November 29, 2018

Can Tongkat Ali Boost Testosterone?

why Tongkat Ali is used in testosterone boosters

When looking at the label of my bottle of Spartagen XT testosterone booster, one name stuck out at me: Tongkat Ali. I just love the name of it. It sounds like a professional wrestler or something.

Curious about what this ingredient is and what it does, and why it is used in the formula for this muscle-building and libido boosting supplement, I did some research to see what it is all about.

Tongkat Ali and Testosterone

This ingredient is a native herb that is found in parts of Southeast Asia and is scientifically known as Eurycoma Longifolia Jack. That’s a mouthful, so let’s just keep calling it Tongkat Ali from here forward.

Traditionally, it has been used in eastern medicine as an aphrodisiac, which is probably why it has use in a testosterone booster. One aspect of any good t-booster is that it increases virility, sex drive, and sexual function in men. Most often, this is because the ingredients increase circulation, which enhances blood flow all over the body – including the intimate areas.

How Tongkat Affects Testosterone

Curious if it is just used for its sexual enhancement properties, or if there is more to it, I pulled up some studies that examined this herb’s effect on the body. In one particular study conducted in 2012, men who were afflicted with late-onset hypogonadism were administered a daily supplement of 200 mg of Tongkat Ali for one month.

At the beginning of the study, around 35% of the test subjects had testosterone levels that were deemed to be in a normal range. At the conclusion of the study, with one month of Tongkat Ali supplementation, that number rose to nearly 91%.

In other research, studies were conducted on 25 men and women in the age range of 57-72. 

extract of Tongkat Ali herb

Tongkat Ali extract

Their age is particularly of note, as men’s production of testosterone slows down as they age. All participants were physically active and had normal levels of testosterone for their personal characteristics. They were all given 400 mg of Tongkat Ali supplementation for five weeks. At the end of the study, the men were recorded to have an increase of over 60% in free testosterone levels. The women’s results showed an even higher increase of 122%!

These two studies provide evidence that this herb can have drastic results on testosterone levels in both men and women. It leaves no question as to why it is included in many t-boosting formulas. With higher t-levels, muscles can grow bigger and stronger due to less fatigue and quicker recovery time. Not to mention the vitality and energy boost this hormone provides!

On top of its benefits for testosterone levels, ancient medicine was on to something with using this as an aphrodisiac. In one study of men given this supplement for twelve weeks, the participants showed an average increase of nearly 20% in sperm count. In addition, sperm quality also increased by over 40%. Lastly, erectile function showed much stronger results at the end of the study as compared to a placebo group.

Testosterone Boosters With Tongkat Ali

I am surprised that I don’t see this ingredient used more prevalently, given the benefits that are described above. For the t-boosters that I review on this site, you can read more about it in my Spartagen XT review here.


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