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December 5, 2018

Why is CBD So Popular With Millennials?

why more millennials are using CBD oils

These days, with millennials in the workforce and have more purchasing power, they have begun to shape what industries are booming today. While they may be fretting over an increasingly expensive housing market, paying off student loans, or worrying about whether or not social security will exist at their age of retirement, they have found a way to help ease these stresses through the use of CBD.

According to an executive at eBay in this article I found, millennials are buying CBD products in droves. Let’s see if we can find out why.

Why Millennials Love CBD

As told by the executive interviewed for the article on Yahoo, more than 200,00 diffusers were purchased off the auction site so far this year, with the majority of those purchases coming in the most recent six months. Diffusers are electronic devices that emit scented oils and are commonly used for CBD oils.

Not only are they buying diffusers, but there have been nearly 40,000 transactions for CBD oil products on the site and almost 300,000 searches for related topics.

These numbers are huge increases over prior years and are just part of a growing trend of these kinds of products. Outside of millennials, they are also seeing widespread use among veterans for PTSD.

According to one analytics firm, this industry is about to skyrocket from its already high sales. This year’s sales for the CBD industry are expected to be around $600 million, which is already staggering. But growth for these products is forecasted to multiply many times over, at an estimated $22 billion in sales by the year 2022. Even if that number is a little off the forecast, it is still a massive industry.

So what is turning millennials to these products? Like many, they are taking them for the health and wellness benefits. CBD can do wonders for pain and aches, though at a ripe age, I don’t think that’s the primary reason for use by this segment. However, they can be great to alleviate anxiety, depression, insomnia, mental issues like schizophrenia, and has even been linked to helping provide relief for cancer victims.

I have a feeling that these wellness benefits, particularly as they relate to stress and mood, are the main reasons why these products have seen such widespread use among the younger generation. Also, as noted in the article, this demographic is also more prone to impulse buying and instant gratification. If they search for something and add it to their cart, their more likely to make a purchase.

My Thoughts

I love seeing this trend. I am a big believer in the powers of CBD and recommend these products to everyone. They can be a great way for relief from pain, lift your mood, help you sleep better, and so much more.

I have tried a number of different brands on the market and have come away with some favorites. If you are in the market for these kinds of products, or just want to learn more, take a look at CBD from Thought Cloud, my top brand, as well as Medterra CBD.

December 5, 2018

Veterans Using CBD for PTSD

how CBD can help PTSD

I’ve been in a bit of a wormhole for news on this topic today, after writing earlier about how the farm bill affects hemp and how to use CBD for pet health.

Outside of being used for relief of aches and pains when your muscles are stiff or your joints are not as oiled as they used to be, many also use these kinds of products to treat anxiety, stress, nervousness, and other issues in their mood.

That is why it wasn’t entirely surprising when I came across this article that talks about how many veterans have begun to use CBD oils to treat the symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

The Use of CBD for PTSD

As quoted in the article linked above, a founder of a veterans organization says he has seen a rise in the use of these products from military members returning.

The reasons, he gives, is because you are always clear and level-headed after using it.

He says it potentially bringing benefit to many more returning soldiers, as use has become more accepted and more cultivation of hemp is likely to occur due to an expected movement of CBD to Schedule 5 in the Controlled Substances list, putting it comparable to painkillers like codeine.

how veterans are using CBD to treat PTSD

An owner of a CBD oil business in Texas, interviewed for the article, says that she has seen a lot of veterans become customers of hers. According to her customers, they say that it works wonders for them to help reduce their anxiety levels and help them fall asleep better at night.

Not only is this trend happening locally in Texas, where this article originates from, but it also has grown on a national level. The American Military News recently published an article about this topic and how CBD is going to revolutionize the veteran community.

My Thoughts

I can’t help but agree with everything said above. I don’t speak to any first-hand experience in combat (I thank and salute those who have served), but having experienced the effects of CBD myself, it is absolutely perfect that it has grown in use for this purpose.

It gives me such a clearer head when I am stressed or anxious. It also makes it so much easier to fall asleep at night. One thing that is not mentioned in the article, though I’m sure it is implied, is how well it works for chronic pain as well. All of these characteristics make this a perfect alternative medicine for those who are returning from war.

Where to Get CBD

There are CBD shops popping up all over, so if you prefer visiting a store, I’m sure a Google search will help you find one in your area. If you prefer to shop online, I have reviewed many brands. Some good, some not as good. For my top choices, I definitely recommend taking a look at Thought Cloud (reviewed here), Medterra (full review here), and Green Roads (more detail here).

December 5, 2018

Using CBD to Improve Your Pet’s Life

what cbd brands sell CBD for pets?

So I already knew that products like this existed, but it is nice to see them get the recognition that they deserve in a national publication. I was checking out the news for topics that interest me today and I came across a new article from Esquire that talks about a company, ZenPup, that makes CBD treats to help improve your dog’s health. As an avid user of CBD products myself, and a dog lover, I think it is wonderful that such products exist. The benefits of the hemp plant don’t stop at just use for humans, but they can be extremely beneficial for pets as well.

Best CBD For Your Pets

This brand was started by pet owners who wanted not only to improve their dog’s health but also their happiness and well-being. If you’re not familiar with CBD products, don’t get them confused with marijuana. While they are both from the cannabis plant, there is a big difference. CBD is cannabidiol extracted from the plant. This should not be confused with THC, the psychoactive compound in marijuana. So, no, your dog will not be walking around stoned, as funny as that would be to witness. For dogs, just as for humans, CBD can help to alleviate aches and pains like sore muscles or stiff joints. It can also help to manage stress, anxiety, nervousness or restlessness.

When it comes to pet products with CBD, it comes in many forms. Most commonly they are available in chew form, whether they be biscuit-like treats or gummies. They also make them in spray form that you can spritz onto their food or into their water bowl. If your pet is finicky, you have options!

what brands sell CBD pet products?

I have a Golden Retriever at home who is an absolute sweetheart and has had a rough life. She’s a rescue. She was found abandoned at a gas station where she was brought into a rescue shelter. She had the worst hips that they had ever seen on a dog, not to mention heartworms and kidney and liver failure. It took over a year to get her back to full health, after multiple hip operations, and ready for adoption. What I’m trying to get at with all that backstory, is that I wish I knew about these products a year or two ago when her surgery was more recent as it could have been an effective way to manage her pain. She is such a loving girl and gets noticeable separation anxiety when I leave, that it may be a good idea to treat her with CBD for pets when I leave for long periods of time to calm her anxiety.

If you have a pet that has pain or mobility issues, or suffers from stress or anxiety, I recommend the following brands to improve their health and wellness.

Hemp My Pet

I’m all for the use of alternative medicine for both humans and animals alike. If something is safe and effective and easily grown, I see no reason why we shouldn’t use the best stuff available to lead a better life. For brands that offer CBD products for dogs, while ZenPup is a solid choice, I fully endorse Hemp My Pet as the absolute best CBD brand for pets. While other brands offer pet products in their catalog, it is not part of their core mission. Hemp My Pet is geared entirely towards our furry friends.

review of Hemp My Pet CBD

They have become one of the most trusted brands in this niche, with their products used in clinical studies and veterinarian’s offices. You can read my full Hemp My Pet CBD review for more information on their products, their story, their processes, and more. Or, you can go straight to their site to start browsing their products by clicking here.


I absolutely love this brand and fully endorse everything they are about. While they have a smaller catalog than some of the other brands that sell CBD pet products, what they do have is of high quality. Their pet products are full spectrum CBD oil made from organically grown hemp. They are great for daily use, if your pet has chronic pain and mobility issues, or work well in a pinch on an as-needed basis (like if your pet has separation anxiety when you leave the house, gets scared when there are thunderstorms, fears the vacuum cleaner, or other situations).

review of LolaHemp CBD for pets

But the products alone are not what makes me love this brand. What really sets LolaHemp apart is their charitable giving. For every four bottles that they sell, they donate one to a local animal rescue organization. It doesn’t get any better than that – you can tell that LolaHemp is in it for the right reasons and truly cares about the health and wellbeing of our furry friends.

You can visit my full LolaHemp review if you want more information on this brand, or visit their site to start shopping by clicking here.


Canna-Pet has one of the most robust catalogs of pet CBD products you will find. Not only do they have cannabidiol products for both dogs and cats, large and small, but they also have formulations for horses as well. This brand has been around since 2013, making them a pioneer in the industry and you know they didn’t just pop up recently to cash in on the booming CBD industry. They have products in capsule form, biscuits, and oils, so you should be able to find a product type that works best for your pet.

review of Canna-Pet

In addition to great products, they also have a very extensive website to guide you through the process of administering CBD to your pets. They have handy guides that go into detail on specific breeds and different health and wellness issues so you can be confident in buying the correct product type and strength and give them the correct dosage.

