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CBD Holiday Sales 2018

holiday special sales for CBD oil products

Just like retailers in all other niches, of course there a lot of special promotions to take advantage of when it comes to CBD oils during the holidays.

This post will be updated regularly whenever I get news of upcoming or current promotions that are going on with all the different CBD brands that I keep track of on this site. Be sure to bookmark it if you’re in the market for products of this type, whether for yourself or for a gift to give!

Best CBD Holiday Sales of 2018

Best CBD Holiday Sales of 2018

As mentioned, this is a very fluid post and will be added to whenever new specials hit my inbox. Here is what I’m seeing so far this holiday season in the CBD industry.

Joy Organics

For one day only, December 10th, you can get some great free goodies at Joy Organics!

I love this brand and can’t say enough good things about it in my Joy Organics review here.

On Monday, December 10th they are having a flash sale where if you spend $50 or more, you get a free gift wrapped Mint Tincture (250 mg) full sized bottle.

review of Joy Organics CBD products

This gift is worth $39.95 and is an absolutely amazing product, having tried it myself when I put together my review of this brand.

If you are doing some big shopping, the savings don’t stop there, as you can get 2 free bottles if you spend $150 or more that day.

Best of all, your order comes with free shipping! No coupon code is needed to take advantage of this offer. The free item(s) will be added to your cart automatically when you reach the minimum order threshold. Click below to visit the Joy Organics site and bookmark it for use on December 10th!

Green Roads Giveaways

Not so much a sale, but there’s a great promotion going on at Green Roads. You can check out what I love about them in my review of Green Roads here, but suffice to say they cover all forms of CBD in their comprehensive offering of products.

Few brands, if any, can match all the different delivery forms that they do. There is truly something for everyone.

review of Green Roads World cbd products

If you’re feeling lucky, they have a current promotion called their 12 Days of Giveaways where you can enter to win all sorts of products daily. Click below to visit their site, then click the 12 Days of Giveaways link at the top of the site and you’ll see the ways to enter. It involves signing up for their newsletter, participating in their social media, stuff like that. A good way to get a chance to win, as well as keep updated on all their products and promotions!


Another favorite brand that you can read about in my review of Endoca CBD here. This one is a great one if you’re buying a few products.

From now until December 24th, they are running a special where if you buy 3 products, you pay for only 2!

All you need to do is add three products to your cart from the following categories: raw oils, raw capsules, skincare, suppositories.

cbd oil products from Endoca

Then all you need to do is include the coupon code christmas during checkout and you will only have to pay for two of them! It’s pretty much like getting 33% off your order.

This offer is good while supplies last, so act fast while it is still available! You can visit their store by clicking below.

December 6, 2018

CBD for Depression

how CBD can help with depression

Many people are turning to CBD oil products to provide them with relief from pain. Others, like veterans, are using CBD to treat PTSD after returning home from combat.

But beyond providing physical respite and alleviating the feelings of anxiety or nervousness, studies conducted on mice have come to find a new use for these products derived from the hemp plant: depression.

The Use of CBD to Treat Depression

In a study that was published in the Molecular Neurobiology journal in June of this year, it details the results that were found when testing the anti-depressant effects on lab mice. The thing that first popped out at me was “How did they find depressed mice? How did they know they were depressed?”. While it doesn’t go on to explain exactly how, it says that the rodents were bred to exhibit depression-like characteristics.

I’m still not sure how that happens, but let’s take that as truth and get into what was found. What they were trying to find is if a single exposure to CBD would produce effects similar to those that occur when given an anti-depressant.

One of the ways they were tested was by putting them through a swim test. The rodents that were given CBD showed a reduction in immobility (or, said the other way, they were more active).

testing of CBD oil on mice to see anti-depressant effects

This was recorded in both the short-term, a half hour after the dose was administered, and in the long-term, one week after the dosage.

The reason for the swim test was to create a stressful situation for the mice. The mice that performed better with the CBD supplementation illustrated more resilience in dealing with this stressful activity. This indicates an anti-depressant effect, as well as a calming of anxiety. What is particularly striking is that this occurred so rapidly after the dose was administered – within an hour after dosage – and it persisted for a week after the usage. This is not typical for common anti-depressants, which leads to a belief that CBD can be even more powerful long-term than other drugs that are used today for depression.

My Thoughts

There is a caveat that since these tests were performed on mice, then it doesn’t necessarily translate over to humans, though the results are promising. There is still a lot more research to be done on CBD with regards to how it affects humans, though research is fairly limited at this time due to the regulation of the drug. However, new legislation should make it easier to do more studies on CBD, and I hope we learn even more on this wondrous drug that has helped so many people.

I am all for CBD as an alternative medicine and hope that it sees continued use and further growth in years to come. While I do not suffer from depression, I hope to see it proven to be an effective anti-depressant for those who could benefit from it. Personally, using CBD products like these it has helped me sleep so much better, as well as alleviate aches and pains after working out.

December 6, 2018

Is CBD Oil Legal in My State?

is cbd oil legal in the states?

With CBD becoming so popular these days, many are wondering about the legality of using it. Marijuana is illegal on the federal level, while it is legal for recreational or medicinal purposes in some states. CBD itself is a whole other beast, as it is not marijuana, per se. All of the THC (the compound that gets you high) is stripped away, and it is used for pain relief, anxiety, insomnia, and other issues.

Given all the different regulations and municipalities that come into play, I figured it would be helpful to give a breakdown of the legality of CBD in each state.

Legality of CBD Oils

At the moment, CBD can be grown only by cultivators that have approval by the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). A new Farm Bill has been agreed upon that makes it legal to grow hemp for the purposes of CBD extraction for everyone, without DEA approval, however it will come under heavy regulation and standards.

On the federal level, currently, CBD is categorized as a Schedule 1 drug, however, legislation is being pushed through to reduce it down to a Schedule 5 drug. This is the lowest class level and would put parallel to other painkillers like codeine.

So is it legal or illegal? Where can you use CBD, where can you not? Let’s break it down by category below.

States Where CBD is Illegal

Only three states make it illegal to use marijuana products of any type, which would include derivatives like CBD oils. These three states are:

  • Idaho
  • Nebraska
  • South Dakota

Those three are the ones where under no circumstances, whether it be medicinal or not, can you purchase or use products of these type. Luckily, other states are less stringent, as described below.

Marijuana is Fully Legalized in These States

Marijuana is legal for use, whether it be medicinally or recreationally, in 10 states currently. These states are:

In addition to these states, the District of Columbia also has full legality for marijuana. If you are 18 or over, you can walk into a dispensary and buy marijuana or CBD products.

Keep in mind, however, that it remains illegal on a federal level, though there has been a blind-eye turned to it and the state legality is what is followed.

Medical Marijuana is Legal in These States

On top of the 10 states (and D.C.) listed above, another 23 states have given legality to marijuana for medicinal purposes (but not recreational). These 23 states include:

  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Florida
  • Hawaii
  • Illinois
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Minnesota
  • Missouri
  • Montana
  • New Hampshire
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • North Dakota
  • Ohio
  • Oklahoma
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Utah
  • West Virginia

While medical marijuana is legal in these states, some of them only recently passed this legislation, such as Michigan, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Utah in 2018.

On top of that, while medical marijuana has become legal there, some states have fallen behind operationally in terms of opening up dispensaries to serve this market. This includes Arkansas, Louisiana, North Dakota, and West Virginia. Ohio has also fallen behind, despite two years since legislation passed. 

You are only able to buy in state-licensed dispensaries, which are few in number currently.

To purchase in any of these states, you need to consult with a doctor to get a medical marijuana card.

Only CBD Oil is Legal in These States

The above categories comprise 36 states, leaving 14 remaining. In these 14 states, there is a lot of variation in the laws. Consult the website of your state, if it is in the list below, to determine the legal position on marijuana and CBD products:

  • Alabama
  • Georgia
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Mississippi
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Virginia
  • Wisconsin
  • Wyoming

For the most part, CBD is legal in these states but many of them carry caveats on what kinds of conditions (and the severity) in order to legally purchase. Consult each state’s laws to determine if these products are available to you.

December 6, 2018

Dangers of Unregulated CBD Oil

the dangers of unregulated CBD oils

I came across an article the other day and since it is relevant to one of my passions when it comes to health and wellness, I felt the need to share it with my readers. It was from an Alaskan news site, which you can view here, and talks about the risks of using CBD that is unregulated.

