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December 26, 2018

Best Diets for 2019

what is the best diet to follow in 2019?

Are you looking to get into better shape in 2019? It’s one of the biggest resolutions that is made year after year, but many people make it through the first few weeks and then give up. The gym that was once packed to the brim the first couple weeks of January becomes a barren wasteland as the month goes on.

This year, don’t let that be you! It does take a lot of discipline to get healthier, but it is not impossible! If you are looking to transform your body in the coming year, now is the time to be planning ahead so it isn’t as big of an adjustment when January comes around.

There are many diets that are getting a lot of buzz lately that could be the perfect solution to the “new you” in 2019. Continue reading below to find out what diets are hot in 2019!

Most Popular Diets of 2019

Not every diet is for everybody. They all have very different meal plans and some will be more appealing (and feasible for you than others). The key is to find the one that aligns most with your tastes, goals, and lifestyle. That way it is much easier to stick with it for the long-term to guarantee success. If you choose a diet that is just way too far from your tastes or habits, it will be tougher to commit to it and you’ll just go back to where you were in the beginning.

While the list of the best diets of 2019 isn’t limited to these choices below, these are the ones that are getting the most attention.

Keto Diet

If you follow the diet industry at all, surely you have heard of this one. This is a diet that puts your body into a state of ketosis, whereby you burn fat for energy as opposed to carbohydrates. As you can guess, the meals in this diet consist of minimizing the carbs that you eat and loading up on healthy fats. It is a tough transition, and quite an adjustment from your normal habits, but can produce amazing results if you commit yourself to it.

Paleo Diet

This diet is a throwback to the way our ancestral hunter-gatherers used to eat. You essentially are cutting out processed and packaged foods and consuming more “whole foods”. That means lots of plant foods like fruits and vegetables, as well as lean proteins. Everybody knows that processed foods aren’t good for you. This diet allows a lot more food variety than the one listed above and is a very popular option with all the tasty meals that you can diets for weight loss in 2019


The primary objective for this diet is to lower your blood pressure, but it is also an effective route to losing weight. It is widely considered as one of the healthiest food plans you can follow. If you want some more information on this one, you can find my detailed write-up here.

Mediterranean Diet

Many diets come and go and are just fads, but some of them have true staying power. The Mediterranean Diet is one that has stayed at the forefront of popularity for a simple reason – it works! It consists of eating meals that are comprised of foods that those in the Mediterranean area (Greece, Italy, etc.) eat. A big advantage for this one is all of the delicious foods that entails. To find out more, check out my full review on this page here.

December 26, 2018

Drew Barrymore Diet Tips

Find out how Drew Barrymore changed her diet to lose 25 pounds

The New Year is approaching, and with that comes a lot of resolutions. One of the most common New Year’s Resolutions you see have to do with diet and fitness. If that is the case for you, be sure to read this post where I go into detail on what kinds of resolutions to avoid if you want to set yourself up for success.

It’s not just us common folk who make goals for their health and wellness in the new year, as many celebrities have ambitions like this as well. One such celeb is Drew Barrymore, who has struggled with fluctuating weight in her adult life and resolved to get more fit this past year.

In a recent Instagram post, Barrymore shared some before and after photos of her body transformation. What was the secret in her diet that led to her success? Continue reading below!

Drew Barrymore’s Weight Loss

It should come as no surprise when you hear that the secret ingredient to her success isn’t such a secret. She said in an interview that she ate a hefty amount of salad to fuel her weight loss. No big secret there, but it just reaffirms much of what we know about eating healthy.

In her Instagram post, Barrymore states:

Here is me in a before pose and then 25 pounds later in the same place. You can tell my face is so much thinner! This takes me so much work. Diet and exercise and fighting like a lion for it!”

She reconfirms what I’ve been saying all along. If you want to get healthy, it all comes down to diet and exercise. Make smart choices in the kitchen and make sure to stay active. Consume fewer calories than you burn off through activity and there is no other result than losing weight. If you need an extra boost to speed up your progress, add in some diet pills like these to ramp up your metabolism and if you stay disciplined you can crush your goals.

According to a friend who spoke to Hollywood Life, as quoted in this article on, Barrymore started eating clean by cutting all processed foods from her diet. She upped her dose of salads and fresh vegetables and replaced unhealthy snacking with more nutritious options like nuts. It is mentioned that she cut carbs from her meals, so it sounds like a little bit of ketosis may be a reason for her success as well. She also increased her protein intake, focusing on lean proteins like chicken and fish, with a steak on occasion.

My Thoughts

I have to tip my hat to Ms. Barrymore. She nailed it – both in how she looks after all that hard work and the route she took to get there. Eating right and putting in the work in the gym, there is no substitute! You hear it preached all the time, but it can’t be stressed enough! There is no magic pill that will get you there. You need to be watching what you eat, and staying active to burn off those excess calories. Follow a similar plan in the New Year and these results can be yours as well!

December 26, 2018

Alcohol and Coffee for a Longer Life

coffee and alcohol, in moderation, can lead to a longer life

When you think of alcohol and coffee, you think of vices. Everybody has their vices, and you can be sure that coffee and beer are two of mine! However, while there are definitely some drawbwaf thse if you overdo them, when taking them in moderation there are actually some amazing health benefits.

I was browsing the news today and I saw an article about coffee and alcohol can actually extend your life! That definitely piqued my interest since I’m such an avid drinker of both, so I figured I’d get the details and pass them along to my readers who could benefit from such information.

Live Longer With Coffee and Alcohol

I came across this article on and immediately had to see what it was all about. I have previously written about the health benefits of beer, and have written reviews of many of the best coffee diet pills as well, so I knew a little bit about the topic, but wanted to find out more.

The first thing that really popped out at me was the first sentence:

[…]people who drink moderate amounts of alcohol or coffee and are overweight in their 70s live longer lives. 

The key thing that jumped out was the caveat “and are overweight.” This is based on a study that has been ongoing since 2003 by researchers at UC Irvine where they examined people who lived beyond the age of 90. It was found that those who consume alcohol and coffee, in moderation, lived longer than individuals who did not drink either beverage.

​But on top of that, it was also found that people who were overweight in their 70s lived longer lives than those who were of normal weight or were underweight in their 70s. I feel like this is even more compelling news than the headline that talks about beer and coffee. It goes against everything that we espouse about health and wellness.

Alcohol and Coffee

The simple rule is to eat healthy and get exercise so you are in good shape, have a strong immune system, and have a longer life. But now they are saying that being overweight in your older age can lead to more longevity? I’d be curious to read more about this, and the original article has a link to the full study. Perhaps when I have a moment I will take a deeper dive and see if they go into further analysis on this aspect.

Perhaps carrying extra weight makes you a little more resilient? You have more food stores for your body to subside on? Maybe there is a little more cushion and less frailty if you, by chance, suffer from a fall at an old age. A relative of mine just took a tumble and broke her hip. She is in her 90s, and unfortunately that kind of injury can be a death sentence as it sidelines your mobility for quite a while, and your bones just don’t recover as quickly as they used to.

Sorry to get a bit off track here, but the topic of “coffee and alcohol” drew me in at first, but I feel like they buried the lede with the finding about being overweight. If any of my readers have some insight on this aspect, please comment below!

December 20, 2018

Benefits of a Healthy Diet

positive effects from eating a healthy diet

It is no secret that America has a serious problem with health. I’m not just talking about health care, which is a whole other ball of wax. In general, Americans are out of shape. In another post on here, I talked about the recent study indicating that U.S. adults are shorter and fatter than they were a decade ago. Obesity is at an all-time high, with close to 70% of Americans falling in the range of being overweight or obese. That’s not good.

Despite all of this, and with all the resources that we have, losing weight is still a challenge to many. They hop around all the new diet fads that they hear about from friends or see on social media. They stick with it for a while, get bored and quit, and yo-yo back up to their previous weight (if not heavier).

However, a lot of people have the solitary goal of weight loss. They just care about what the number is on the scale. While that can be great motivation, the real goal should be better health in general. There are a lot of benefits to following a healthy diet that has nothing to do with weight loss!

Why a Healthy Diet is Important

Researchers at Harvard examined a few of the popular diets that are trending these days to see what kind of benefits they provided the body, beyond just losing weight. The first that was examined was the DASH Diet. This stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, and as you can guess, they found that blood pressure was dramatically reduced in diet participants.

A second study took the DASH Diet and added a limitation to sodium intake.

At the end of this study, it was found that it provided an even bigger drop in hypertension and produced effects that are similar to that of blood pressure medication. It reminds me of another post I wrote about the effect of exercise on blood pressure.

the benefits of following a healthy diet

It is clearly evident that a healthy lifestyle, combining a smart diet and physical activity, can do as much good as prescription medication.

Key Takeaway

In the end, the main finding to come out of these studies is that for people who are overweight or obese, you can improve your health in more ways than just losing weight. Following a healthy diet, making smart choices in the kitchen, avoiding unhealthy snacking, etc. can a world of difference in so many ways.

Reducing blood pressure can minimize the risk factors of so many more serious issues, such as the risk of heart attack, stroke, or other cardiovascular problems. If you are afflicted with this condition and simply just taking medication to alleviate the issue, it’s time you start eating better and getting more exercise.

You can start by limiting your sodium intake. Eliminate, as much as possible, any canned, packaged, or processed foods. Try to work more whole foods into your meals, and choose healthy snack options like veggie sticks instead. Every little bit of positive change makes a huge difference for your health!

December 20, 2018

Tips to Make the Keto Diet Easier

how to make the keto diet easier to embrace

There is no doubt that the Keto Diet is a great way to lose weight. The science behind it is simple and makes so much sense. The basics of it are eating more healthy fats and fewer carbohydrates. Your body normally uses carbs as energy. By depleting this nutrient in our body, it is forced to burn fat for fuel. The result – fat loss and shedding excess pounds!

However, it can be tough to implement this diet and even tougher to stick with it. It certainly takes a lot of commitment and discipline to follow through with it to full effect. You can’t just partially follow this diet – you won’t reach ketosis that way.

While it may be tough to embrace, here are some tips that can make it a bit easier.

Making the Keto Diet Easier to Follow

These tips are provided by the South Beach Diet, who is launching a keto-friendly program in 2019 to get the best of both diets. Here is what they suggest to make getting to ketosis, and staying there, easier to embrace.

Count Your Net Carbs

Since the basis of this diet is to minimize carbohydrates, you need to be closely monitoring your food and drink intake to make sure you are limiting your carbs.

It takes careful planning, but you should try to stick to fewer than 50 net carbs per day. Net carbs can be calculated by taking your total grams of fiber and sugar alcohols consumed, then subtracting out your total carbohydrate grams.

If you’re in the range of 40-50 net carbs, you’re in the right area.

Stay Away From Beans, Legumes, and Fruits

It is hard to avoid fruit since it is such a staple of a healthy diet. However, fruit is loaded with simple carbohydrates like glucose. Aside from the occasional indulgences, stay away from beans, legumes, and most fruits if you want to keep your net carb total down. For a healthy alternative, try leafy greens, broccoli, cauliflower, or mushrooms. Pretty much substitute veggies for fruit.

Drink Enough Water

When you’re following a keto diet, your fiber intake will be way down. That is why it is crucial to be drinking enough water to make your digestive system more efficient. Proper hydration can help ward off constipation and other bowel issues. Drinking water before a meal also makes you feel full faster, which can help prevent overeating.

Vary It Up

Many people quit a diet because they get bored with the food choices, often eating the same thing day after day. There is a lot of literature on foods that are acceptable for keto that you should be able to vary it up enough to not get bored with it. Also, since many foods are restricted when going keto, make sure to take a multivitamin so you aren’t deficient in some essential nutrients that you aren’t getting from your food.

The key takeaways are to follow a keto diet in the safest, healthiest way possible. It takes a lot of planning and discipline, but the benefits are well worth it!

December 20, 2018

Healthiest States in America

what states are the healthiest?

As it comes to the end of the year, many of you are probably making New Year’s Resolutions. The most common resolutions have to d0 with diet and fitness – if that’s the case, avoid these diet resolutions. You may be looking at yourself and wanting to improve your physique and your health – which is great!

However, did you ever look around and wonder if your environment also has something to do with your weight? How do you measure up against your local peers? Just as they do every year, the United Health Foundation came out with their annual list of the healthiest, and the unhealthiest states in the country. How did your state fare? Find out below.

What State is Healthiest in the US?

When you get to the list below, the rankings indicate that the states that placed above you are considered to be healthier than your state, while those below you are less healthy. These rankings are made up of a number of factors, and just because you place in the top it doesn’t necessarily mean you have high marks all across the board. There are things that the top states perform poorly in, and likewise, there are things that the bottom states do well. The aggregate is what makes up the final ranking.

Ranking Factors

They take a total of 35 different factors when putting together these rankings. These 35 factors are split into a variety of categories:

  • Behaviors that are chosen in your lifestyle
  • Community and environmental factors
  • Public policy at the state level
  • Level of clinical care
  • Hospital quality

These factors for each state are examined by a scientific advisory board, which then assigns a rank to each state within each factor. These 35 rankings are then aggregated to make the overall list rank.

Most Healthy States

This year, the top rankings are as follows:

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

This is the same five that made the top of the list last year, though they were in a different order.

Most Unhealthy States

These are the 5 worst states for health, with the top state listed below being the 50th ranked overall, then the 49th, and so on.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5

Is it a coincidence that all of these lie in the South, particularly the Southeast? Does it have anything to do with their diet – lots of fried food? Is the level of health care not as strong in that region? Is there a lack of exercise compared to other regions of the country? I’d be curious to find out why this particular region is so strongly represented at the bottom of the list.

Key Takeaways

The most concerning finding in this study is that obesity has hit an all-time high. It rose more than 5% from the prior year, and now nearly one in three (31.3%) of Americans can be considered obese.

rank of healthiest states

On top of that, and probably related given that obesity can lead to many risk factors for your health, another eye-opener is that the premature death rate rose 3% from the prior year. This is defined as death before the age of 75.

My Thoughts

It is kind of the nature vs. nurture thing. Does having unhealthy people around you make you more likely to be unhealthy yourself? Whatever the environment, it is important for everyone to take care of themselves with smart diet choices and a healthy and active lifestyle.