I go into more detail in my Canna-Pet review if you would like to read more about them, or you can visit their website to start browsing their products.

Other Brands

Aside from the pet-centric CBD brands described above, many other sellers (that primarily have a human focus) also carry pet products in their catalog. You can take a look at the following brands below:

December 5, 2018

How the New Farm Bill Will Affect CBD

how the new farm bill could affect hemp production

I try to keep up to date on the news as best I can, being in the know on how things that are happening in my community, country, or the world will affect my daily life. I was browsing through the Forbes site the other day and came across this article about the most recent farm bill in 2018.

For the most part, I don’t pay a ton of attention to legislation, except when it affects me personally. When I read about how this bill would have an effect on the CBD industry, that’s when my attention was grabbed.

What the Farm Bill Does For CBD

So apparently there is a new farm bill on its way. The House of Representatives came to an agreement at the end of November after a number of delays. This comes after the next most recent farm bill, passed in 2014, had expired, so it was important to come to a consensus on this one to lay down legislation.

One particular crop that will be heavily affected by this bill is hemp, which is the crop from which CBD is cultivated. 

growth of CBD due to new farm bill

As an avid user of CBD products, I paid more attention than I usually do for matters like this. The reason why this bill is important to this particular industry is that the new farm bill will kick in at around the same time that new regulation is coming to the CBD industry.

While many people, like myself, use these kinds of products to self-medicate and relieve aches, pains, anxiety, stress, sleep disorders, respiratory issues, and many other issues, it is not actually an approved drug by the DEA. However, the Drug Enforcement Agency is expected to removed CBD from its list of controlled substances, as early as this month (December 2018, at the time of this writing). It will be moved to a Schedule 5 list, which is the lowest level possible and puts it on par with drugs like codeine.

So what is the result? The coincidence of the timing of these two pieces of regulation happening at the same time makes for a political environment ripe for a huge boom in the growth of CBD. I expect hemp production to go way up. Though it is probably as high as it has ever been in modern times, with recreational marijuana being legal on the state level in many states, I think this federal regulation will cause a meteoric rise in production all across the board. Much of the hemp production these days is in California (like my favorite brand Thought Cloud) and Colorado, but I expect it to spread wide now.

My Thoughts

This is all great news! More production means that more brands will come to the market. This will spark innovation so brands can set themselves apart from the rest of the market. It will also increase competition, which will force brands to create higher quality products to be among the best cbd oils I review here, and possibly also reduce prices to grab customers. The more, the merrier, I say!

CBD Edibles Top 2019 Nutrition Trends

trending nutrition for 2019: CBD edibles

I’m always on the lookout for what is trending in the diet world. If you couldn’t tell, I’m pretty health-conscious. This passion is what led me to create this site and spread what I know to help you all lead a better life.

So when I saw a list of what is supposedly going to be the hot new trend of the nutritional world in 2019, I was a little bit surprised. I figured it would be a fruit or something. Remember when the acai berry was all the rage?

What I found was not what I expected. The big trend of 2019? CBD edibles!

What Are CBD Edibles?

I was doing a browse through Google News on health topics and came across this post from where apparently it is anticipated that CBD edibles will be all the rage in 2019. According to a nutrition expert they interviewed, the rising popularity and increased legalization (on the state level) of recreational cannabis all contribute to its likelihood of widespread use next year.

Edibles infused with CBD come in many forms, and you’ll find a lot of brands that make these products in my CBD reviews. My favorite is having them as gummies.

Pretty much think of a gummy bear or gummy worm, but with CBD added into the ingredients. In addition to that, it can be infused into practically any dish and has been seeing increasing among top chefs across the country recently.

I’ve personally had a friend make butter with CBD and then used that butter in creating frosting for some cupcakes they baked. Tasted delicious and brought me the relief I needed!

CBD has shown widespread use for medicinal purposes in recent years. Many are using it to treat insomnia, as CBD is great for sleep (as is CBN). It can also be very helpful to deal with stress and feelings of anxiety. It takes the edge off – not like smoking weed with THC, there are no psychoactive effects of pure CBD – and brings a sense of calm.

