next time, start your routine with some decline barbell press so that you are hitting your lower chest while that area is still fresh and your strength is at its best.

The idea is to be lifting weights that you haven’t lifted before – you can’t do that when you’re fatigued. Also, try to do higher weight with lower reps to really burn those pec muscles.

Add a Second Lower Pec Exercise

Decline barbell press isn’t the only isolation movement you can do for this area. And it shouldn’t be the only one. Again, when a muscle is stubborn to grow, you need to throw a lot of different looks at it. You need to tear up these muscle fibers and force them to repair and grow back stronger. In addition to decline barbell press, you can also try doing a decline dumbbell press, a Smith machine decline press, cable crossovers, or incline push-ups, just to name a few.

My favorite is cable cross-overs, which you can see illustrated in the video below.

Train Pecs After Rest Days

As said above, you want to target these muscles when they are recovered and able to lift the most weight possible. You don’t grow new muscle if you aren’t pushing against heavy resistance. To be able to make the heaviest lifts possible, don’t train these muscles when they are fatigued. Do your chest workout as the first part of your routine after a rest day. The muscles will be at 100% (or near) and full of energy. This enables you to make the heaviest lifts and really put stress on your pecs.

Other Tips for Muscle Growth

In addition to these exercises, you really should be pushing all areas of your body for growth. This gets your anabolic system firing on all cylinders, spreading muscle growth hormones all through your body. For a complete workout routine designed to stimulate muscle building, I recommend checking out the Shortcut to Size program from Jim Stoppani, reviewed here:

As well as a disciplined workout routine, you should also be supplementing. Make sure your muscles are getting the nourishment they needed. In that regard, I recommend adding a testosterone booster like TestoGen, reviewed here: