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November 15, 2018

Build a Bigger Back

exercises to strengthen your back

If you want that V-shape, that tapered look that is like an upside down Christmas tree, you need to be building up your back muscles. This is a muscle group that is often overlooked by gym-goers. The sexy muscles are the biceps, triceps, chest, and abs, but a broad back can really complete the package. Don’t neglect this area.

On top of looking great, a strong back is so important for your health. It helps with posture and pretty much any kind of activity you engage in. You need to keep your back muscles strong to support your body. Continue reading below for some of the best ways to go about training this area.

How to Strengthen Your Back

If you want to build a solid back, you need to be adding these movements into your lifting routine on a weekly basis. As mentioned above, it’s not only good for aesthetics, but it is also crucial for your overall posture and fitness.


This is one of the most important lifts to have in your routine. It is one of the best ways to build a massive back, and is all around one of the most crucial movements for overall fitness. It strengthens so many different muscle groups as it is a compound exercise, meaning it requires the use of multiple joints and muscles to perform. Start off with a weight that you can handle – the risk of injury is high for this one if you push yourself too hard. The video below describes how to perform this exercise properly.

Dumbbell Row

This is one movement that is really great at isolating your back muscles, as opposed to the deadlift which recruits many muscles to perform. As an added bonus, you also get a great bicep workout with this one. That’s why they always say to match up your biceps workout with your back workout, as well as your triceps with your chest (“backs and bi’s, chest and tri’s”). All you need for this one is a bench and a dumbbell. Repeat with both arms to work both sides of the back.

Lat Pulldowns

Another great way to make the sides of your back flare out, this one will really engage the lateral muscles and can get a little burn in your obliques as well. To vary it up and throw something new at your muscles, some days pull the bar in front of your chin, on others pull it behind your head. Focus on using your back / lateral muscles to pull the bar down, as opposed to using your biceps.

Other Methods for a Bigger Back

Performing the right exercises is only half the battle. Your body also needs proper nutrition to give the muscles the nutrients they need to repair and grow back bigger and stronger. I recommend checking out the following two supplement companies that have worked wonders for gaining mass for me:

November 15, 2018

Strengthen Your Obliques

how to build your obliques

When you are working on your abs, you are probably just doing some crunches and calling it a day. While that may help you get a six-pack since it works all those interior muscles, you’re missing out on a key area that can make for a really defined midsection. If you want a sexy look in the stomach area, you definitely need to be working your obliques.

The obliques are the muscles that are on the outside of your six-pack, above the hips. They basically connect your waist to your ribcage area, and definition in these muscles can make for one impressive physique.

How to Work the Obliques

If you want to work your whole core, you need to throw different looks at it. While crunches and planks are great, you need to throw some twists at your midsection to engage the muscles on the anterior. Here are a few things you can do to get these muscles some stress.

Dumbbell / Barbell Side Bend

If you want to hit those muscles on the side, you need to be adding exercises that engage that area. Side bends are a great way to get these muscles working, and as a bonus it can help strengthen your back as well. Choose a weight that is light enough to comfortably lift, but heavy enough to add resistance to the bend. Perform these with a slow, deliberate pace to feel the muscle burn.

Decline Oblique Crunches

These are like crunches, but with an added twist to them so you get those anterior muscles working. You’ll need to use a decline bench for this, which most gyms should have, or you could improvise with the furniture you have at home by putting your feet up.

Medicine Ball Rotational Throw

If you have a medicine ball at home – which is a piece of home gym equipment I recommend for all my readers – you can do it from there, otherwise, most gyms should have medicine balls of varying weight that you can use. Just like with the dumbbell side bends, pick a weight that adds resistance, but not too heavy as to sacrifice form. The video below illustrates a few variations of this workout to really burn up your obliques.

Plate Twist

For this one, you’ll need a weight plate to add resistance to your sit-ups. Again, the same rules apply – not to heavy, not too light. A little trial and error will find the appropriate weight. This is another that you can do from home, even if you substitute a plate with a household item of similar weight.

Tips for More Muscle Mass

If you want to gain size all over your body, you need to be doing the right exercises that use compound movements that best maximize the results. These kinds of exercises engage the most muscles to promote growth all over. Jim Stoppani put together an amazing workout program called Shortcut to Size, which I review on this page here and definitely recommend taking a look at.

You can also add supplementation to your diet so that you are feeding your muscles what they need to grow. In that regard, I recommend the supplements at Crazy Bulk, which I have reviewed in this post.

November 15, 2018

How to Get Stronger Abs

how to build your ab muscles

Getting a rock solid set of six-pack abs is one of the toughest things you can accomplish in your physique. Not only does it require a consistent exercise routine to work these muscles, but you also need to be following a proper diet. As they say, “abs are made in the kitchen”, and won’t be able to see all your hard work in the gym if the stomach is covered in flab.

If you want diet tips to cut down fat, I have plenty of resources on this site for that. But the purpose of this post is to provide some exercises you can add to your routine to really blast your abs. Add these to your exercises and you’ll be building those abdominal muscles like never before!

Get Bigger Abdominal Muscles

To really build up your abdominal wall, it’s not about finding one good exercise and repeating it over and over again. Rather, what you need to do is a number of different exercises that target and isolate all the different areas so you are building up this whole muscle group. This is a lesson that I preach for a lot of other body areas, like the trap muscles.

Warm Up With Mountain Climbers

This movement will get the blood flowing and engage your abs to stabilize your body throughout the movement. You are probably familiar with this exercise, but in any case, you can find out how to do them in the video below.

Ab Wheel Rollouts

Notice how I’m not telling you to do some crunches. As I said, you need to be doing different movements that target different areas of the abs. This one will target the upper and lower abs. If you roll out at an angle (to either side), you will also engage the oblique muscles. Try to do 3 sets of 10 reps with this one. If these are too tough to do from a pushup position, you can do these from your knees instead of your toes.

Hanging Leg Raises

You’ll need a bar to hang from for this one, which most gyms should have for you. Or perhaps you have something in your basement to hang from? In any case, you need to get off the ground and hang so you are lifting your entire lower body weight. Focus on making the movement from your abdominals, as opposed to your hips and upper legs.

Rope Crunches

Finally, some crunches! But in a modified version. The normal crunch doesn’t provide any resistance. To really grow these muscles, you need to put them through stress above what they normally experience. Adding some weight resistance with a cable is a great way to do this.

Lying Knee Raises

This one is kind of similar to hanging leg raises but hits the muscles a little differently. You don’t need any equipment for this one, so you can perform this one at home if you’d like to. This is a great one to do in between gym sessions. Instead of sitting on the couch watching tv, get a little ab work in!

More Tips for Building Muscle

If you really want to get big, you need to follow a workout program specifically designed for that purpose. The best that I’ve found is the Shortcut to Size program by Jim Stoppani. It is geared towards gaining mass and his physique is the proof of results.

You’ll also want to consider adding muscle building supplements, such as the TestoGen testosterone booster (reviewed here: My gains skyrocketed when adding this to my routine, and I’m confident it can help you, too!

November 14, 2018

Exercises for Bigger Traps

build bigger trap muscles

We all know the amazing shape that Brad Pitt got into for his role in Fight Club, right? I mean, the guy had an absolutely killer physique. I was talking with a lady friend of mine one time about that movie and she started to drool over the image of him shirtless in that film. But that thing that stuck out to me when she went gaga over him wasn’t that she mentioned his abs, rather it was his trapezius muscles that really made her go crazy.

So you heard it from the females, gentlemen. If you want a sexy body, certainly you need a flat stomach, strong arms, well-built chest, but don’t forget to build up those trap muscles!

Best Exercises for Bigger Traps

Here are a few movements that you should add into your workouts ASAP if you want to build those sexy shoulder and neck muscles! This area is separated into three different muscles – the upper, middle, and lower traps, so be sure to work all of them to get them fully formed.

Barbell Shrugs

Do 4 sets of 12-15 reps with this exercise. Aside from barbells, you can also do it with dumbbells by your side, with a Smith machine, and many gyms also have a shrug machine. Check out the video below on how to do it with a barbell. To vary things up and shock your muscles, you can rotate with the barbell behind your back during some sessions.

Bent Over Lateral Raise

This one will not only work your traps really well, but you’ll also get a great workout for your lats and your back, as well as your abs to stabilize your posture. Do 3 sets of 12-15 reps during your upper body workouts. The video below gives instruction on how to do this exercise with proper form.

Face Pull

Love the name of this one. No, you’re not making silly faces. (Completely aside – ever notice how the British say “pulling faces” for what Americans call “making a funny face”? Never understood that one). Anyway, this was a new one to me and I could really feel and see the difference when I added it to my workouts. Try to do 4 sets of 15 reps with this one.

Calf Machine Shoulder Shrug

I love the calf machine – it consistently gives me the best burn in my calves of any other exercise. But not only is it great for that, but you can also use it to do a variation on shoulder shrugs. Remember, to build muscle you need to be throwing new movements and more weight at your body. This shocks the system so it doesn’t get accustomed to the same workout and weight over and over. Try this one out next time you’re in the gym.