You can pretty much get the gist of it through the article title, and as you can guess, it warns against the use of products like these.

CBD Products Safety

What caught my attention is the legality, or regulations, when it comes to CBD products in Alaska. Recreational marijuana has been legalized in that state, just like it has in many others. Because of this, there has been a lot of growth in that industry and it has become very regulated.

CBD, on the other hand, falls into a bit of a gray area that is unregulated. Because of this, there is a lot of distrust (at least from a governmental and agency standpoint) in regards to the safety of these products. It’s kind of like a Wild Wild West, with everyone who has the want and opportunity to grow hemp pushing new products to the market. In good news, though, the new Farm Bill will help push further regulation and safety.

third-party testing for CBD quality

CBD Lab Testing

This is good for consumers from an economic standpoint. More entrants into the market creates more competition, more product variety, and brings prices down. However, the lack of regulation means that you might not be getting the most high-quality product, and it may not be the safest for you. With no regulations, there is no monitoring of the cultivation and extraction process.

This can bring about adverse side effects. While there have not been any reports of negative effects yet, according to the article, but the general warning that is issued is “buyer beware”. They suggest that consumers do their research, ask questions, and make sure they are getting safe products.

My Thoughts

I totally agree with this article. Don’t buy products if you can’t get any transparency on the growth, cultivation, extraction of the CBD and can find lab reports on each batch. All of the reputable brands that sell online, as well as in brick and mortar stores, should be able to provide this information. Before buying any CBD product, it is best to do your research on the purity and potency of them so you know you are not getting any residual chemicals or anything else that can be harmful to you.

This is why I only buy my CBD oils from brands that I trust. CBD brands like Medterra have full lab reports available on their site. You can also find this at Joy Organics, among others.

Pretty much all of the brands that I review on my list of top CBD oils backs up their product quality with third-party lab reports, and you shouldn’t be buying from any company that doesn’t have this information readily available. It’s simply too much of a risk to your health to do otherwise.

Enjoy your CBD, but be smart about it!

December 5, 2018

Different Ways to Take CBD

different ways to take cbd

CBD oils have become one of the biggest buzzes of 2018, with it set to be even a bigger trend next year according to estimates. While it is talked about a lot, not many are aware of the many different ways that it can be delivered to bring benefits to the body and mind.

If you’ve been curious about these products, but don’t know where to begin, this guide should help clear up any questions.

Methods of CBD Delivery

I’ll preface all this with just a quick bit about the benefits of CBD if you aren’t aware. CBD is a derivative of hemp, from the same cannabis plant that you think of like marijuana. However, all of the THC (the psychoactive chemical) is removed, so it won’t get you high. It’s purely for medicinal use.

It can be used to relieve pains and aches, lift your mood, help you sleep better, as well as reduce anxiety and stress. It truly has revolutionized the wellness industry in the last year or so, and is only growing to become a bigger market for years to come.

Before you think it is something that you smoke like marijuana, let’s get into all the ways that you can take CBD if have any of the issues listed above. With all of these options, brands carry a range of strengths (listed in milligrams) so you can find the dose that is right for your needs. For the purposes of this post, I’m using images of the products from Green Roads CBD, one of my favorite brands that has products in all of these types.

Sublingual Oil

This is one of the most common forms that you will find it in.

It comes in a small bottle with a dropper.

You simply drop some of the oil underneath your tongue where it is easily absorbed into the bloodstream to bring you quick relief.

how to take cbd oil sublingual


These have risen in popularity recently due to how easy they are to take, how tasty they are, and the many positive effects they bring to your health. You can get them in gummies, like shown above, as well as baked treats.

Green Roads has a ton of different gummies available in a wide variety of dosage strength and flavors. Having tried the ones pictured above, I can attest that they taste great!

Green Roads CBD edibles


This is one of the easiest ways to get CBD without interrupting your daily schedule. It is as easy as popping a pill, just like any other vitamin or supplement that you may take.

They typically have an easily-digested glycerol base that dissolves quickly in your stomach to release the cannabinoids into your bloodstream and spread benefit to your body and mind.

