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Benefits of Eating Watermelon


One of my favorite things to do is highlight the benefits of consuming different food. And let’s be honest, beverages as well. I’m not one to tell you I don’t drink beer or indulge by having a few too many glasses of tequila, but but of them have benefits if you consume them in moderation. (See the links below.)

When it comes to fruits and vegetables, throw moderation out the window. Eating properly means you are are definitely consuming these food groups, and one fruit that is absolutely delicious, yet packed with benefits, is the watermelon. Today I’ll talk about the health benefits of eating watermelon in hopes to alert you to some of the amazing things that can happen to your body if you decide to load up on this sweet nutrient.

Why is Watermelon Good for You?

#1: It Hydrates You

Watermelon is 92% water, which means that only 8% is other nutrients.

When you consume foods with a high water content (celery is another) you feel full.

Therefore, you eat less.

Watermelon Juice

Scroll down for my watermelon juice hangover cure recipe.

#2: It’s Low in Calories and Nutritious

With only 46 calories per cup, that’s one of the best ratios you’ll find in food. Additionally, there are many vitamins to be found in this fruit, including:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin A
  • Potassium
  • Vitamin B1, B5, and B6
  • Magnesium
Healthy Watermelon

You’ll also get the added benefit of amino acids and beta carotenes, not to mention that it’s packed with antioxidants.

#3: May Prevent Cancer & Improves Heart Health

Lycopenes have anti-cancer effects.

It also lowers blood pressure (like garlic) and cholesterol.

heart health

#4: Potential Cure for Muscle Soreness

Citruline is an amino acid found in watermelons.

According to studies, it’s helped reduce soreness in muscles in athletes.

sore muscles

#5: Skin & Hair

Vitamins A and C are very powerful when it comes to having healthy skin and amazing, flowing hair. (Just ask any hockey player.) You’ll find that there is no shortage of skin care products for sale with vitamin C, which helps produce collagen, as an ingredient getting marketed heavily, and “vitamin c serums” are among the biggest movers day in, and day out, on

hockey hair

#6: Good for Digestion

With a lot of water and a little bit of fiber, there isn’t much more of a powerful fruit to consume when it comes to helping your digestion.


#7: Hangover Cure

Let’s say you went nuts on beer after reading about it’s health traits. Maybe you read my article about tequila and health and decided that one bottle just wasn’t enough.

However you got this hung over, don’t fret. I’ve used watermelon as an insane hangover cure, but you need to make sure you get it in juice form.


I found out about this hack in Medellin, Colombia. After drinking way too much Ron Medellin at a local disco, I was given a pitcher of watermelon juice first thing in the morning. I went from feeling like I got hit by a bus to ready to rumba in just a matter of a few short hours. Turns out the high water content hydrates you (duh) while providing the vitamins our bodies need anyways. This is actually better than water due to the additional benefits of the vitamins in watermelon. It also works as a cleanse by removing toxins from our bodies, which is basically what we want to do – get rid of all the lingering toxins. My favorite recipe is one cup of water, as much cut up watermelon as I can fit in a blender, and some mint. Turn that thing on, make it into juice form, and be ready to be rejuvenated.

8 Testosterone-Boosting Foods


The hormone testosterone is ultra important if you are a man trying to live longer, remain strong, and have a libido. Although it’s much more than just sex drive, you’ll see that it has a direct impact on the way your hair grows, how your sperm is produced, and the overall density of your muscles.

As we age, we lose testosterone. It’s a part of the aging game that we can’t “game,” but we can certainly do our best to boost these levels and recover from having a low t count. Today I’m going to talk about eight foods that will actually help you boost your levels of testosterone. Eating these on a daily basis can help you properly supplement your diet and make you a healthier guy.

Of course, if you aren’t one to cook or vary your nutritional intake, you can also take a daily pill. I recommend this one.

Eight of the Best Testosterone Boosting Foods

#1: Tuna

Packed with vitamin D, you’ll get the benefit of this being linked to living a longer life as well.

Ask any Doctor how important vitamin D is, and you’ll get a ringing endorsement.

Great for your heart, a huge source of protein, and low calorie, it’s no wonder bodybuilders are so into eating tuna.


#2: Low Fat Milk With Vitamin D

We all know that milk is loaded with calcium, which is great for your bones. Also a solid source of protein, you’ll get a ton of, you guessed it, vitamin D. No need to go over the benefits as I literally just did that, but if you are going the milk route make sure to read the label and ensure you select a low fat or skim milk that is fortified with vitamin D. You definitely don’t want the added saturated fat.