Don’t Forget Nutrition

Combined with adding the above exercises to your routine, you can’t forget about giving your muscles the nourishment they need. A workout alone won’t build muscle alone unless you’re getting the right nutrients. That’s why I supplement my diet with the following muscle builders to make the most out of my efforts:

November 13, 2018

Build Your Upper Pecs

how to grow your upper pecs

When you are working on building the chest muscles, you probably are doing some bench press and some butterflies and calling it a day, right? While those are great as total pectoral exercises, they really lack the isolation you need to build some of the supporting muscles that really make your chest pop.

One of the most neglected areas of the chest when lifting weights is the upper pecs. Follow the exercises below in your workout and you’ll really engage these muscles to bring a more rounded form to your pecs that will bulge out of your t-shirt.

Tips to Grow Upper Pec Muscles

Follow these tips below and you’ll get the massive chest of your dreams!

Start Your Workout With Upper Pecs

This first tip doesn’t have anything to do with the kinds of exercises you do. Rather, it has to do with the order in which you perform them. You should start your routine by isolating your upper pectorals first before you go into a total pec exercise. This is because if you do other exercises first, then your upper pecs and shoulders will be too fatigued to get much of an isolation workout later. This way, you’ll be able to lift more weight and do more reps when isolating the upper pecs with targeted movements.

Vary the Incline

Whenever you see somebody using a weight bench to do a press, they are either lying flat on their back or they have it at a 90-degree angle. There is nothing set in stone that these are the only two positions you should do chest presses from. In fact, you should do both of those angles, and everything in between, and everything outside of them to make sure you are hitting your pecs from all angles.

The next time you use a Smith machine or dumbbells to do some presses, vary it up with a low incline, moderate incline, and steep incline to really work all the muscles in the chest group.

upper pec workout

Add More Exercises

An incline bar press or dumbbell press is probably the most common way to work the upper chest. If you really want these muscles to grow, you need to add more exercises to your routine. In addition to doing an incline press, try using the tip above and repeating the presses from all sorts of incline angles. Each different angle will alter the way your muscles have to work to perform the movement. The way to build muscle when you hit a plateau is to vary your workout and shock your body. Change up your exercise routine and make your muscles adjust to this new stress.

Other Tips for Adding Muscle

If it’s not just your upper pecs that are stubborn and you want to add mass all over, I highly recommend checking out the Shortcut to Size workout routine. It is an amazing resource of diet and exercise that is designed for adding mass.

In addition, supplementation is important, which is why you should consider adding a testosterone supplement like TestoGen into your diet. Also, take a look at the supplements at Crazy Bulk to really give your muscles the fuel they need.

November 13, 2018

Build Bigger Shoulder Muscles With These Exercises

building bigger shoulder muscles

If you’ve been trying to get bigger shoulder muscles and seem to have hit a plateau, this post is for you! A lot of people get into this rut by trying to do too much with their muscles. This just leaves them exhausted and frustrated and not getting any gains. If you really want to build a broad set of shoulders, you need to be hitting them from all angles to balance out all the muscle groups and build them as a whole.

Add These Moves for Bigger Shoulders

If you want those big broad shoulders, then you add to start incorporating these movements into your workouts.

Barbell Shrugs

These work great to really blast your shoulders. Take some weight off of the barbell and hold it with both hands in front of you. Just like the name implies, shrug your shoulders. To get the most out of this, hold it in the top position for a few seconds with each rep. Try to do four sets of twenty repetitions each. Make sure this is a part of your weekly routine at the minimum.

Rear Delt Raise

For this exercise, explained in the video below, you can go with lesser weight than you think you need. This is so that it isn’t too heavy as to not be able to keep your elbows at a minimal bend. As with any exercise, it is important to choose a weight that will enable you to use proper form. This avoids injury. Along with blasting your shoulders with this movement, you also get a great back workout.

Side Delt Raise

This is similar to the exercise above, but differs by moving the weights along a different plane. Check the video below on how to perform this movement properly. As cautioned before, choose a weight that is light enough so you can use proper form. This will also stimulate your lats in addition to your shoulders.

Front Delt Raise

Are you catching a theme here? Delt raises, in all of their forms, are a great way to really engage your shoulders and attack them from all angles. It’s building all of these supporting muscles, by working at them from different angles, that will help to build this whole muscle group and add size to your frame. Check the video below on how to properly perform this movement.

Military Press

The key with this exercise (illustrated in the video embedded below) is to do the lifting with your shoulders, and not your legs. Again, this is a list of exercises for building bigger shoulders, so don’t cheat and use your legs on this one. When you get to the top position, hold the weight above your head and slightly behind.

Other Tips to Build Muscle

The above tips are all for shoulders. If you have other muscle groups that have been stubborn to grow, you may like the following resources I put together:

If you want a complete workout routine that is specifically made for adding size, you’ll definitely want to check out this program from Jim Stoppani:

Another way to add size is through supplementation. This will help your muscles recover after all the stress you put them through with these exercises. A couple supplements I recommend can be found here: