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September 10, 2018

The Facts About the Carnivore Diet


Many people will battle about how diets work until the cows come home.  (Literally, since we are talking about beef here.)  The carnivore diet is getting a bad rap by people, and Good Housekeeping cites that it can lead to vitamin and mineral deficits.  Today I’ll share some facts about this diet, from a guy who loves beef, but has gone a bit cleaner and focuses on plant-based foods more than simply protein.

How the Carnivore Diet Works

In this diet, which is amazingly simple to follow, you eat only beef, salt, and water.

Cows in Pasture

The average American will eat 222 pounds of beef this year. (Source:

It’s sort of like the Keto Diet, but not really.  You can’t eat vegetables, fruits, (Adios, Kiwi), nuts, legumes, seeds, or any dairy products.  It claims to assist in weight loss, but as mentioned, it certainly lacks the vitamins and minerals a steady diet consisting of the four food groups will give you.  When you omit many vitamins and nutrients, you can suffer from bone loss as well as organ failure.

Yikes!  Maybe that’s why this wasn’t named in the most popular social media diets?

I’ll once again go on record saying that I will never pass up a rib-eye, made black and blue or at the very odd occasion – rare.

However, without any greens or fruits I could never subscribe to this diet plan.  I love steak, and could eat it daily.  In fact, I used to until I learned how to cook fish and found out how delicious poke bowls are.

It’s fun hearing from the like-minded beef enthusiasts out there that will say this diet is life-changing, but if I’m going to go for mostly protein, I’m going to do something like the anabolic diet that allows me to eat some greens and not get so bored with simply one food.

The diet also calls for some weird things, namely infrared saunas and cryotherapy, giving your body both extremes – hot – and cold.  This is said to have a metabolic affect, but hey, you can do those anyway without this beef diet.

Can you imagine how regular you must be when you just eat beef? No need for these pills.  

Why You Should Avoid the Carnivore Diet

Let’s start – and end – with the fact that there is zero scientific backing to this diet.

Of course a low carb diet can help speed up weight loss, there aren’t any long term studies on people to make sure they are safe for a lifetime.  Sure, many people who follow a Paleo lifestyle will cite their successes, but again, until an actual agency with some credentials pipes up, we can’t assume anything.

I’ll never turn down a solid piece of beef – or heck – an American Wagyu steak at Snake River Farms – but the prospect of organ problems and mineral deficiencies that could lead to bone loss, pain, and failure simply freak me out.

But hey, if this is something you want to do, go ahead.  I’ll be right along side you eating beef, but with a side salad or some vegetables.

If you suffer from obesity, my advice to you would be to try one of these fat burning supplements.  Unlike the carnivore diet, these have some scientific data behind them.

September 8, 2018

Roundup of Diets Creating a Buzz on Social Media

Plant Diets

To diet, or not to diet, that is the question.  If you ask any personal trainer there is no such thing as a diet.  Most will rebuff your inquiry with “eating clean is a lifestyle, not some fad.”  While I’m not one to let my indulgences stop me from trying culinary greatness, I do eat rather clean for a guy who can act like a complete savage at times.  Today’s attempt at humor is going to delve into a round up of popular diets on social media.  I read about it here, and boy, this should be a doozy.

Popular Instagram and Twitter Diets

Most people buy into diets from some talk show or late night infomercial, but with the way the social landscape is setting, people are getting all of their tips through “influencers,” which are basically people who are loud, proud, and active on social media.  Some are women who have physiques that men want to grab onto and smash, others are simply motivational.  Whatever it is, it’s a different delivery style when compared to how I grew up – learning from infomercials.

In 2018 alone we’ve seen a few trends shoot out of a cannon.  Stuff like the Ketogenic Diet have gone on to massive successes thanks in part to people who do them, have a following, and tell everyone about it.  Take “The Keto Guido,” from the Jersey Shore – Vinny Guadagnino.

Follow his Keto journey on Instagram:

A sample keto diet meal (from Vinny’s Instagram.)

When people like Vinny make mentions of it, hashtag it, and promote it, the sensation goes viral.  Traffic explodes, and brands are built.

According to Cooking Light (referenced above) the most talked about diet online right now is a Vegan diet.

Social influencers are promoting the crap out of the vegan diet and according to reports, over 50% of the leading social media people are talking about it in one way or another.  A simple search for the hashtag #vegan on Instagram has over 64 million posts.  (That’s huge.)

Coming in next was the popular gluten free diet trend, followed by a close third place showing by vegetarian diets.

Is it just me, or are vegans very loud and proud about their ways?  It’s almost like the gay community when they pipe up and promote their people.  (This is NOT a knock, plenty of gay friends here.)

Ironically, the top five most talked about foods on these social media engines are chocolate, chicken, salad, cheese, and cake.

To me, even more eye opening, is that people aren’t posting pics of fruit?  As you may have seen, I love Kiwi Fruit!

As a carnivore, I will say that me and my group of buddies who order rib-eyes (black and blue of course) never really go to Instagram to post pics.  On the flip side, many people I follow are posting pics of their vegan dishes and plant-based lifestyles.  The article also mentions that of the five foods mentioned, many have vegan or vegetarian alternatives, and that category, as they correctly note – is exploding.  As a guy who consumes mayo like none other, I do choose to use the vegan alternative.

They also list pizza, (heck yeah) butter, fish, and ice cream which are popular mentions that have vegan alternatives. Heck, if you have followed along for a few weeks you may have seen I talked about a vegan pre-workout supplement.

Moral of today’s story? 

People who eat plant-based diets are really sharing their stories like none other.  They have a passion for their lifestyle and eating habits, and I’m totally cool with that.  When something feels good, share it with your people.

Happy Saturday, everyone.  I’m personally celebrating my son’s birthday and will be eating a Mediterranean style diet today with us heading out for some fancy Seafood!

Lobster for dinner

Tonight I’ll be diving into one of these bad boys.

What are ya’ll getting into?


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