#3: Egg Yolks

Push aside the news that cholesterol is so bad for you, and lean on the good old vitamin D.

 Do I sound like I’m repeating myself yet?

The yolks are shown to have more nutrients than the whites, so don’t believe the great white hype, as they say.

Egg Yolks

#4: Fortified Cereals

There are brands of cereal, which you’ve probably been told is bad for you, that have vitamin D.

Give them a solid look if you are a fan of cereal.

I am!


#5: Oysters

My favorite food that always leaves me still hungry after eating dozens of them! One of the most important nutrients men can consume is zinc.

It affects the male hormones through puberty all the way until we are grown ups. Having additional zinc in your diet will benefit you in many ways, and oysters are FULL of zinc.


#6: Shellfish

As I have moved towards eating more of a Mediterranean diet, I’ve added more shellfish to my eating routine.

I just posted and amazing seafood tower on my Instagram page, and hey, I did it all for the zinc!

shrimp pic

#7: Beef

Oh yeah, you may know that this is my kryptonite. Make sure that if you are watching your weight that you know which cuts of beef are the most lean.

Whatever cut you choose, know that you can increase your testosterone levels quite a bit, while also adding, you guessed it, a bit more vitamin d and sometimes even some zinc.


#8: Beans

Full of plant-based proteins that will benefit your heart, you’ll also get the added bonus of vitamin D as well as zinc.

If you haven’t seen how important those two nutrients are by now, well, I just can’t help you. 🙂


If you are looking to up your testosterone levels, consider adding any of those foods to your diet. Like anything in life, do it in moderation.

And of course, I just couldn’t leave you without posting a pic of the massive shellfish tower I recently enjoyed! Follow me on Instagram for more healthy living tips with a twist of humor!

September 28, 2018

Benefits of Drinking Tequila


As I ponder what I’m going to get into tonight, sipping some solid Anejo tequila is always a solid option.  Paired with a fine cigar, there is no better way for me to unwind, relax, and reflect on a week or progress.  While I ponder that snifter of dark tequila with caramel and toffee notes, I couldn’t help but to wonder what are the possible health benefits of drinking tequila?

Today, I am proud to present them to you after conducting research all the while staring at a bottle of Don Julio 1942 tequila.

Benefits of Drinking Tequila

I had to say that I went into this hoping there as more benefit when compared to drinking beer, which I just delved into in an earlier post.  What I found today solidified my decision to keep this as my sipping booze of choice.

Don Julio Real

Considered one of the rarest and best tequilas on the planet.

#1:  Digestion

If you are able to consume a 100% blue agave tequila after eating an entire meal, you’ll find your ideal digestif.  This is because the agave plant has a lot of inulin, which aids digestions activating good bacteria in your body.  This will help an upset stomach and in turn, allow you to digest your meal properly.

#2:  Prebiotic

I’m a huge fan of probiotics and highly recommend you read this page for more information on that.  However, unlike probiotics, a prebiotic is a type of plant fiber that treats the good bacteria already residing in the colon or large bowel.  So you have that going for you, which is nice.

#3:  Weight Loss

We all love to keep our ideal weights, right?  Personally I like to do this the natural route instead of taking pills for this, so if drinking tequila is going to help me stay at my fighting weight (or let’s be honest, my comic weight) I’m all for it.  Turns out, there is a sugar in tequila called Agavins, and it helps promote weight loss!  It won’t raise your blood sugar levels, and I even found a 2008 study that was done on mice who kept a basic diet plan and then consumed water with agavins added.  They were found to eat less overall and also lowered their blood sugar levels when compared to the sample set that did not consume the water with agavins added!  You’ll get the added benefit of the hormone produced by the agavin group, called GLP-1, which will make your stomach feel full for a longer period of time. The administration of broad-spectrum antibiotics for children is possible, however, not in all cases. All dosages for children of different ages are usually calculated per 1 kg of body weight and do not exceed adult doses. If you want to understand which drug belongs to the list of children’s antibiotics with wide coverage pathogenic microorganisms, you need to carefully read the attached instructions. Do not forget that each antibiotic has its own age characteristics.

#4:  Diabetes

If you have type two diabetes, you’ll be happy to hear that the same study I referenced above found that lower blood glucose levels and higher insulin levels were found in the mice consuming the water with agavins.

#5:  Dementia

Whoa, this one threw me off!

Apparently having a few tequilas can go a long way towards cutting the risk of dementia.  A study done in 2009 showed that people who had in the range of eight to 14 cocktails per week had a 37 percent lesser risk of getting dementia compared to the rest of the world.  These people were “older” according to the source (right here.)  I just envision the movie Cocoon combined with the Hangover.

At the end of the day, you’ll never find anyone suggesting that you should binge drink.  We are all guilty of it at one point or another, but know that the odd happy hour or social outing just isn’t as bad as it is cracked up to be.  Tequila.  It’s what’s for dinner.

September 28, 2018

Health Benefits of Drinking Beer


​Sometimes I really like my job as a health blogger that shares FACTS about what we put into our bodies.  Today, I could not be happier to present my case on the benefits of drinking beer.

The Known Health Benefits of Drinking Beers

​Let’s be real, this is all talking about drinking beer in moderation. I’m all for the odd binge, but nobody, and I mean NOBODY, in the health world that considers themselves a professional will tell you that binge drinking beer is a solid idea.  So, when you drink beer, keep that in mind.  In moderation, there are about fifteen reasons that you can pat yourself on the back for having a few cold ones.

Heart Health

​You could quite possibly reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by drinking beer.  It will thin your blood and therefore, clotting may be prevented. As a blood clot survivor, I can tell you, you do not want a blood clot.

Weight Loss

​I scoffed at this, and read the entry I found on ​this page three times.  Turns out, beer has xanthohumol, which can reduce weight and cholesterol levels.​

Cholesterol Reduction

​Like I said above, it can lower cholesterol.  Another reason is that it has the ability to boost lipoprotein levels.  As a bonus, you’ll get fiber, which is also a great reducer of cholesterol levels.

Bowel Movement

​Once again, you are getting fiber with beer.  To the tune of about 20% of your daily recommended dosage!

Minimizes Risk of Cancer

​Xanthohumol, as I mentioned earlier, in found in beer.  What I didn’t mention earlier is that it can contribute to the prevention of cancer.

Mental Health

​This one takes the cake for me and solidifies my attendance at Happy Hour today. Beer has the ability to protect against neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  We all know how debilitating those diseases are.  You’ll also benefit from an increased amount of dopamine, which can make you feel more relaxed.

Minimizes the Risk of Diabetes

​That is never a bad thing!

Reduces Risk of Kidney Stones

​​It’s made up mostly of water, which can prevent kidney stones. I’ve never had any stones. Just sayin’.

Boosts Vitamin B Levels

​And we all know that boosting any level of vitamins is good.  B6 prevents the risk of heart disease.  #Boom

Cures Insomnia

​Lactoflavin found in beer can help you sleep better!

Skin and Hair Benefits 

​Vitamins in beer can prevent acne.  And let’s be real, who likes acne?

Delays the Aging Process

​​Levels of vitamin E shoot up when you drink beer, and this is a great help to your skin care routine, which will essentially make you look younger.

Flushes out the Body

With it’s diuretic properties beer will make you urinate more, and this gets rid of toxins in the body. It may sound like an oxymoron to put toxins in to get toxins out, but these are facts!

These benefits of drinking beer aren’t going to make me switch from vodka and tequila to beer, but it will solidify my position at the bar during happy hour tonight!

As the Germans would say, “PROST!”

September 27, 2018

The Pro’s and Con’s of a Plant Based Diet

Fruits & Vegetables

A plant-based diet is similar to vegetarian and vegan diets in some ways, but first, let’s differentiate the two. A vegetarian diet eliminates all meat and animal products including honey, milk, and eggs. A vegan diet, on the other hand, solely relies on whole foods produced by plants, such as vegetables, fruits, and legumes.

In comparison to a vegan diet, a plant-based diet gives you a higher chance of losing weight. A plant-based diet focuses on whole foods and avoids processed foods. It uses a little oil and adds a few sugars. Vegan diets may exclude animal products but they don’t prohibit calories, sugars, and fats.

Advantages Of A Plant-Based Diet

This type of diet is free of cholesterol and low in saturated fat. It’s abundant in minerals, vitamins, fiber, and antioxidants. Research says that following this diet will reduce your risks of certain diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, and hypertension.

A plant-based diet can also lower your risks of digestive disease, obesity, and colon cancer. Since it consumes whole foods, it’s also helpful in reducing your body weight and cholesterol levels.

Veggie Casserole

Disadvantages Of A Plant-Based Diet

Keep in mind that this type of diet eliminates all animal products. This a great challenge for many people who love meat, dairy, and eggs.

Also, if you don’t plan it properly, you’ll end with a lack of nutrition on your body. The lack of protein, vitamins, and minerals may leave your body weak and sickly.

So, if you want to switch to this type of diet, plan properly especially if you’re eating fewer fruits and vegetables at the moment. Switch to the plant-based diet gradually by integrating more greens in your diet until you can sustain for several days without any animal products or processed foods.

