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review of Endoca Hemp Oil

Given that most of the CBD oils I review on this site originate in Colorado, it’s refreshing to find a brand that is cultivated elsewhere in the world. This particular brand, Endoca, is grown in the countryside outside of Barcelona, Spain. The conditions there are absolutely perfect for growing these crops. The sun touches down on them just right, the climate is great, and Endoca can grow outdoors in nature as opposed to indoors with hydroponics or aquaponics.

About Endoca CBD Hemp Oil

I love CBD products that are grown outdoors in the sun. I don’t think I have a discerning enough palate to tell the difference, but it just gives me comfort. Crops grown indoors just give me a manufactured feel. I prefer things that are grown naturally. These hemp plants are sun-kissed in Spain the quality shines through in their products.

Extraction Method

Like many of the other top CBD brands I recommend, Endoca utilizes a CO2 extraction method to cultivate their oil. This is far preferable over the use of solvents, which can leave residual chemicals in the final product. With CO2 extraction, the plant is put through stages of temperature and pressure to obtain the oil. No other chemicals touch it, leaving just the pure stuff behind. All of their processes follow Good Manufacturing Practices and their products are lab-tested for purity and potency.

Endoca sells both decarboxylated oils and raw oils. I like having a variety to choose from, and having tried both, they are great. I hadn’t had raw CBD oil before trying out this brand, and it is pretty amazing.

Endoca Products

There is a wide variety of products available at this brand’s site. They make something for everyone! For me, I’m a big fan of the hemp oil, the most common form that you get these types of products. In addition to that, you can also get CBD crystals, which can be mixed with herbs to vape or smoke. Crystals can also be added to tinctures or dabbed pure. If you aren’t a fan of inhalation methods, they also have hemp oil capsules and CBD chewing gum, as well as skin care products. Also, this is a bit different from other brands, they also have suppositories (insert into your rectum). Yeah, I’m staying away from that last one, but some users do not like oral methods, whether it be because their stomach can’t handle it, or they need it for bowel relief.

Color, Flavor, and Scent

The raw oil from Endoca is a pretty thick, darker green color. The reason for this is because they are raw oil products that are not processed other than the CO2 extraction.

The plant components (chlorophyll, cbd oil products from Endocaterpenes, etc.) have not been filtered out. You’re getting nothing but purity, and the color of the hemp shines through. As for the decarboxylated oils, they are more of a gold hue.

cbd oil products from Endoca

As for the smell, both the raw oil and the decarboxylated oils both have a plant-like, earthy smell. That’s because there are all the components still in there, as mentioned above. In regards to taste, it is pretty tart, similar to NuLeaf Naturals.

Standing Behind Their Products

One thing I like to see with any CBD brand is quality control. At Endoca’s website, you can scroll to the footer and see a link to Quality Reports. Every single batch is accounted for with all relevant metrics listed. There is a ton of information there, much of which goes over my admittedly novice head, but I like that they have transparency in the quality of their products.

Their website, in general, is very comprehensive and useful for anyone interested in CBD. They have a lot of resources on what CBD, THC, etc. mean. They have info on legality in various municipalities, calculators to find the correct dosage, etc. If you’re a beginner in CBD, you need some guidance to make the right product choice, and Endoca is there to help you through the buying process. I also found their customer support team to be very helpful.

Final Thoughts

Endoca cares about bringing the best possible products to their customers, and the effort shows in their end-product. I like that they have transparency with all their product test reports online, and I enjoy how many resources they have on their site to help with your purchase. All in all, this is a brand that cares about their product and their customers. I highly recommend giving their products a try!

Other CBD Brands to Look At

There are so many choices in the CBD oil industry. Endoca is definitely among the best, but if you want to read reviews of more options, I suggest taking a look at the following linked below. You can also visit this page to see all my reviews and rankings.

Green Roads

review of Green Roads World cbd products

If you are looking for a brand that has a reputation in the CBD industry, look no further than Green Roads World. This brand was started by a licensed pharmacist where quality is everything. Go to their website and you’ll find their lab tests listed. Purity and accountability are everything with Green Roads, and it shows in their end-product of pure CBD hemp oil.

Green Roads was founded in 2011 by a 20-year veteran of the pharmaceutical industry, and in the 7+ years since has grown into one of the biggest cultivators of CBD products in the nation, if not the world. They currently distribute their products to over 5,000 retail outlets and serve more than 1 million online customers, so undoubtedly there is something special about their products to have that kind of success.

If you're shopping around, you can also view the reviews for all my recommended CBD brands here:

About Green Roads

Green Roads, which some also called Green Roads World due to their domain name, is a unique brand in that they offer full-spectrum CBD oils as well as crystalline isolate CBD. Through these offerings, you will be getting a powerful dose of pure CBD as well as the other terpenes and cannabinoids that bring all sorts of benefits. Relative to other brands, this is as good as you can get, and it’s just an indicator of the mind behind this industry-leading brand and their dedication to delivering high-quality products.

cbd oil products from Green Roads

For full transparency of just how quality their products are, you can go to their website and see extensive lab reports that illustrate their potency and purity. You can check it out for yourself at

Color, Scent, and Taste

When buying a CBD oil, the color can vary from a clear solution, to a golden hue, to even a dark brown. The oil from Green Roads is kind of a cloudy white color, which is due to the vegetable glycerin that is blended into the formula. This mixture of CBD and VG has a couple uses: you can vaporize it in a vape pen or other device, or you can administer it sublingually (under the tongue). While the taste is not always preferable (not that they’re disgusting, but not really any CBD oils taste what I would call good), it makes for a versatile product.

As for the taste, it isn’t quite as tart (as I would describe NuLeaf) as other options, and I would describe it more of a vegetable glycerin taste as opposed to being woody and plant-like. In regards to the smell, it is also a bit of a VG odor.

Extraction Method

Just like with the other pure brands out there, Green Roads employs a CO2 extraction method to cultivate their oils. This is the best available and industry-leading method that uses pressure and temperature to extract the cannabinoids from the herb. The other commonly used method is with solvents, which can add residual chemicals to the end-product. With Green Roads, you don’t have to worry about that. From their Colorado certified organic hemp, to their CO2 extraction, to their transparency with lab tests published on their site, you know you’re getting nothing but the good stuff.

Where to Buy

With everything from CBD oils, pain creams, gummies, and more, Green Roads is a one-stop shop for all of your CBD needs. You can find all of their products available on their website here. On top of a great product, they stand behind it with a 30-day full refund policy, even after opening the product and trying it, so you have nothing to lose by giving them a shot. All in all, I fully endorse their products as one of the best (along with Thought Cloud) CBD brands available.


review of CBDistillery cbd oil products

Whenever I look for a CBD oil, I want something that is 100% pure. At least that’s what I thought. But when I got turned on to the oils from CBDistillery, I noticed that there are two ingredients, and not just one. In addition to hemp extract, it also has MCT oil. What is MCT oil and why does it make this CBD oil even better? Continue reading below to get the answer.

About CBDistillery Oils

Just like with NuLeaf Naturals (reviewed here) and Thought Cloud (more info here), the oils at CBDistillery are cultivated with care in Colorado. That state is pretty much the breeding ground of many of the brands on the market today. Marijuana was first legalized on the state level there before anywhere else, and the climate (and educated workforce in this particular industry) create the perfect environment for growth and cultivation.

cbd oil products at CBDistillery

CBDistillery’s CBD products are made with pride and care and it shows in their work. They aim to provide high quality, yet fairly priced products all across the spectrum of uses. They have hemp-derived products in oils, capsules, isolates, wax, topicals, and many other forms. If you can dream it, they probably have it. Another area they specialize in, which has become quite popular, is in pet products.

All of these are made with the most advanced extraction method to keep the highest amount of terpenes and cannabinoids as they possibly can. Together, these two plant-based chemicals make for extremely effective products. Even better – their prices are some of the best around!

Soil Conditions

Another thing I liked reading about CBDistillery is their knowledge of the soil and environment in which they grow. Hemp is what is called a “soil remediator”. By that, I mean that it cleans the earth around which it grows. It can absorb toxins from the soil and filter it out, leaving a cleaner soil all around. With their knowledge of this, CBDistillery cultivates their hemp in the most prime conditions possible, and their care shows in their end-product.

While many other CBD brands grow their hemp indoors using hydroponics or aquaponics, CBD’s hemp is grown outdoors with natural sunlight. All of their plants are pesticide-free and non-GMO as well.

Extraction Method

Unlike with other brands, this brand is not particularly up-front about their extraction methods. There are two methods that are most commonly used. One is to use solvents, the other is to run it through pressure and temperature. It is unclear which method CBDistillery uses. It is helpful to know, as the extraction method can affect the end product, determining whether any residual substances could be in the oil.


So I teased this at the beginning of the post, so it’s time to explain about MCT oil. Usually, I’m looking for a 100% product, but after reading the reasoning, I’m willing to let it slide with this brand. All of CBDistillery’s products are made up of hemp cannabinoid extract, in addition to fractionated coconut oil (also known as MCT).

So what does this mean? Well, to get the most benefit from CBD oil, the oil needs a carrier. That’s where MCT comes into play. This carrier oil, or carrier fluid as it is sometimes called, helps to increase absorption of the product.

Best of all, coconut oil is just one of many different forms of MCT – but it’s also the best. It is rich in lauric acid. Lauric acid is noted to have antimicrobial, antiviral, and antibacterial benefits that make it a great delivery system for the CBD. What you get with these two ingredients is easier, cleaner absorption of the product. That’s what you want, right?

The Bottom Line

At first, I was skeptical when it wasn’t 100% pure CBD oil, but now I’m a true believer. Having tried these products myself, I can attest that they are just as, if not more, effective than any other brand I tried. You can shop for their products on their website here, where there’s also a wealth of other company information. Definitely check them out! For more options, you can also check out all the CBD brands I review here.

NuLeaf Naturals

NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil review

If you are looking for a CBD oil that doesn’t have any additives and is just pure USA-made clean hemp, then NuLeaf Naturals is just the brand for you. At NuLeaf, you will get nothing but 100% pure organic hemp oil and nothing else. No artificial fillers or binders or additives, just nothing but the good stuff.

Their products are grown and cultivated on NuLeaf’s farms in Colorado and brought to the mass market to bring the cleanest product available to customers. If you like what you’re hearing already, keep reading below for my full review.

What to Know About NuLeaf Naturals

To start off, let’s get into their cultivation process at NuLeaf. They make their natural CBD oil by using a combo of subcritical and supercritical CO2 extraction methods. There are a few reasons why this is important, so stay with me here. By using a CO2 extraction method, this means that they do not use chemicals or other harsh solvents to do the extraction. The end result is a much cleaner product, not to mention safer for the user.

To start off, they use a fractional extraction in the beginning, a process whereby the oil is extracted at low pressure and temperature to remove the volatile oils that are lighter and more temperature sensitive. After that, they extract it again at a higher pressure and temperature to get rid of the oils that remain. According to NuLeaf, this results in a blend that is higher potency because it preserves a wide range of cannabinoids, phytochemicals, and terpenes.

If you’re lost in all that – don’t worry. Suffice it to say, using CO2 extraction is the top method for the best extraction, and is something you should look for in any CBD oil brand you evaluate. NuLeaf does it right in that regard.

Viscosity and Color

NuLeaf’s products look just like you would expect from the extraction methods that they use. This pure 100% organic hemp oil comes out with a gold tint and is very thin and clean. The more gold it is, the higher purity it is, and this is one of the most golden looking lines of CBD oils around. This color is a result of no additives or artificial ingredients added. If your brand of CBD oil does not have a gold hue, you aren’t getting the pure stuff.

NuLeaf’s Scent

As you are getting a 100% pure product, you can take a guess that it smells exactly like it should. It has a pungent, leafy smell to it that tells me it is of high purity.

NuLeaf’s Taste

Just like with the smell, these products taste just like a pure CBD product should. It has a very plant-like taste to it, I would call it “woody” if you get what I mean by that. It has a little bit of tartness to it as well. Some people enjoy the taste, while it’s not the best for others. It’s not repulsive, don’t get me wrong, but I wouldn’t call it the most pleasant. It is kind of like when you take a wheatgrass shot if you’ve ever had one before.

NuLeaf Naturals cbd oil products

With other brands, the taste gets masked by other additives. With the 100% purity of this product, you’ll get that plant-like taste to it. I’ll take a higher purity, and more effectiveness, over a slightly better taste any day.

Where to Buy

NuLeaf Naturals is by far one of the leaders in this industry, and their pride in the cultivation of their products shines through in their purity and effectiveness. You can find all of their products available on their website here. There are a number of different product options to choose from, depending on the milligram dosage you want as well as the size (milliliters) of the bottle. The pricepoints jump around depending on those two product options, but they have great value buys for those on a budget, as well as some very powerful products for the enthusiasts.

All in all, this is a top-notch brand in the CBD oil industry and I fully endorse their products. Check out more about this company at their website below. Also, for another brand similar to this that I have enjoyed greatly, check out my Thought Cloud review as well. You can also find all my CBD reviews on this page.

Thought Cloud CBD Oil











No Side-effects


CBD oil or Cannabidiol oil has many therapeutic uses and many people often find relief with a health issue by using products made with CBD. In fact CBD oil has become so popular these days that nearly every person out there with a certain health issue is using it for relief. As someone who really likes to stay holistic and keep away from dangerous pharmaceutical products, I have decided to buy ThoughtCloud CBD Oils. Today, I share my Thought Cloud review.

If you're just browsing around, you can also view my list of best CBD oils here and see where this ThoughtCloud review ranks among the others I've tried.

Why Thought Cloud CBD Oil?

I think the better question to start this ThoughtCloud review with is “why not?” The medicinal properties of cbd oils in general are substantial. CBD oil is capable of relieving several health problems including pain, acne, anti-aging, and much more. But apparently, the CBD oil still shares a whole lot of controversy simply because it is made from the same plant which is otherwise popularly used as a recreational drug.

Yes, CBD oil comes from hemp plant which is used to make marijuana and hashish which are both recreational drugs that create psychoactive results when consumed. However, it is important to know that the chemical compound responsible for the high is in fact THC and not CBD. Hemp plant has both CBD and THC. That's probably the most ​important misconception about CBD that I should start off with in my ThoughtCloud review.

I’ll also add that while people are “against” hemp products, they fail to realize how much more dangerous drinking alcohol is. Yet, they are fine with Beer Companies sponsoring major sporting events. Let that sink in for a second.

When CBD oil products are made, extra care is taken to remove THC from them so that you do not experience any of the ‘high’ you would otherwise get if you consumed THC. But since there are many brands out there making CBD oil products, a lot of them have traces of THC because the brands are not careful enough.

If you want to try CBD oil for a health issue but do not like the fact that they could still get you high, you should buy from a reputable brand. I’ve looked around for a few weeks now and landed on ThoughtCloud, and I loved my experience so much I felt compelled to write this ThoughtCloud review.

ThoughtCloud was founded in 2016 by a holistic medical practitioner with an aim to provide pure CBD products that are 100% from THC. In simple words, the CBD oil you get from ThoughtCloud will never ever get you high.

But this isn’t the only reason you should be buying from this company. In my full ThoughtCloud review below, I present a full list of many reasons why this is the best brand out there for any kind of CBD product.

Benefits of Buying CBD from Thought Cloud

First and foremost in my ThoughtCloud review, all products from this brand are extensively tested and made with an aim to completely remove THC. This is the biggest selling point of the company and something worth specifically highlighting in this ThoughtCloud review.

Secondly, the products at ThoughtCloud are so carefully made that they are not only better in providing relief, but are also highly regarded as the most quality eccentric CBD products out there. Nearly all of the products listed by the brand, covered below in my ThoughtCloud review, have high levels of efficiency, effectiveness, quality, and consistency.

