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review of LolaHemp CBD for pets

If you’ve visited this site before, you will know that I have a passion for CBD products. They have improved my life tremendously, whether it be for physical pain or helping out with mental anxiety and stress.

But these products haven’t only made an improvement in my life – they’ve made a huge impact on my dog’s life as well. Just like how us humans can benefit from cannabidiol, so can our pets. I have a dog, Summer, who is a testament to just how effective CBD is for improving the health and wellness of our furry friends.

Why Choose LolaHemp?

You may have heard this story before if you’ve read some of my other reviews, but if it is your first time visiting, I’ll fill you in on Summer’s story. She is an absolutely beautiful, sweet Golden Retriever with a heart of gold and never met a human she didn’t love. But Summer’s life hasn’t always been rosy. I got her through a Golden Retriever rescue, who had been called in when she was found as a stray at a gas station, left alone for a couple of days.

She was thin and weak, had heartworm, kidney issues, and had what the rescue deemed “the worst hips we’ve ever seen.” She is a record holder at the rescue for incurring the highest total medical bills needed to get her back to health and ready for adoption, as well as the longest tenure in a foster home while she was on the mend before finding a forever home.

When I first got her, she was pretty immobile as she was still fresh off of her latest hip surgery. Still, she had the biggest heart of any dog I’ve ever met. I knew that exercise was needed to get her strength back in her hip, but she just couldn’t go very far. That’s where CBD came into play. After giving her some cannabidiol, she was able to ignore the pain and start going on walks, which progressively got longer. She still has a bit of a swagger in her hind legs, shaking her butt like a salsa dancer when she walks, but the CBD has done wonders for giving her more mobility.

Ok, so the story aside – why should you choose LolaHemp over all of the other brands that offer CBD for pets? From a product standpoint, they have a lot of offerings that are similar to the rest of the industry. However, there is one big thing that sets them apart…

charitable giving at Lola Hemp CBD for pets


LolaHemp is in this business for the right reasons. They are not just distributing these products to cash in on what has become the biggest trend in health and wellness these days. How do I know that? Because of all the charitable giving they do. For every four bottles that they sell, they donate one to an animal rescue organization. I don’t know of any other brands out there that do that.

LolaHemp truly cares about animals and is making and selling these products for altruistic reasons. I liken them to Toms shoes if you are familiar with that brand (they give shoes to Africa). This philanthropic angle sets LolaHemp apart from the other pet-centric CBD brands out there and gives them a huge bump over other CBD brands that also sell products for products.

Benefits of CBD for Pets

Rather than just describe all of the different ways that you can improve your dog’s life with CBD, I feel like this infographic sums it all up perfectly. There are so many reasons why you would want to give this alternative medicine to your pet, and my dog certainly ticks a few of these boxes!

what are the benefits of CBD for pets?


While the product list isn’t as extensive as with other pet CBD brands, that shouldn’t be a reason to discount LolaHemp as what they do make is of the highest quality you can find. All of their products are full spectrum hemp CBD oil made from organically grown hemp. You can use them either as a daily supplement, for pets that need it for chronic issues or use it on occasions when needed if your pet has less severe issues.

I mentioned above that I use it primarily for Summer’s hips so she has improved mobility, but I also use give it to her when I know that I’m going to be leaving the house for an extended period of time. She gets a little bit of separation anxiety, so taking this CBD oil helps calm her down and rest easy while she’s home alone.

You can purchase their oils in 15, 30, or 60 ml bottle. When you check out the products on the LolaHemp website, you will find dosing guidelines to help you administer the proper amount, which depends on your pet’s size as well as the issue you are treating. I like that they take the guesswork out of it and make it really easy for you.


I’m not the only one who has had a great experience with this brand – check out what other happy customers say in their Lola Hemp review:

  • Nova was fearful of car rides, now with LolaHemp she’s relaxed and calm.
  • My best friend, Oakley, is an epileptic. He doesn’t qualify for medication because he doesn’t have seizing fits often enough. When they do occur they are severe. Since starting him on LolaHemp oil, he hasn’t had any seizures and is all around more relaxed.
  • Our dog is older and seems that she has much more energy. She is eating much better. Hopefully it keeps up.
  • My 12 year old Chihuahua was a rescue and suffers from arthritis. She has difficulty walking because of this. I use 1 drop each morning of the Lolahemp oil and she is walking a lot better. She also seems less anxious. It gives me great comfort to know that she is in less pain.