CBD capsules

Pain Cream

If you want fast relief for achy muscles or stiff joints, rubbing a cream like the one pictured (or the one recommended in this post) is a quick way to alleviate the troubled area.

While other types of delivery need to get into the bloodstream and work its way to the affected area, this works fast because it is applied directly to the area of need.

You can also rub it on your temples to get rid of a headache quick!

topical cbd pain reliever


I’ll admit that I love taking Nyquil to help me sleep when I have a cold or flu and am guilty of taking it even when the symptoms have gone away, just to help me fall asleep better.

There are risks to taking cold medicine when you are no longer symptomatic, and once I found syrup like the one pictured it has become my new go-to when I am having trouble falling asleep.

This particular product from Green Roads also contains melatonin, another natural sleeping agent.

sleep better with cbd syrup

Tea and Coffee

If you want to get your dose in a more subtle manner, there is nothing better than sipping it brewed in a tea or a coffee. It contains all the therapeutic benefits of CBD, plus all the calming properties (of tea) or energy kick (in coffee). These two beverages are staples in my life anyway, so it is nice to get them with this medicinal herb infused as well for even greater benefit.

coffee and tea made with CBD


The purest and most potent form of CBD is in concentrates. This is the product that comes immediately after extraction from the plant where the cannabinoids are isolated from the other plant parts.

You can mix this concentrate (also available in crystal form) into foods and beverages, mix it with other CBD products, and even just consume it directly.

pure cbd concentrate

Pet Products

Not only is this herb great for humans, but CBD works for pets as well! You can use it to alleviate aches or pains that they may have due to age or injury. Or, if they are suffering from anxiety or restlessness, it can help improve their mood just like it does in humans. Pictured is the Green Roads pet CBD product in oil form, which can be squirted into your pet’s mouth or mixed in with their food or water. You can also buy treats or biscuits that contain CBD.

green roads pet CBD
December 5, 2018

Hemp Soon to Become Legal to Grow

is it legal to grow hemp?

For the first time in nearly a century, it may be legal for you to grow hemp. Thanks to a proposed agreement reached by Congress at the end of November in a revised edition of the Farm Bill which could make this medicinal (among other uses) plant legal to cultivate across the nation.

While hemp is made from the cannabis (marijuana) plant, there is a distinction between CBD products and what you think of as marijuana that is smoked to get high.

Let’s get into this news below and how it can affect you if you are a CBD user.

Legality of Hemp Growth

While hemp is a derivative of the cannabis plant, it only contains a minute trace of THC (less than 0.3% concentration), which is the psychoactive compound that gets you high. When CBD is extracted for use in CBD oils, juices, baked goods, topical pain relievers, pet products, and other uses, none of the THC is extracted from the plant.

Cannabis, and its derivatives such as hemp, have been banned from cultivation in the United States since the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937. In 2014, a pilot program allowed certain farmers to grow hemp crops, though it required approval from the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). This was part of the Farm Bill, which is renewed and revised every four years.

That means that the Farm Bill was up for renewal this year, and with it brought change to the legality of hemp. It is proposed in this year’s version that this crop (just hemp, not psychoactive marijuana) be legal to grow. Congress reached an agreement and it is set to make it into legislation. Furthermore, it clearly delineates that hemp-derivatives such as CBD should not fall under the label of “Controlled Substances”.

What This Means

This is a huge step forward for the CBD industry and a widespread acknowledgment that these kinds of products mean no harm and can help improve the lives of many people (and pets!). There will be so many more CBD brands coming to the market, which will improve the overall quality of the product, and can also bring prices down as a result of supply and demand economics. A great result for all consumers of products like these.

However, don’t think that this means that you can just start growing in your backyard. While approval from the DEA is no longer needed, growth will be subject to strict guidelines and regulations (both on the federal and state level), and will need licensing and meet other requirements.

Where to Buy CBD

That said, don’t go ahead and start preparing your garden now. Leave it up to the professionals instead who have large-scale farms and high tech extraction methods. There are many high-quality CBD brands out there that I suggest you take a look at.

Thought Cloud is the first brand I was introduced to and still my favorite. The products are top-notch and the prices are affordable. You can read more about them here:

Another brand that I have really enjoyed is Medterra. You can find all the details on this brand, as well as a 15% coupon code in my review here:

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