Above all, many are using CBD, regardless of the form that it comes in (edibles, oils, vape juices, tinctures, sublingually) to treat pain. The properties of the cannabis plant make it one of nature’s finest pain relievers. This is why you are seeing an increase in topical products such as these CBD pain relievers to alleviate the pain of achy joints and sore muscles.

My Thoughts

Do I think that this will be the hottest trend of 2019 when it comes to nutrition? I don’t know. Maybe I’m not running in the right circles. It seems to be more of a niche thing to me right now. Though I can’t deny that it is gaining steam. I’m puzzled by the comment that top chefs are beginning to use it. I haven’t seen it listed on menus anywhere. Though, again, maybe I’m just not going to the right places. Perhaps this means CBD dispensaries, as opposed to general eateries.

For the other predicted trends of the year, they also list medicinal mushrooms like maca. They also suggest that ketogenic snack options will be big, which I can definitely agree with.


cbd from Koi

When it comes to the CBD industry, there are a lot of choices and most of them pretty much look the same. That’s what drew me to Koi as a brand that would be perfect for me, as they differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack. How so?

For one, their products contain no THC, meaning you’ll get the benefits of CBD oil and nothing but. Nothing but pure stuff here that delivers the health and lifestyle benefits that you seek. I had been looking far and wide for products like this, and here they are.

On top of that, they have a truly unique process in how they make their products. Check out my full review below to find out what I mean by that.

Koi Review: Best Tasting CBD

The products at Koi are, unlike most other options on the market, are an isolate extract. What this means is that their plants are stripped of everything but the CBD during the cultivation and manufacturing processes.

You can get their products in two forms, as an e-liquid or as a tincture. Whether you prefer vaping your CBD in an e-cigarette or other vaporizers or would like to place it under your tongue, you have options here.

vape juice from Koi

What I really like about this brand is their flavors. You can get them in a handful of different styles, all of which are pretty unique and taste amazing. They have vanilla caramel custard (my favorite), watermelon green apple sour, blue raspberry dragonfruit, strawberry milkshake, and a flavorless additive. While these are their flavors, they go by different names on their site, respectively: Gold Koi, Jade Koi, Blue Koi, Red Koi, and White Koi.

On top of their eliquids and tinctures, they also have treats available for your dog, topical products like hand and body lotion, gummies, as well as their own hardware with their Koi-branded vape pen.

Color, Taste, and Scent

Characteristic of other e-liquid CBD oil, the products at Koi are clear in color. Or, I guess I should say they have no color. Their oils are mixed with vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG), which are commonly used as carrier fluids for oils of this type.

With their isolate extraction process, all other plant materials like phytochemicals and other compounds are stripped away, leaving nothing but the CBD. The exclusion of these plant chemicals is what leaves the clear color, otherwise, they’d have a golden or greener hue.

As for the taste and smell, all of the different flavors are just what they sound like: the strawberry milkshake tastes and smells like… well, a strawberry milkshake! The same goes for the other flavors. With the phytochemicals and other compounds stripped away, they don’t have an earthy, plant-like smell that you get with other brands’ products.

Koi Naturals

In 2018 they added a new line of products called Koi Naturals, which I had to take advantage of and try out for myself. These products come infused with Koi PRIZM which is a full spectrum CBD blend that has active cannabinoids like CBD, CBN (described here), CBG, and CBDV.

They come in 60 mL bottles in two strengths (1500 and 3000 mg) and either spearmint or natural flavor.

This CBD blend is administered in a spray bottle. With this, you can either spray it under your tongue (sublingually) or spray it on your food or in your drink. It is such an easy way to get your dose of CBD. Not to mention, with the addition of coconut oil, it has a nice, sweet taste!

Final Thoughts and Where to Buy

If you someone who likes to vape, this is a great brand for you. I like to get my CBD through vaping, but I’m not particularly a fan of CBD oil brands that have no taste or an earthy tone to them. With their five unique flavors, you’ll want to keep taking pulls on these in your vape pen. Your best bet is to buy their variety pack so you can try them all and find what one is your favorite.

I like a brand that makes it fun to use CBD, rather than just treating it is a medicine you have to take. For that reason, I highly endorse this brand and recommend you check them out by visiting their website.

where to buy Koi CBD vape oils