LolaHemp Coupon and Where to Buy

Amazing products, a philanthropic brand that has their heart in the right place, 30-day money back guarantee… what more could you ask for? Oh, a coupon code, of course!

For readers of this site, LolaHemp has been kind enough to create a coupon code – enter HLCOMIC during checkout and get 15% off your order! What are you waiting for? Click below to start shopping!

Shop at LolaHemp CBD for Pets


review of Canna-Pet

I’ve written about it elsewhere on this site, but I can’t say it enough – not only has CBD been a big improvement to my life, but it has been an absolute blessing for my dog. I’ve told the story before, but I’ll repeat it again here. My dog, Summer, is a rescue Golden Retriever who was found on the streets as a stray. She had been at a gas station for a couple of days apparently and was in pretty rough shape.

She was quite the record-setter. For the particular rescue that I got her from, she accounted for the highest medical bills to get her back up to health and ready for adoption, and the longest stay in foster care until she was healthy enough for a forever home. She had the “worst hips we’ve ever seen”, which required multiple surgeries (and eventually an FHO), and a host of other issues going on with her.

Long story short, she is the sweetest girl and deserves the absolute best. She has a bit of a hitch to her walk due to her surgeries, and you can tell that she isn’t as sprite as she used to be. That’s where a product like those from Canna-Pet come into play. I’ll cover all the details below in my Canna Pet review.

Why You Should Use Canna-Pet CBD

Our pets give us so much love, it is a given that we have to give them the best life that they deserve. If you have a pet that is suffering from aches and pains, the CBD products from Canna-Pet are exactly what you need to help them live a more mobile, pain-free life.

On top of just helping with physical pain, they are also great for stress and anxiety (the same way that CBD can help humans in this regard).

My girl Summer has become absolutely attached to me, and this leads to separation anxiety when I leave the house. This could also stem from her experience of being abandoned and alone on the streets for a couple of days as well. At times she has become destructive, chewing up a remote control when she is left alone. Nowadays, I give her a little bit of CBD before I leave and it has never been an issue since. She is completely at ease when by herself now, and it has helped with social anxiety (she’s not a huge fan of other dogs at the park) too.

How Does CBD Help Pets?

The benefits of giving CBD to pets doesn’t end there. CBD can help alleviate the struggle with the following issues:

  • Cancer
  • Digestive Issues
  • Nausea
  • Anxiety and Phobias
  • Joints and Mobility
  • Pain and Inflammation
  • Epilepsy and Seizures
  • Aging and Wellness
  • Heart and Circulatory
  • Skin and Allergy
  • Infectious Diseases

Why Choose Canna-Pet?

There are a number of providers of cannabidiol products for pets, so what sets Canna-Pet apart from the rest? If you ask me, it comes down to these brand highlights:

  • Safe and Natural: CBD is a naturally occurring compound that has been cultivated from the hemp plant for thousands of years.
  • Entourage Effect: As opposed to an isolate product, Canna-Pet products contain dozens of hemp compounds and terpenes that work synergistically to increase their effectiveness – up at 15x the bioavailability of edible treats.
  • Made in the USA: I always love that!
  • Veterinarian Recommended: Canna-Pet products were developed by a collaboration of scientists, medical researchers, and veterinarians.
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee: You have nothing to lose!
  • Insurance Approved: This is the only brand that is by major pet insurance companies like Trupanion and Petplan.
  • Tried and Tested: Having been in business since 2013, you know they aren’t just cashing in on the recent CBD boom.
  • Research and Development: They have a big commitment to continually improving their products. Working with prominent veterinary universities, each evolution is stronger than the last.


They have quite an extensive catalog for all kinds of pets, all sizes, and a variety of needs. Canna-Pet products include:

  • Capsules for Dogs
  • Dog Biscuits (available in an assortment of flavors)
  • Capsules for Cats
  • Liquid CBD for Horses
  • Assisi Botanicals – safe for all mammals (including humans!)

Other Highlights

What I really like about this brand is how extensive their website is. You can tell that they’re not just trying to push their products and make a buck. They truly care about their customers’ pets. Their website includes so much information to care for your pet and find the right product that can make their lives easier. You can visit their site and find guides on CBD that pertain to your pet’s breed. You can also find a guide that describes different ailments and what kind of product would work best for them. It also has instruction on serving size so you make sure they get the right dose.

And if you ever have any questions, their customer service is top notch and ready to assist!


I’m not the only satisfied customer of Canna-Pet (that’s an understatement). They have a page of testimonials on their site from their customers – let’s see what a few of them say in their Canna Pet review:

  • He was very anxious whenever we would leave him home. After taking Canna-Pet, he is a much more relaxed dog and such a sweet boy!
  • I started Canna-Pet Advanced Capsules and Tony is up and around like a young dog.
  • After less than a week, we noticed a significant decline in his mobility. It has progressively gotten worse and we realize our mistake by stopping the Canna-Pet supplement!
  • Our little old man has some real stiffness he suffers through, and on top of that, he is a fairly anxious pup. In addition to the medicine regimen prescribed by his vet, we added Canna-pet to it a couple of years ago, and he is doing AMAZING.
  • The canna-pet drops 2x a day make her feel & run around like a completely new young dog.

Where to Buy

I feel like I’ve said it all in my Canna-Pet review above – but I still feel like I can’t say enough about this brand. They have been an absolute lifesaver for my dog. She is so much more mobile and happy – I love it! If you could use products like these for your pet, I can’t recommend Canna-Pet enough. Click below to visit their official site and start shopping!

Canna-Pet Coupon

What makes a great deal even better? A coupon, of course! If it’s your first time visiting Canna-Pet, enter the coupon code new_customer20 and get 20% off your order!

Clover Strip

CBD Clover Strips

I’m always looking for ways to simplify my life. I’m not saying that I take shortcuts, but any kind of “life hacks” that I come across, I use them to make my life easier.

I love CBD products of all types, but sometimes I want something that I am able to carry with me, use it easily, get my dose, and be on my way. The strips of cannabidiol that you get from Clover Strip CBD fit this need perfectly.

So how do they work? I’ll go into detail in my Clover Strip review below.

What is Clover Strip CBD?

You can probably guess by the name, as it is very aptly titled, but these are strips of CBD. You place these in your mouth under your tongue and they are dissolvable (much like those Listerine strips you can use to freshen your breath). Then you let the byproduct of the strip and your saliva rest in your mouth for a bit, and then swallow it down. The advantage of taking your CBD this way is that it is absorbed into the bloodstream very quickly through your gums and under your tongue.

As explained on the Clover Strip website:

We are not reinventing the wheel, simply making it as easy as possible. After taking messy CBD tinctures and e-vapes requiring constant charging, we are happy with CBD, not the delivery.

CloverStrip CBD is a dissolvable oral thin film which is easy, clean, consistent, and reliable. Each dosage contains 10mg of premium quality CBD, and is available in 3 great tasting flavors!

What I Like

While CBD is gaining popularity, there is still the stigma (which is all a confusion) that they are a marijuana product.

Yes, hemp and cannabis and marijuana are pretty similar, but there is a difference between taking CBD and using marijuana.

Marijuana contains THC, which is the psychoactive compound that gets you high. You won’t find that in CBD.

pocket-sized CBD from CloverStrip

Because of the false perception of CBD, I try to be discreet with it sometimes, especially when I am using it when I’m out of the house. That’s what makes these strips so useful – you have absolute discretion when using them. Like I said above, it’s just like using one of the breath freshening strips. Plus, they come in a pocket-size package as if you were carrying around a pack of gum.


As mentioned above, you can get these Clover Strips in three different flavors, which they call the following names:

  • Harmony: Mint Zing
  • Melody: Lingonberry
  • Serenity: Citrus

Having tried all three, I can attest that they are pretty delicious. I’d have to say that the Citrus / Serenity is my favorite, but wouldn’t decline popping any of them in my mouth. Each of the flavors come in a 10-count pack with a total of 100mg of CBD, which gives you 10mg per strip. Each pack (at the time of this writing – prices subject to change) cost $19.98 – so you’re looking at around $2.00 per dose.


Let’s see what other customers have to say about these products in their Clover Strip review on the official site:

  • Simple – Best way to decompress after a long day at work!
  • Coming from only ever trying CBD oil these strips are very easy to take, dissolve quickly on the tongue and taste like mint. I do feel slightly calmer or relaxed after taking one.
  • I’ve used this product before bed and it has done wonders helping me get to sleep and stay asleep.
  • These taste pretty good. Gives me a calm feeling after.
  • Best sleep ever! Love these strips. So clean, no messy oil. Pop in before bed and I sleep like a dream.
  • The mint flavor tastes pretty good, almost identical to a Listerine strip the way it dissolves in your mouth. I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, it’s easy to take one of these strips. I do feel some relief after taking one.

Where to Buy

If you’re looking for an easy, effective, and discreet way to get your dose of CBD, I highly recommend taking a look at Clover Strip. You can pick them up at their official website by clicking below. Thanks for checking out my CloverStrip review!

Avid Hemp

review of Avid Hemp

With offices in the US (Tampa, Florida) along with operations in the United Kingdom, Avid Hemp is one of those brands that is thinking big with their hemp business. While mom-and-pop shops have their place in any industry, I come to trust a business that has a large scale that tells me they are not just a fly-by-night company.

Avid Hemp creates cannabidiol products that contain high-grade CBD directly from their local farms in Colorado, USA, similar to other top CBD brands that I review. Along with sourcing their crops from a very suitable environment, carefully selecting each plant to produce the highest quality, their products are also backed up with third-party lab tests to ensure that you are getting nothing but the best.

Why Get Your CBD From Avid Hemp?

On top of starting with the best plants in a very fertile environment, they get their products from seed to shelf by using the best extraction method available in the industry. Their CO2 extraction method puts the plant through cycles of varying heat and pressure to extract the CBD oil from the hemp plant, leaving nothing but the purest possible end product. Other methods used in the industry entail the use of solvents, which can leave a chemical residue that taints the oil. You won’t get that with Avid Hemp’s CO2 method.

With Avid Hemp, you get a pure, full-spectrum CBD oil that contains all the good stuff that can be derived from the hemp plant, including other beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes.

Highlights of Avid Hemp

  • Fertile growing environment
  • Carefully selected seeds for best characteristics
  • Third-party testing for purity and potency
  • Full-spectrum cannabinoids
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Value – some of the best prices around for a high-quality product

Avid Hemp Products

CBD bundles from Avid Hemp
  • Oil Tinctures: Avid Hemp sells oil tinctures in a range of 250 mg to a super strong 5000 mg strength in varying bottle sizes. All of their oils are full-spectrum and contain MCT oil as a carrier (increases the absorption rate).
  • Vape Oils and E-Liquids: Available in 100/300/500/1000mg strengths and a variety of flavors, you can get these CBD eliquids in 15ml and 60ml bottles.
  • Capsules: You can get their CBD capsules in a count of 5/15/30/60 and a range of strengths. These are a very convenient way to get a dose of cannabidiol, just like popping a vitamin for quick relief.
  • Gummies: You can get a pack of 5/15/30/60 gummies, with each individual gummy giving you a 17mg dose of CBD.
  • Pain Creams: CBD is wonderful as a topical pain reliever, just like Icy Hot! Rub it on your skin where you have aching muscles or joints and get fast relief.
  • Tea: Unwind at the end of the day with a nice cup of tea, with a little extra relief from the inclusion of CBD! (related: I like Green Roads tea as well)
  • Pet Products: Not only is CBD great for you, but it can work wonders for an ailing pet who has mobility issues, or to ease stress when they have anxiety.
  • Bundles: Get the best deal on Avid Hemp products by picking up one of their bundles, with a variety of products sold together at a discounted price.

Where to Buy

It’s clear from my Avid Hemp review that they have a wide variety of product types, with varying strengths that will suit all users’ needs. Add to that they have great prices and a satisfaction guarantee, you can’t go wrong with this trusted seller. Click below to check them out!

Receptra Naturals

review of Receptra Naturals CBD

As I tend to say at the beginning of every one of my CBD brand reviews (which you can find a collection of here:, I’m looking for brands that are in this industry for the right reasons. Cannabidiol has become an absolutely massive industry in a short time. It was the hottest trend of 2018 and is poised to skyrocket even higher in the coming years.

With this craze about CBD products, there are a lot of new brands entering the market, just trying to cash in on the latest trend. I want a brand that is doing this for a purpose, for serving their customers with high-quality health and wellness products. I don’t want just a fly-by-night brand that is looking to make a buck with fancy marketing and inferior products.

Why Shop at Receptra Naturals?

With that being said above, in my Receptra Naturals review that follows, you’ll find that this brand is on the level. They are in it for the right reasons, making high-quality products that are pure and potent and can do a great deal of good for your body and mind.

All of their products are made from pure hemp oil that is extracted from premium hemp flowers that are cultivated on their family farms in Colorado. They follow organic practices that enable them to produce pure CBD oil, which is verified by third-party testing. You can visit their website and find the lab results of every batch that goes through their production line. They believe in 100% transparency on the quality of their products. Lab test reports is an absolute must for me when choosing any CBD brand.

