February 15, 2019

Can CBD Help With Opioid Addiction?

cbd and painkillers

I am always on the lookout for news on cannabidiol products. I use them in my personal life and they have helped me tremendously. I often find myself looking up news articles to see what ways people are taking them, for what purposes they are trying to treat. I myself use them to get rid of stress and anxiety, help me sleep better, as well as relieve pain after my workouts.

While these cases don’t particularly fit my use of CBD, I was encouraged to find this article on Yahoo News about how CBD could potentially be used for helping with opioid addiction. Enticed by the headline, I gave it a full read and present my thoughts below.

Can CBD Treat Opioid Addiction?

The article tells the story of Nika C. Beamon who suffers from a rare auto-immune disease that has attacked her liver, stomach, pancreas, and spine and left her crippled with pain. After trying numerous different treatment options, including surgical procedures and steroid injections, nothing was bringing her the relief that she sought. In the end, all she ended up with was an addiction to painkillers (prescription opioids).

Rather than help her, this addiction just caused more agony in her life. That is when a doctor recommended that she try cannabidiol (CBD) to help ease her pain, all without the addictive nature of prescription opioids. These products are derived from the marijuana or hemp plant and do not contain THC (the psychoactive compound) so you won’t get high, but provide amazing healing benefits that can dull pain and bring relief.

CBD as a substitute for prescription painkillers

Beamon’s case is just one of many patients who have turned to this alternative medicine as a way to deal with pain and stop the use of prescription painkillers. Not only does it bring tremendous benefit for pain relief, but it is being seen as a way to end reliance on the use of strong opioids which has grown to a crisis level in the U.S.

The article points to the Journal of the American Medical Association where it describes that states have begun the use of legal marijuana for medicinal purposes have seen a significant drop in filling opioid prescriptions. This also correlated with a lower rate of opioid overdose and death, as compared to states where medical cannabis is not legal. It points out that there may be other factors at play, but the results nonetheless are interesting.

These anecdotal experiences among patients who have switched from opioids to CBD have encouraged many states to begin substituting medical marijuana for opioids. I hope that the use of these kinds of products only increases in the coming years. When it comes to dulling pain, it is always good to have another treatment option, particularly one that steers clear of the addictive nature of prescription painkillers. There is more research to be done, as CBD is still a relatively new medicine, but I hope to see continued use in cases like these in the future. These products have helped me so much (acknowledging that my reasons for use are minor compared to the cases described above) and I hope all who could benefit from CBD have the opportunity to do so.

Where to Get CBD

If you feel that you could benefit from products like these, I present many recommendations in this post here. This is a growing industry with tons of new brands coming to market, and hopefully, that page should help you weed out the pretenders from the contenders to find the best products for you.

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