750 mg pure cbd

If that isn’t enough, all products made at ThoughtCloud use 100% organic ingredients. In simple words, the company does not use any synthetic chemicals to boost the performance or shelf life of the products. This is something of a big issue with many CBD oil producing companies who time and time again have been caught of creating synthetic cheap chemical compounds acquired from China to alter their product. The results are often tons of unwanted side effects when you use their products. That's not the case with ThoughtCloud.

ThoughtCloud products are made from 100% US grown hemp plant in Colorado and everything is made in a facility that passes all the quality tests. The employees of the company are also very well educated in their respective fields (they were very helpful in my putting together info for this ThoughtCloud review) and they help in creating the perfect blend before it is released in the public.

One other reason why ThoughtCloud comes as highly recommend is the variety of CBD products listed on their website. You may find another ThoughtCloud review that just talks about their oils, but they have so much more. You’ll find everything from vape juice to tinctures and bath bombs. The company has the biggest product listing in the US when it comes to CBD, and I have a whole other batch of ThoughtCloud review posts on this site (find them here) that go into detail on each individual product. It’s literally an online mega mall!

Unique Features of Thought Cloud

Professionalism – ThoughtCloud operates from the internet and has one of the best customer support out there. They make sure that as a user you have one of the best experience when shopping with them. As a result they keep a close eye on what their customers want and provide immediate help and consultation when needed. Any ThoughtCloud review would be remiss to point out the soft skills, beyond just the product, that make a brand great.

Organic products – All of the products listed on the Thought Cloud site are 100% organic products. You’ll never come across a product that is not made from ingredients obtained in a natural way.

Safe – All CBD products from ThoughtCloud are extremely safe to use and do not have any side effects. The products are also suitable for your pets. You can find a write-up specifically about their pet products in another ThoughtCloud review post here.

Made in USA – No ThoughtCloud review is complete without telling you the source of their plants. All products are made in USA inside a high-tech facility with professional staff. Products are also extensively tested for quality and purity before they are packaged and sent off for sale. The company also exclusively uses hemp plants grown in Colorado as opposed to other companies who import their hemp plant from dubious sources.

Free shipping – ThoughtCloud will send your product within the next 24 hours for absolutely no extra money charged.

Full Guarantee – And if you do not get the desired results from a product acquired from this company, and you aren't feeling the same things as I describe in this ThoughtCloud review, they are willing to give you back all the money you spent on shopping from them. This offer is valid for 30 days from purchase.

Great for beginners – If you are someone who is using CBD oil for the first time, you probably have no idea how to use it and what should be the dosage. You've come to the right place in this ThoughtCloud review. Thanks to Thought Cloud, this problem is solved when you buy a product from them. All the CBD products from the brand come with full instructions meant to help you understand how to use the product. This is excellent for people who have no idea how CBD oils are used.

Coupons – Who doesn't love saving money? Scroll down to the end of this ThoughtCloud review to find a coupon for a discount on your order!

If you are looking for Thought Cloud CBD Oils, you should know that they extract their CBD extracts from hemp plants grown on licensed farms in Colorado.

ThoughtCloud Review - Final Thoughts

This brand is my favorite CBD oil manufacturer in the USA for many reasons mentioned above in my ThoughtCloud review. (I’ll be frank, it’s the only mail order company I’ve used so far, at the time of this writing, with my only other purchases being in the Las Vegas dispensaries. My overwhelmingly great experience led me to write this ThoughtCloud review.)

Since they offer free shipping and money back guarantee at Thought Cloud, there is no risk in trying their products out. Plus when you compare their products with other companies producing CBD oil, it is quite easy to see the level of professionalism put in producing these.

Compared to other brands out there, all products listed on ThoughtCloud are also very cost effective which gives you another big reason to try them out today.

I’ve enjoyed my experience with this company, which is why I took the time to write my full ThoughtCloud review. I’m not always easy to please, so I’d tell you if this company was piss-poor.

ThoughtCloud Coupon

A great deal gets even better when you have a coupon! The fine folks at Thought Cloud provided a discount code exclusive to the readers of my ThoughtCloud review. Just use the code COMIC during checkout. It works on a sliding scale - the more you spend, the higher the discount!

Thanks for reading my ThoughtCloud review!

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