All of the CBD oil extraction at Receptra Naturals is done in a fully-licensed extraction facility. Along each step of the process, they have expert lab technicians guiding the process to ensure that everything is done in a safe and contaminant free environment, which produces the purest possible end product. From the beginning of the process at the farm to the end result on the shelf, quality control is of utmost importance.

Lastly, they use whole-plant floral extracts from premium hemp flowers. If you want the purest and most potent CBD oil, you need to start with the highest quality plants. These plants ensure that you get a full spectrum of cannabinoids for the full potential of benefits.

With all that said, let’s move this Receptra Naturals review into a deep dive on all their product offerings.

Health and Wellness Extracts

The most popular products at Receptra Naturals are their Health and Wellness Extracts. These are just a different way of saying they are CBD oil tinctures, and they come in two varieties: Prime (22mg per dropper) and Plus (44 mg per dropper), each of which is available in a 15ml, 30ml, or 60ml bottle.

These tinctures are very easy to use. You simply use the dropper (included in the bottle) and place a few drops of oil under your tongue.

Prime and Plus CBD Oils from Receptra Naturals

After letting it rest there for around 30 seconds, you then swallow it down. The benefit of this is that by taking it sublingually, it absorbs into your bloodstream much quicker than if you were to swallow it down and send it directly to your stomach.

These are great for beginners in the use of CBD, as well as provides so many benefits to any level of user who is looking for improvements to their health and wellness.

Active Lifestyle Extracts

These are another form of their CBD oil tinctures, though they are formulated for different purposes. These Active Lifestyle Hemp CBD Oils from Receptra Naturals are designed for optimal mental and physical performance.

They contain a proprietary blend of recovery enhancing and performance boosting ingredients that will keep you focused and energized through the day.

Active Lifestyle CBD Oils from Receptra Naturals

You can get these in three different concentrations: Active (15mg per dropper), Elite (30mg per dropper), and Pro (60mg per dropper), each of which is available in a 15ml, 30ml, or 60ml bottle.


Just as much benefit as CBD oil can have when taking it orally, it can also provide tremendous benefit when applied topically to the skin. Receptra Naturals harnesses these therapeutic benefits with their two topical products which include a Body Butter and a Targeted Topical.

The body butter can be massaged into the skin as part of your skin care routine to restore a youthful glow and radiance. 

CBD topicals from Receptra Naturals

The targeted topical is a natural pain reliever that can help soothe the pain and aches in your muscles and joints.

Pet Products

If you have a pet that is having trouble with mobility, these CBD oils formulated for pet use can be a miracle worker in letting them be a young, sprite pet again that has no trouble getting around. In addition, just like with humans, they can be great for dealing with stress or anxiety.

If you have a pet that gets separation anxiety when you leave the house (and causes destruction while left alone) or gets anxious in public settings, these oils can help lower their stress levels.

Pet CBD products from Receptra Naturals

It is also very good for their digestive tract. They are available in two concentrations: Pet (500mg per 30ml bottle) and Pet Plus (750mg per 30ml bottle).

Lip Balm

This could also go under the topicals section.

As you can guess it is just like a tube of chapstick that is infused with CBD.

In addition to the added cannabidiol, it also contains jojoba oil, shorea butter, and vitamin E oil to revitalize the delicate skin on your lips and leaves them supple, soft, and free of dryness and cracking.

CBD lip balm from Receptra Naturals

Where to Buy Receptra Naturals

High-quality products that are pure and potent, with quality checked all throughout the process (and verified by third-party lab tests), and a wide selection of CBD oils for a diverse range of health and wellness benefits (for human and animal alike) – what more could you ask for?

It’s evident in everything covered in my Receptra Naturals review that this a brand that is worthy of your investment and not just another shop set up to cash in on the boom. You can shop with trust at Receptra Naturals – click below to visit their store!


review of HempLucid CBD

As I have written in many other reviews of CBD brands, which you can find listed here, the first thing that I do when looking at a new brand is finding as much information as I can on the company first. I want to know the people and the philosophy behind the products before I start shopping around. The cannabidiol industry has become one of the biggest trends in recent years, and that has invited a lot of less than stellar brands to the hit the market, looking to cash in on the latest craze.