What Are The Best Sources Of Protein?

To meet the daily recommended amount of protein in your diet without eating slabs of beef, you can try nuts, peanuts, and almonds. You can also consume seeds, like chia and quinoa.

Other great sources of protein are beans, lentils, split peas, and edamame. Soy products (like tofu, soybeans, soy milk, tempeh, etc.) are also good sources of protein.


How To Get Sufficient Vitamins And Minerals

Since plant-based diet eliminates dairy, you can consume milk from alternative sources, like rice, soy, and almond. These milk alternatives contain calcium and the vitamin D required for absorption. You can also get your daily calcium needs from dark green leafy lettuce and beans.

To get vitamin D, consume mushrooms and fortified cereals or you can take vitamin D supplements if essential and bask in the sun. You may also need sufficient zinc, iron, and vitamin B12 to generate red blood cells and avert anemia. Good sources of zinc and iron are whole grains, beans, and fortified cereals. For vitamin B12, consume soy products and nutritional yeast.

Related Post:  How to Not Fall off Your Diet Plan.

How To Get Started

Getting started with a plant-based diet is pretty simple- just eliminate animal products gradually. First, substitute milk and dairy with soy, rice, hemp, and almond products. You can try vegan soy or rice yogurt, vegan cheeses, vegan sour cream, and soy coffee creamer.

Next, substitute all animal-based meat with plant proteins. Try consuming legumes, nuts, seeds, beans, and vegan meat products (like tempeh, veggie burgers, and seitan). Don’t forget to include all four food groups at every meal- plant-based protein, fruit, vegetables, and whole grain.

September 26, 2018

Man Loses 91 Pounds on Keto Diet and Running

Jason Aberly

Weight loss stories always inspire me.  I was fat, depressed, and unhappy about five years ago.  I was bloated, tired, and sloppy.  Then, I met a girl who gave me a kick in the ass and I lost thirty pounds thanks to diet and exercise.  Here I am, just five short years later, with a healthy living blog I do for fun and education.  Today’s inspirational post is about a man who lost 91 pounds. I’ll talk about how he did it, as well as all of the details of his journey, in this five minute read.

Oh, his wife lost 50 pounds as well.  #BOOM

Insane 91 Pound Weight Loss on the Keto Diet

In a little over a year, Jason Aberly turned one mile runs into a marathon.  Along the way he lost almost 100 pounds, according to this Men’s Health story.

The Colorado native, just 38 years young, was an avid hiker until his family life made him abruptly stop.  As the time passed on, his hikes were well behind him, and the number of steps he took each day dwindled as his waist line grew.  He ballooned to 270 pounds.

Jason Aberly

Jason during heavier times.

The former EMT who is now a stay at home Dad who took care of his children and family stated that he “gained all the weight just basically from living my life.”

When he stated that he couldn’t pick up his son due to his belly getting in the way he knew that it was time for a change.

He started with half mile increments, and then moved on to running and walking, as his body permitted him.

He would seek out landmarks and over time, just add another one and keep on building.

His wife, Amanda, eventually joined him and made this a family affair.  The story added that they weren’t focused on weight loss, they just wanted to achieve goals.

May of 2017 rolled around and they set their sights on a 10k race, the Bolder Boulder run.  In advance of this race, Aberly set out to change the diet habits of the entire family.

His breaking point was the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, where he learned of the Keto Diet.  This eating plan is now famous and is mainly structured by eating fat with a low amount of carbs.

Eating typical keto meals like avocado, eggs, and proteins for breakfast, as well as burgers sans bun for dinner, he moved to add more vegetables into his diet plan.  They remain his only carbs he consumes to this day!

Eventually, Aberly ran into a plan for intermittent fasting and gave it a try by accidentally skipping breakfast.  Using the plan of eating for 8 hours while fasting for 16, he has lost 91 pounds, dropping his weight to 179 pounds!

While he tracks all of his calorie consumption on apps, he’s also upped his running game.  He’s got a half marathon planned and is planning on trying a full marathon in 2019.

Oh, and what about his wife?  She lost 50 pounds as well!


His advice to men his age?  “Don’t wait.”

I could not agree more.  There is no time like the present to get healthy, happy, and stress free.  I tip my cap to Jason and Amanda and wish them a lot of success in the future.

I’m currently intermittent fasting and can relate to this article as I get my carbs from vegetables as well.  Who here is currently doing the Keto diet?  I know it’s popular but I haven’t gone through it to totally get myself a game plan and give it the old college try.  Would love to hear from you!