Information on this company was a little tougher to find than with other brands’ websites. There was no “About Us” page, but I was able to find the following synopsis on their Facebook page:

When you focus on overall health, it is important to maintain a complete and healthy diet. Our Whole-Plant CBD formula contains more than just CBD. The hemp plant is a natural source of vitamins and minerals like B complex vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, and magnesium, as well as polyunsaturated fatty acids, essential amino acids, fiber, and other cannabinoids. Adding these dietary requirements to your day is critical in allowing your body to function efficiently.

From what else I gather, they operate out of Orem, Utah. I’m all about USA-made products, so let’s do a full HempLucid review and see what we uncover about this brand.

Why Shop at HempLucid?

While the company details are scant, there is a wealth of information on their site that trounces what you find elsewhere. If you have any questions about the legality of CBD in your municipality, as well as questions about its safety and use, how it is extracted, etc., they have so much information on their site to answer your questions. While you can’t find a mission statement on their site, you can tell their core values by all of the resources that they provide about the industry.

We are clearly dealing with a professional company who takes their products seriously, in terms of potency, purity, quality, safety, and legality.

To back up the quality of their products, they are transparent with lab reports easily accessible on their site. Every single batch is accounted for and third-party tested for purity and potency. You can shop with confidence at HempLucid, knowing that you will be getting high-quality products that meet their rigorous standards.

With that info out of the way, let’s move this HempLucid review into a deep dive on their product offerings.

Whole-Plant CBD Tinctures

The oil tinctures at HempLucid are available in a variety of types, so no matter what you are looking for you can find one here that suits your needs and the severity of your issue. These tinctures are used sublingually, meaning you administer a few drops underneath your tongue. Hold the oil in your mouth for around 30 seconds before swallowing it down. By using it under your tongue, the oil is able to absorb into your bloodstream much quicker than using other methods of CBD delivery.

You can get the following types of oil tinctures:

  • Whole-Plant CBD Water Soluble
  • Whole-Plant CBD in MCT Oil
  • Whole-Plant CBD in Hemp Seed Oil
  • Whole-Plant CBD Drip/Vape

Each of these is available in a range of strengths from 250 mg to 1500 mg. The two of them with oils (MCT and Hemp Seed) are great as these added oils act as carrier fluids, increasing the absorption rate.

Isoterp CBD

These are isolated CBD products under the product name of Kalki. They have many health-promoting properties with added vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. The MCT oil is combined with hemp plant terpenes to make a powerful formula that will strengthen and soothe.

These isoterps are available in oil tincture form as well as gummies, in the product varieties listed below:

cbd isoterps from Hemp Lucid
  • THC Free Isoterp CBD in MCT Oil
  • THC Free Isoterp CBD Water Soluble
  • THC Free Isoterp CBD Gummies

You can get the oils in 250 to 1500 mg, while the gummies are available in 15 or 25 mg bites.

Supporting Products

This is where they list all their other miscellaneous products that don’t fit into the categories above. You’ll find stuff like topical products, waxes, capsules, etc. All the products in this category include:

  • Whole-Plant CBD Wax
  • Whole-Plant CBD Soft Gel Capsules
  • Whole-Plant CBD Edible Gummies
  • Whole-Plant CBD Lip Balm
  • Whole-Plant CBD Body Cream
  • Whole-Plant CBDA Body Cream

I like the convenience of the soft gels and the gummies. They are easy to take with me on the go, rather than using an oil tincture with the dropper bottle. It’s just like taking any other vitamin and make a quick and efficient way of getting my dose of CBD.

Pet Products

Not only is CBD great for our health and wellbeing, but they can also make a world of difference for your pet’s wellness as well! I personally give cannabidiol to my dog who has chronic hip problems and it really helps to ease her pain and allow her to move more freely. Plus, they are also great for reducing stress and anxiety. If you have a pet that gets separation anxiety whenever you leave the home, these work very well for that. You can administer this oil tincture under your pet’s tongue, or also add it to their food or water.

pet CBD products from Hemp Lucid

Whether canine or feline, HempLucid has products for you with the following pet offerings in their Roxy Pets line:

  • Whole-Plant CBD for Cats
  • Whole-Plant CBD for Dogs


With all the information on their site at HempLucid, as well as a wide range of product varieties for all kinds of needs (human and animal alike), I trust this brand with my health and wellness. They are clearly in it for the right reasons, producing high-quality CBD oils, gummies, and topical products to benefit their customers in a safe and efficient manner. I endorse paying a visit to their website to find more information and start shopping, as they have quickly become one of my most trusted brands in the CBD industry. Click below to learn more – thank you for reading my HempLucid review!